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(II) Chapter 46 (Weak Knees)

A few days after I'd spoken with Kloe, I decided to sit my parents down one afternoon and right there in the living room, I told them everything. Everything they needed to know about Anthonio and I.

What did I expect? They took it more than bad!

My mom almost had an attack, seriously, when I admitted having slept with Anthonio. She had to hold on to my shocked father for support. Though I'd tried my best to make Anthonio look good and different before their eyes, they still dreaded him terribly.

I thought they would scold, scream, cry and leave it right there but no, my parents hired four heavy weight bodyguards to follow me everywhere I went to make sure I didn't try to flee.

I regretted having told them. Now I was sure never to see Anthonio again. The guards followed me everywhere like I was the President's daughter or something. I was constantly supervised. I was in captivity once again. Pathetic.

When asked, my parents gave the excuse that they didn't want what happened to me to ever happen again.

I sat in my office one day, my head aching because I couldn't stop thinking of Anthonio. It made me feel sick. I was irritated too, about the fact that those guards were outside, guarding my office door.

Exasperated, I got up and went to my toilets where I stood in front of the mirror staring at my tired reflection.

I took a deep breath and tried not to lose control.

"Get a grip." I muttered, staring at my reflection.

Just at that moment, my phone rang. I picked it up but there was no number appearing on the screen. My heart skipped a beat, getting me all anxious. I immediately answered the call.


"Hey, sweetheart."

My eyes widened as I stared at the mirror, trying not to scream

like a groupie. My heartbeat sped up.

"Anthonio?!" I gasped, suddenly out of breath.

"Yes, love..."

"Oh my god! Oh my– it’s– is this really you, talking??"

I stammered, a huge smile spreading across my face along with tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Yes. Yes, my heart is threatening to burst out of my chest right now."

I heard him chuckled nervously, giving me goosebumps and making me dizzy all of a sudden.

I giggled uncontrollably, leaning against the sink for support.

"Mine too. I miss you. So much." I sobbed uncontrollably. "I love you, I love you, I love you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that before leaving! I was so–"

"Shhh... I love you too, so much." I heard him sigh, like he was withholding himself from cracking up or crying. "I miss you, Donnica."

There I was in the toilets, trying my best not to scream. I was talking to Anthonio! He'd called me!

"It's really hard for me." he admitted softly, "I thought I would lose my senses the day you left."

"Anthonio, I need you." I sobbed continuously.

"I need you too."

"Come get me, please." I begged.

"I– I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do, but I want to. But still, it’ll be a terrible thing to take you away from your family a second time."

I sobbed. Feeling weak, I sat on the floor.

"I understand. Just promise to call me often. And not to replace me."

"I promise. Never have I been so weak. You going away, broke me." he chuckled nervously, "If I didn't call you, I would probably be depressed."

"Please, don't be. Don’t take drugs or whatsoever."

"I won’t. You’re my drug. That's why I needed to hear your voice."

I bit my lip, desperate.

"I love you, Anthonio."

"You can say that again. In a softer voice. Please."

I smiled through my tears.

"I love you, baby." I repeated in a softer tone, "So much."

"What you do to me is crazy." he whispered and that sweet feeling went down my spine. "I love you too."

"I miss us." I started, "I miss our love making, cuddles, kisses." I whispered, slightly breathless.

He was silent for a while then


"Now you got me lusting." he admitted and I giggled.

"Perfect. Now we’re two with the same problem."

He chuckled.

"So you lust too, huh?"

"Of course. Every night."

"Perfect. That should keep you away from Darin."

My mouth dropped slightly open in surprise.

"How? Do you– do you listen to my calls?"

"From time to time." he admitted guiltily and I laughed.

"You’re a case."

"I know. I’m sorry."

"Don’t be. It’s fine."

"Okay, love. I need to hang up."

"When next will you call me?" I asked quickly.

"In two days. It’s far away but I have no choice. In two days I'll call. At exactly two. okay?"


"I love you."

"I love you too."

He hung up and I couldn't help it but smile like a lunatic. He'd made my day!

I got up and cleaned my face. I was very happy. His voice was enough to get me all hype. My heartbeat was still racing and there was that sweet shock running through my entire body, making my knees weak.

I'd needed that call.

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