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Romance / Action

Chapter 12

I wondered where we were heading to.

“Come here.” Anthonio suddenly said, motioning me to come over.


“Do I say.” he answered in a low threatening tone. I gulped and moved over to sit close to him. I watched him take a rope out and tie both my hands together. Then to my surprise, he took a scarf out of his bag

“W...what’s that for?” I stammered afraid. He didn’t answer but just approached me before blindfolding me with the scarf, so tight that I was sure not to see a thing!

“W...why?...” was the only word I managed to stammer.

“You do not have to see where we are going to.”

Great. So I was actually being kidnapped or what? I got angry at all that was happening. Again!

“So what are you gonna do now?? Huh? Tie my feet??” I asked angrily.

“Maybe I should tie your mouth. Shut up or else you’ll make it to the boss with some scars.” he always spoke in a calm manner. Calm yet frightening. He did not joke and always meant every freaking word he said!

But as stubborn as I was and angry at that moment, I didn’t stop talking.

“I don’t care! I’m unable to see anything! And I’m sitting here with a mad head like you! I ain’t no Anissa Lourdes! I’m me!”

When I didn’t get his reply, I began to stupidly regret my act. His silence was killing me and I felt a deadly stare on me. Why wasn’t he speaking? I was afraid all of a sudden.

“Apologize. Now.” he ordered in slow anger. I gulped.

“...n...no.” I stammered, stubbornly.

I heard him exhale heavily. He was clearly very angry. But I just couldn’t chicken out. I was angry too!

“I can’t wait to teach you a lesson you idiot. Let’s see if you speak again after you discover what’s in store for you.” was the low threatening reply I received. That was enough to make me begin to sob.

My entire body began to tremble as I imagined horrible things. I’d heard about the horrifying things Anthonio had done to people. The tortures he’d imposed on them. I’d heard he could cut your tongue off, pluck out your eyes or do worse things heartlessly while you were still alive to endure the pain. He had no mercy on men, women and kids. He was mentally unstable!

‘Oh my gosh.’

Thoughts of the horrible articles I’d read about him returned. I needed to apologize! I was a coward who didn’t realise who she was truly messing with now.

“O...okay...I’m...I’m sorry....please...” I told him in a shaky voice, tears continuously rolling down my cheeks. There was silence. That made me sob the more. Silence was worse than an angry reply. Especially silence from Anthonio Caruso.

“I...I said I’m...sorry...please...” I added. I was afraid to move my tied hands to try and touch him. “I...I’m...sorry....” I begged continuously.

I continued to beg and sob for about twenty minutes without a reply! I began to doubt if Anthonio was still in that car.

“Pleeaaasee....” I cried like a child, my fear becoming worse.

“Keep that to yourself...” was his sudden cold reply “...we’ve arrived.”

I felt the car stop and my heart sank. There was complete silence wherever we were. Not only had he rejected my apologies, I’d also arrived my doom!

I heard the car door open and felt him get out. Unable to see a thing, I felt him grab my arm with force. He hurt me so bad I had to press my lips together so I wouldn’t yelp or cry out.

I got out of the car and felt grass underneath me.

Anthonio led me up what seemed to be a little hill. I just kept on walking till I passed through a door. We were probably in a house. A very big one. I heard voices.... Male voices!

“Welcome back Anthonio.” one said in a heavily Latino accented voice.

“Heard you taught America another lesson.” another laughed. From their voices, they seemed to be very much older than Anthonio and I.

“I always do.” Anthonio replied with a laugh. His laugh gave me goosebumps. He could laugh? I wondered what he looked like when he did.

“Is she the one?” a deep voice asked. They weren’t one or two men in there... They were many!


“Will the boss take her in?” one asked

“Oh he will. He loves tough brats like her so he can tame them into obedient pets.”

Another answered and they all laughed savagely. Anthonio didn’t laugh but I could tell he was smiling like an evil lunatic! What did they mean? I was so scared.

“Maybe she’ll be part of his pleasure girls.”

They laughed again. My heartbeat quickened. Tears automatically rolled down my cheeks.

“You should stop.” Anthonio’s voice came through.

“Chill Anthony. We’re just preparing her psychologically. Take the bitch to the room.”

Oh no, no, no, no! I was ready to die!

Anthonio led me up a staircase which seemed to have no end. We then walked through what seemed to be a hallway before halting. I heard him unlock a door and he pushed me in first. Then I heard him come in too and lock the door behind him.

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