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(II) Chapter 44 (Telling Kloe -2)

I took a deep breath and decided to speak up.

"What is it, Donnica? Please let it out, you're getting me all hype." she laughed nervously.

I smiled and closed my eyes.

"Fine." I took a deep breath again, "I love Anthonio." I admitted and there was dead silence from Kloe.

I opened my eyes to find her staring at me, amused. She clearly thought I was kidding.

"What are you telling me?" she asked.

"That I love Anthonio, Caruso."

Kloe giggled in disbelief but when I didn't laugh along with her, she froze and stared at me, shocked.

"Wait, you're serious ?" she asked.


Kloe ran her fingers through her hair and looked around as if trying to make sure no one had heard the crap I'd just said.

"You like him or you love him. I don't get it. Either ways, it sounds sick."

"I love him. We love each other."

Kloe stared at me like I'd just admitted being a terrorist. Then she picked her cup up and drank from it before turning to me.

"Love each other as in; 'hey I was brainwashed and maltreated by my kidnapper and now I think I'm in love with him' ??"

I laughed nervously, feeling awkward and not knowing how to explain things.

"No, not like that. In love in the sense that I got to see beyond his mental state and succeeded in changing him with some help. In love in the sense that we made love at least four times a week. In love as in he's the reason I could call you all. In love as in I'm here and alive today thanks to him."

Kloe stared straight into my eyes and I knew she now believed me.

"You believe me?"

She covered her face with her palms for a while before speaking again.

"Shish, Donnica, what the hell?" she asked, "How?? It's crazy! I see that hint of sadness in your eyes when you speak of him. What– what has he done to you??"

"It's a long story."

"You need a doctor. Girl, we're gonna get you to have an appointment with my psychologist." she cut me. I stared at her amused, rather than angry. "Donnica, I'm serious."

"No I don't need a doctor, Kloe. We have all our time and I'm gonna tell you every single detail of my story. The full and true version. Okay?"

"You didn't say everything at Kristen's?"

"No. If I did they would probably take me for a good girl gone coconuts."

"That's exactly how I see you right now. You're scaring me." she admitted and it saddened me. Maybe I shouldn't have told her.

"But," she said all of a sudden, her expression softening.

"You're my best friend. The strongest girl I know and I believe what you're telling me happened for a reason and so I'm gonna listen to you, Donnie."

I smiled a little.

"Thanks Kloe. I needed your support. And as you listen to me you'll get to realise that it's crazy but not as crazy as it seems."

I watched her sip her coffee one last time before tuning to me.

"I'm all ears, Donnie."

I told Kloe the whole story. Exactly how it really happened, from the start to the end. Everything! She listened attentively and did not judge me. Instead, she tried to understand me.

I told her how my hysteria turned to sudden attraction for the only attractive person close to my age and of the opposite sex. The only person I could say I spoke to often and that I'd seen the face. Anthonio.

I told her about how attractive he was and how I got to realise it more and more as the days passed.

I told her about the little missions that seemed to get us closer to each other. How I'd planned on seducing him and how he would act normal from time to time but then lose it again. I told her about Leandro and how he came into our lives and helped me change Anthonio. I told her everything. From the seduction, to his complete healing, to our first kiss, first time in bed, first dispute as a couple. Everything.

When I told Kloe about the changes in Anthonio, how loving he became, she listened in surprise.

I told her about the secrets we discovered, how the boss drugged Anthonio from a tender age to destroy his way of being and thinking . How Anthonio and Leandro were victims in the whole story. They grew up as trained murderers.

I told her about the secrets, about Lorenzo, Velma and Odessa. I left nothing out. Even how they avenged their father's death and Leandro took over, with a new group being formed.

I emphasized on the love Anthonio and I shared and how our last moments together were painful. By the time I ended the story, I was in tears.

"Do you now understand?? He

changed for me. He stopped killing for me." I said, sadly.

Kloe watched me in dead silence, her eyes watery but she blinked them away.

"Well," she started slowly, "That is one messed up story. But it's a beautiful one." she added softly, "I imagine the pain you feel. I'm so sorry. It's just so amazing."

She smiled sweetly at me, wiping my tears away.

"I guess I'm in the same box as you. I'm probably gonna be considered mad too for now seeing Anthonio as a great individual. Come."

She hugged me tight. That was all I needed. Someone to confide in.

"I'm so sorry for your heartbreak, love." she consoled, "I'm here for you."

"Thank you so much, Kloe. I really need your support. I miss Anthonio so much. So much it hurts." I sobbed.

"Don't worry, honey. I'm here for you now."

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