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(II) Chapter 41 (Home At Last)

I was silent throughout the short journey to the airport. I put shades on to hide my swollen eyes.

Soon enough, we arrived the airport and I was dropped. Carefully, I got my bags and entered the huge building.


I looked out the window, staring at the clouds and beautiful sky. My heart ached for Anthonio but I also saw the good side of things. I would meet my family and friends again. I‘d missed them so much.

I still had a long way to go and so I closed my eyes and tried to find sleep.

The journey was a long one but the time came when my feet finally touched the American ground.

Immediately I stepped into the airport in search of my bags, I realised all eyes were on me. People fidgeted and whispered as I walked. They recognised me. Many, shamelessly took their phones out and began to film me. I could hear:

"Is that Donnica smith?"

"That's the girl that was caught up in the terrorist's scandal, right??"

"Oh gawd, they let her go. I bet she went through a lot."

"She's still alive? Wow."

I was going to be all over the internet in no time.

With my shades on, I ignored them all. I got to where my bags were and got them.

I was about to turn and leave when I heard someone call my name in shock. I froze, recognising the voice.

Tears filled my eyes and I took my shades off.

Slowly, I turned around and there stood my parents, tears rolling down their cheeks.

"Donnica!" my mother screamed, running towards me.

"Mom!" I cried and ran straight into her arms, crying like a baby while everyone watched and filmed us in aw.

"My darling! My only baby!" she cried, looking up at me in disbelief.

"My sweetheart!" my father

sobbed and I turned to him.

"Dad!" I hugged him tight, crying like a baby.

My mom joined us and we hugged altogether. That night was one of the best nights of my life!

"Let's go home." my mom sobbed, wiping away my tears. My dad got my bags and we walked through the crowd of watching people and out of the building.

Immediately we stepped outside, I was blinded by a crowd of journalists and flashes. There were about thirty of them and maybe more! They surrounded us and asked a lot of questions.





My parents led me through the hysteric crowd of journalists and reporters. All national channels were present.



We succeeded to reach the car and we all got in. Seeing all those cameras was a crazy thing.

But I was very happy to be home. To hear English everywhere. To be with my parents.

My dad started the car and we drove off.

"I missed you." I admitted, beginning to sob again.

"We missed you too. Let's get home and celebrate. I am so happy! My darling, I thank God you're alive." my mom held my hand tight. I'd missed her so much.

I froze and tears welled up my eyes when I stepped into my Parents house and the first thing I heard was:


All my friends, family members, old classmates and relations were present!

"Donnica!" Kloe screamed and we ran towards each other, "OH MY GOSH!"

She screamed and we hugged each other tight.

Soon enough everybody surrounded me. I hugged everyone. They were all happy to see me and some sobbed along with me. It was clear I'd been missed.

"It's time to celebrate! My daughter is back!" my father announced and everyone screamed happily. I missed all of that.

"Hey!" Denise, one of my close friends caught our attention, "It's gonna be midnight in 5! 4! 3..."

Everyone joined her.


The celebration was intense that night. I freshened up and joined the others who celebrated my safe return. I was very happy, yes, but my heart would ache when Anthonio popped into my mind. I already missed him. Terribly. His hugs, kisses, his love, his eyes, his being. I bit my lip in frustration at the thought of him. I couldn't have both, my family and Anthonio. And that fact hurt. I had to sacrifice one. And I'd sacrificed Anthonio.

"Donnica?" someone called and I looked up to see one of my former university professors. My best, and the same one who'd sent me to central prison as assignment.

"Hello, sir. I'm so glad to see you." I smiled happily and he smiled back, nervously.

"I'm happy to see you too Donnica. I'm here to apologize. I should've never sent you on such a difficult task. I'm sorry." he apologised, clearly remorseful.

"No, it's fine Sir. No need. Things just turned out to be the way they were and it's not your fault." I reassured him with a smile and he smiled back.

"Thank you very much. I'm happy for you return. Happy new year."

"Happy new year."

He walked away and my mother approached me with a warm smile.

"You didn't even ask how we knew you were coming." she said.

I frowned realising it.

"Right. How did you know?"

"Your father received a text from an unknown source, saying at what time you were gonna land at the airport."


"I'm so happy you're here now."

She hugged me and I hugged her in return, kissing her cheek.

"You'll be having an interview on the main channel on the 3rd to tell the whole world about your experience. Are you ready?" she asked, after we broke the hug.


"Um, well, yeah."

"Okay, my love."

We partied all night and Kloe stuck to me the whole time. I had a great time and my father announced:

"Please do not ask any questions about her kidnapping. Let's just leave her to celebrate with us. You'll all get to know the truth on the 3rd on the main channel at two. And after that, I invite you all to the official celebration party that same night."

"Yaaaaaaay!" people shouted. That night all I did was enjoy my return and the company of my loved ones.

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