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(II) Chapter 49 (Telling Him)

The next morning, I got up with a smile pasted on my lips. My first reaction was to caress my round tummy. It was beginning to show but with the fat gowns I put on, people didn't notice. Even at work. But I knew it won't be hidden for long. I didn't care though. Five months pregnant. I was happy.

I was still rubbing my tummy when I received a text from an unknown source. I smiled and opened it to see a pic of him and a message. It read:

-Good morning, love. Call you at two. Love you.-

He was so handsome, my heart ached. He was mine. And nothing could change that.

I was drooling over his pic when mom knocked at my door, calling my name. I immediately hid my phone. I then asked her to come in and she did.

"Good morning, mom." I said and she smiled a little.

"Good morning, honey." she sat on my bed, "Your dad and I discussed and we've come to a conclusion." she said with seriousness.

"About?" I asked with a little frown.

She sighed and went on.

"Once the child is born, we're going to drop him at Landslow Charity Orphanage."

My eyes widened.

"What?? You are not taking my child away from me!" I said angrily.

"We have no choice, Donnica. The problem isn't the child. The problem is its father! What will we tell people when you won't be able to hide your stomach no more??"

There was a mighty lump in my throat as I withheld myself from

crying and screaming all my anger out.

"I'm a fucking adult! You are not taking my child away from me." I whispered, feeling too weak to scream.

"We have to honey. One day you'll come to your senses and realise that it's you we're trying to protect. That monster will try to take you away from us if he discovers you're carrying his child." she said standing, "From tomorrow you won't be going to the office. You're stomach is beginning to be visible and so after today, you'll stay at home." She ended and I watched her leave the room. I was helpless and tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Never." I whispered to myself. My child was not going to grow in some orphanage the same way his/her father had. He/she wasn't going to suffer the same way. That would be over my dead body!

I tried to keep my moral up and did my best to try and forget what my mom had told me earlier.

I took a warm bath and got all set for the work.

I got to work and headed straight to my office. I settled and got busy, patiently waiting for two. I could already imagine Anthonio's surprised tone. I couldn't wait to know how he'd react. The thought made me smile.

At five minutes to two, I entered my toilets where I knew the guards wouldn't have a hint of

what I was doing or at least listen to what I was saying on the phone. They didn't even know I had a new one.

I stared at my reflection in the toilet mirror then I walked up and down, waiting patiently. I was already lost in thoughts when the phone rang at two. I immediately picked the call up.

"Baby?" I said happily.

"Yes, honey. How’s your today so far?"

"Great. And yours is probably about to become too."

"Hmm oh really? Is it the good news you have for me?"

"Yes!" I laughed, slightly nervous.

"Okay I'm all ears, go ahead."

I took a deep breath, then with a smile, I said:

"Anthonio, I'm carrying your child. I'm five months pregnant."

There! I'd said it.

There was complete silence on the other side. Amused, I asked:

"Anthonio, are you there?"

"Oh my gawd. W– what did you say?" his voice came out low with that shocked/disbelief tone in it.

I giggled.

"I'm pregnant."

"Are you SERIOUS?!" he shouted.

"Yes!" I laughed.

"Yes! Yeeesss!" he shouted happily and I couldn't help but laugh. I felt great hearing how hype and excited he was! "I hope this isn’t a joke!"

"Hahahaha! This isn't a joke, I'm really pregnant! I discovered it in March but because of the phone issues I could not tell you until now."

"Yesssss! Who’s the man?! I am!"

I laughed as I listened to him. I was so glad he was happy about it.

"Donnica, I just love you! You’re pregnant??"


"Ha! This is great!"

As he laughed I heard someone who'd turned out to be Leandro, in the background. I heard him ask:

"Anthonio, what’s your problem. I've been trying to nap, man."

He'd surely just entered the room in which Anthonio was.

Anthonio answered him and I listened to their conversation :

"Donnica just told me something great!"

"Oh you’re talking with her? Greet her for me. What did she tell you?"

"She’s pregnant!"

"Are you serious?!"

"Do I look like I’m kidding?!"

"Hahahahaaaa! You cunning brat! You got her pregnant before she left!" I heard Leandro laugh and I laughed too.

"This is great!"

"I didn't even know she would get pregnant! I just– I don’t even know what to say. I'll get back at you, lemme talk to her." I heard him say to Leandro.


"Yeah." I replied.

"I'm so happy right now."

"I am too. But– but my mom and dad are threatening to drop our child off at the orphanage once he’s born." I admitted.

"Wait... What?" Anthonio asked, his tone completely changing.

"It’s horrible. But I'm not gonna let that happen. I promise, baby."

There was silence.

"H– Hello??"

And then the call was cut off. I didn't know what happened but I didn't really bother either. I'd told Anthonio the existence of his unborn child and that was the priority.

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