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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 47 (Good News!)

That evening I was really happy. I told Kloe and she was happy for me. Everyone noticed my sudden change in mood and didn't bother to know why. They were just glad I was fine. If only they knew.

That night I found it hard to find sleep. It was probably my emotions or joy. Whatever it was, cut my sleep and made me feverish. I didn't really bother though, I knew I'd be better the next day.

I finally found sleep later that night and dozed off.

The next morning, I felt better and went downstairs to join my parents for breakfast but my dad had already left for work and so I sat with my mom to eat.

"Good morning, momma." I said happily, kissing her cheek.

"Good morning, my dear." she watched me sit.

"Do you sleep well?" she asked staring at me.

"Yes, I do. Why?" I asked, serving myself some eggs.

"You look a little exhausted."

"Really? Well, don't worry I'll try to get more sleep."

"Okay, princess."

We ate peacefully. I was chewing on bacon when all of sudden, I stopped, feeling very nauseous. I got up immediately and ran to the closest toilets where I vomited everything out. My mom had followed me, worried.

I vomited for a long while. Once done, I flushed it away and rinsed my mouth. My head ached severely.

My mom approached me and touched my forehead.

"I knew you weren't well, honey. You're feverish. We should go to the hospital."

"I don't want to." I mumbled weakly.

"I'm not asking you, young lady. C'mon. Let's go." she slowly led me out of the toilets.

My mom then called Kloe to come assist her. Kloe did arrive soon enough and we all went to the hospital.


Some tests were made and we had to wait an hour for results. While waiting, we all discussed for time to pass away.

"There he is." Kloe said an hour later when she saw the doctor come towards us.

We immediately stood up, giving him all attention.

"So, Doctor, is it serious?" my mom asked, worried. We all were.

The Doctor smiled.

"In a bad sense, it isn't." he smiled. We stared confused.

"What do you mean?" my mother asked before I could.

"It's serious and it's good news."

"Please, go straight to the point."

"Well," he started, "Congratulations, your daughter is three months pregnant."

I froze. We all froze. The doctor excused himself and walked away.

"What?! No..." my mother gasped, sitting immediately. "Jesus..."

I stared after the doctor, unable to realise what I'd just heard. A huge gin spread across my lips, my eyes watered and I raised my hand to my tummy and caressed slowly. Oh my gosh! I was carrying Anthonio's child! I was pregnant with Anthonio's child!

My mother's sobs and Kloe comforting her were blur in the background as all I could hear was the doctor's sentence, echoing over and over in my head.

Slowly I turned to them. My mother had her head in her hands, sobbing and staring at the floor with Kloe seated close and comforting her.

Kloe looked up at me. I smiled at her and she stared back, amusement lingering in her eyes. She dared not smile back because of my mom.


Throughout the journey back home, my mother expressed her disappointment and even threats. I knew she felt bad but I simply couldn't take that satisfied smile off my face. All I heard was : "blah blah blah".

After my mother had told my father about my pregnancy, things got worse for me. They took my phone away like I was some teenager and because of that I never even received the call I was expecting from Anthonio. It hurt me. But not too much. The joy of carrying his child was enough to destroy every pain.

The security round the house increased and my parents watched my every move even more!

But still I didn't care. I would take the right vitamins and necessities for my unborn child. I even ate better food. I was gonna give birth to that child no matter what.

My parents had promised to give the child out to an orphanage once born but I told them that that would be over my dead body.

Nothing could get me sad. Anthonio's continuous love making during our last days together had paid off. A child was the best gift I could offer him. I was the happiest.

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