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(II) Chapter 50 (Not A Dream)

A whole week had passed since I'd announced the good news to Anthonio. I didn't know why the call had been cut and why he hadn't tried to contact me for a whole week. I hoped everything was fine though I didn't bother much, I knew nothing could go wrong with Anthonio and plus, I had my unborn child to care for.

Staying at home throughout that week was quite boring but Kloe would come over and keep me company as usual. As for my tummy, it seemed to grow bigger with every single day. I was so glad and sometimes I had the feeling there was slight movement in it, making me happier.

On Saturday, I sat in the living room, watching TV and munching on peanuts. Pregnancy made me eat things I usually didn't eat. I loved being pregnant though, I was cared for like a queen! Everyone gave into my constant demands and had no choice but to tolerate my more than frequent mood swings.

My mother walked into the living room and joined me. I pretended to ignore her.

"Honey, are you still angry?" she asked.

"What do you expect, ma? You're taking my child to any orphanage." I replied, dryly.

"Donnica, stop. We're doing this for you."

I gave her that odd look.

"Hope you know it's your grandchild in my tummy."

"It's the father the problem. Donnica, I don't know what they did to you. What he did to you. You're not the same anymore. The Donnica I knew before the incident would never claim to be in love with a psychopath."

"Oh I'm still the same, momma. But better. Yes, I fell in love with a psychopath and thanks to me, he won't be bombing this country anymore. You can tell me thank you." I stated, amused.

"Donnica, are you hearing yourself?!"

"Pleeaaase, don't raise your voice at me! please!" I stated, trying to keep my cool. One of the effects of pregnancy on me was mood swings. I easily cried, easily got sad and most of all, angry.

"Donnica, we're dropping that child off at the orphanage once it's born. Whether you like it or not! Or better, if it can console you, we'll make sure he or she gets adopted by a good family."

"Adopted my ass. Not if his biological parents are alive and have enough means to care for him. That'll be over my dead, fucking body."

"Don't say that, dear."

"Ha! Try me and see what happens." I scoffed, standing.

Then I turned to my mother with watery eyes.

"Mom, no matter how my unborn child's father is, I'm still its mother. It's my child too!" I stated to cry, "Do you know the pain I'll feel if you take my child away from me?? Yes you will. You know that pain! I'll feel the same way you and dad felt when you discovered I'd been kidnapped. That's just how I'll feel! Don't you get it??" I sobbed.

"Darling, I know but that monster will–"

"I love that monster! Everyone gets a second chance. I gave him a chance to be loved, to change and he has. You act like I didn't tell you his story. He was broken inside from birth! That's what turned him into what he was! I saved him and changed him! I told you all you needed to know about him and how he's changed! Proof, I'm right in front of you! I would've been dead, raped, a sex slave or captive if he hadn't helped me!" I ended in tears.

My mother stared at me. Speechless. I scoffed and wiped my tears before going away. I was tired of all the drama.

I remained in my room till night time. I started to feel guilty for screaming at my mom the way I did earlier. I however knew they would never change their mind concerning my child. I decided not to ever speak about it again. I would pretend to finally agree with their idea. When the time would reach for me to give birth, I would find a way to escape with my child.

As I thought, my parents knocked at the door and I asked them to come in.

They walked up to me and asked how I was doing, sitting on my bed.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine honey. Come." she took me into her arms and we hugged tight. Then I hugged my dad too, reconciling with both of them. "I've come to the conclusion that I'll allow you to place my child in an orphanage." I lied.

They looked at each other and smiled a little.

"That's great dear. You'll understand soon enough that it's for your own good." my mom said, rubbing my hand.

"Yes, my dear. We know it's hard. But it's the best thing to do." my dad added.

I nodded as if agreeing with them.

"I know."


They hugged me one last time before standing.

"We're going for Denise's father's charity donation ceremony." my dad said.

"Now? It's 10PM."

"Yeah, he preferred it starts late. So, we might return very late. But don't worry, Charline is in her room if you need her and there are guards surrounding the entire house. Okay?"


"See you surely tomorrow morning, honey."


They kissed me goodbye and left.

I felt horrible and sobbed again till I fell asleep.

At around midnight, I got up with that pregnant woman sudden need to drink orange juice.

I struggled and got myself out of bed. I left my room and headed for the kitchen, greeting the numerous guards on the way. Honestly, I still felt like some prisoner or captive.

I drank my juice on the spot and returned to my room. I was very tired, my feet were slightly swollen and my legs seemed heavy.

I successfully returned to my room.

Locking my door, I returned to bed, forgetting to switch the lights off. I realised it but I was way too lazy to go and switch it off.

I was halfway into sweet sleep when something made me uncomfortable. I frowned in sleep and tossed in bed. I felt something was blocking my air.

Sleepily, I fluttered my eyes open. I almost had a heart attack!

"AAAH–!" my scream was immediately muffled, as a hand covered my mouth!

My vision adjusted and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Hovering over me was Anthonio!

He was kneeling close to my bed and was staring down at me, his face inches away from mine.

I screamed his name in surprise mixed with excitement but he still had his hand over my mouth. He smirked down at me.

Was it a dream?! Again?!

"Sshh..." he whispered, taking his hand away.

"Anthonio?!" I gasped, immediately sitting up. He smiled and took me into his arms.

I hugged him in disbelief! Tears rolling down my cheeks. It was not a dream! He was there with me!

"I– I missed you." I sobbed into his neck! Nothing could describe how happy I felt at the moment.

"I missed you too." he whispered, making me face him. He then kissed me and I melted! I kissed him back with the same intensity and passion. I'd missed his kisses! Him!

We slowly broke our kiss and he smiled at me. I smiled back. Then he looked at my round stomach and back at me.

I took his hand and put it on my


"This– this is the best thing you could ever give me." he said slowly, carefully putting his head down on my tummy. "You're carrying my child. It's not a dream." he whispered, his eyes watery.

He closed his eyes and I knew he was withholding himself from shedding tears. I leaned in and kissed his forehead.

He smiled and stood. Then he said:

"Let's get out of here."

He carried me off the bed and I immediately wrapped my arms round his neck.

"What about the guards?" I whispered.

"They're taken care of." he replied, placing a soft kiss on my lips. I felt like some princess in distress that had just been saved by her prince.

Anthonio took me out of that room and I realised on the way that all the guards were lying unconscious on the floor. I giggled, finding it funny.

He carefully took me down the stairs and as we approached the main door, it opened from the outside and there stood Leandro!

"Leandro!" I squealed happily.

"Hello, mi amor! You look great!" he smiled, leaning in and kissing my forehead.

"Thank you! I'm so happy to see you! I missed you!"

"I missed you too, Donnica. Now let's get my brother's baby mama out of here."

He led the way and once outside, there was a car ready to take me away!

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