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(II) Chapter 43 (Telling Kloe)

Later that day, the party my parents threw in my honor was a very big one. There was a lot of celebration, dancing, drinking and eating. I was presented to more than sixty people by my parents, and I greeted almost all the guests. There were up to 200 invitees and that was because my parents had a huge house.

After greeting almost everyone, I got my glass of juice and headed up the stairs to the private living room. I closed the door behind me and sat down to think.

I was tired of smiling way too much. I was happy, yes. But partially. I was missing something. My half. Anthonio was my half. I needed him so much and just the thought of never having to speak to him or see him again made me mad. Made me sad. Got me all frustrated.

"Call me." I muttered to myself, "Just do something." I felt the lump in my throat grow bigger."I need you..."

I would never see him again. It was a sure fact. He would have to go on with his life, and I too. He was going to have to find another girl to share his life.

I felt my grip on the glass tighten. The lump in my throat suddenly seemed unbearable and my eyes prickled, my adrenaline climbing. Just when I was a second away from crashing my glass and every other breakable thing on the damned wall, my friends stepped in. Five of them. Only the girls.

"Baby guuurl!" Lucy chanted and I laughed as they all took turns to hug me.

"Girl, what are you doing locked up in here?!" Denise laughed, sitting on the couch behind me. Lucy and Nadine joined her while Kloe and Paris sat in front of me.

"You're so beautiful, honey. Seems those damned terrorist couldn't get you to lose your cool. Look at you! You're shining!" Kloe exclaimed and the others agreed.

"So right, Klo." Denise said from behind me.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"Welcome. Anywhooo, we're here to tell you the gossips on everything you've missed!" Paris announced happily and we laughed.

"Yup everything!"

As I giggled, I turned to Kloe who'd began talking. I stared at her and felt bad all of a sudden. She used to be like me physically and due to her anemic health issues, she lost way too much weight. Even those cheeks she used to have all went away. I hoped she was emotionally okay because the last time I'd called her back in Italy, she seemed really depressed though now she looked quite okay.

"HelIooo, are you listening??" she asked and I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Oh. Um, yeah."

"What are you thinking about?" Lucy asked, giggling.

"Hahaha, nothing."

"I think she was thinking about Darin. Remember him?" Paris wriggled her brows and they all laughed.

"How can she forget her crush?" Kloe laughed, "They were supposed to go on a date before that terrorist shit."

"Really??" the others screamed. I rolled my eyes amused. Amused because he meant absolutely nothing to me, now.

I remembered how I used to find him incredibly hot. But all that changed when I met the king of hotness. Sexy in all aspects. From his eyes to his lower waist and beyond. I bit my lip just thinking of him.

"See?! See?!" Denise laughed, pointing at me. "She still likes him!"

They all laughed happily.

"You're all crazy." I mused

"Darin is in Canada for some business. He'll be back tomorrow and he insists on seeing you the day after. Told me to tell you." Nadine said and the others cooed.

I laughed, as if I gave a fuck. I'd missed them so much.

The next day, I decided to go pay Kloe a visit.

On entering her apartment, I found her in tears with a bottle of vodka on the table. The scene shocked me.

"Kloe! What's wrong?" I asked, running to her.

"H– hey Donnie." she sobbed, her tears mixing with her mascara and rolling down her cheeks.

"Kloe, what is it?? Has Tyler done anything to you??" I asked, afraid.

"No. Tyler is perfect. He's gone to work. I'm the problem."

"What is it??"

"Look at me." she cried, holding her wrist up for me to see, "Look how dry I've grown. I'm fucking tired! I'm tired of this dumb shit! Fuck it!" she cried out angrily.

I hurriedly wrapped my arms around her. I felt bad for her and tried to calm her.

"Please don't cry, Kloe. It's not your fault."

"I'm losing all confidence. I'm always in a hospital! Why is this happening to me??"

"Shhhh, don't cry please. Kloe," I made her look at me, "You're beautiful just the way you are and Tyler loves you for that. Please, don't be depressed. You deserve the best. Be happy you're alive."

"C– can I tell you something?" she sobbed.


"Sometimes, I feel like dying. Sometimes I feel like telling Tyler to go away. I love you and that's why I'm freeing you. Go stay with someone who's second home isn't a hospital. I have no appetite and I even starve myself–"

"Stop it! Don't say that! The Kloe I know would never say that! Girl, you're the most courageous and confident girl I know!"

"Fuck that shit, Donnica." she muttered.

"Nope. Get a grip Kloe! Stop it! Stop thinking that way about yourself. Please. Or I'm gonna have to slap the hell out of you!" I said annoyed and to my surprise, I watched Kloe giggle through her tears.

"Fine." she smiled, wiping her tears away, "You've convinced me this time."

I smiled back in disbelief.

"You're a case." I shook my head, amused.

"You love me for that."

We hugged tight. I'd missed her so much. She was the strongest girl I knew.

"Hope you didn't drink too much." I said, putting the bottle of vodka away.

"I didn't even drink. That's Tyler's bottle."

"Thank goodness."

"Sometimes I tell myself this health issues are gonna put me in deep trouble." she laughed, nervously.

"Never. Never ever. You hear me?"

"Yes ma'am."

I smiled at her then said:

"Talking of deep trouble, you'll never believe what's happening to me."

"What can be worse than when you got accused of being Caruso's accomplice and being kidnapped?" she mused.

"Oh trust me. It's worse. Go wash your face and apply new make up. Let's go to our favorite café at the mall. I'll tell you everything."

"Hmmm. Okay then."

We got to the mall where we bought some coffee and biscuits at our favorite spot before sitting at a table. I was all hype about telling Kloe the truth.

"So Donnie, what's this about?" she asked, looking at me in the eyes.

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