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Romance / Action

Chapter 11 (Brazil)

“Do you see that briefcase?” he asked me.


“Get it. There’s a diamond in it belonging to that man.”

He pointed at a white haired man of about sixty five. He looked wealthy.

“...He’s the Queen’s jeweler. And that diamond is actually hers.”

“W...why are you telling me this?? I asked nervously.

“Go over there and take the diamond out of the briefcase.”

My eyes went wide!

“W...what? I...I can’t!”

“Donnica do what I say!” he growled. I didn’t care.

“I can’t steal! A diamond for that matter!”

He stared at me before pulling a gun out and pointing it at me. My blood ran cold again. My knees trembled. He was so close. Never had I been this close to a gun! I felt it rub against my temple.

“Now get the diamond.” he ordered again. Slowly I walked towards the briefcase and opened it. I wondered how he’d made it past the airport’s security with that gun.

There was a huge diamond in the briefcase. It glittered beautifully. This diamond could buy half a kingdom or a country. I held it in my glove covered hands and turned to Anthonio, trembling. He looked at me then put the gun away.

He then walked to another briefcase. A white one this time and I watched him open it. In it were all types golden watches. He took everything and replaced them with identical fakes. I was dumbfounded and speechless. He had a black bag with him in which he put them.

Surprised, I watched him take a fake replica of the diamond I had in hand.

“Give me that one and replace it with this.”

I did as I was told. Once we were done, we left the first class as if we never came. Great, not only was I considered a terrorist’s accomplice, I was now a luxury thief. My head ached when I thought of what was in store for me.

“I’m never doing that again, Anthonio!” I told him boldly. I was too angry to care about the fact that I’d called him by his name. He ignored me. Luckily,

Few minutes after we’d stolen, people began getting up from sleep. That was a close one! I was officially a criminal.

The journey to Brazil was long. We arrived the next day at around three in the afternoon. It was a beautiful place.

Once again, Anthonio made it out of the airport safely. I heard no English around me. Just Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. I didn’t know which was which.

On leaving the airport, we met a black limo waiting for us outside.

“Wow.” I thought to myself.

“Let’s go.” he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the chic car. He opened the door “Get in.”

The inside of the car was beautiful. It was expensively beautiful. There was a mini fridge, TV, and a mini wine bar.

I was still afraid though. I didn’t know where I was heading to. I turned to look at the psycho who was practically kidnapping me. I hated him, yet I wondered how he could be so handsome. I couldn’t lie. I’d heard that a person’s wickedness could make them ugly. That was not the case of Anthonio Caruso.

“Donnica.” his cold voice interrupted my thoughts. He’d called me by my name for the first time.

“What??” I replied rudely.

“You don’t need to think a lot. If the boss keeps you, make sure you respect everything he says. If he sends you on some kind of mission, don’t reject it. Then you’ll be kept alive.”

I looked at him in surprise. He stared back impassive as ever.

“Am I dreaming or...or you’re advising me?” I asked.

He stared blankly at me.

“Yes I am.” was his straight reply. He didn’t smile or frown. One could not read his facial expressions! So vague.

“Alright...” I murmured.

He looked away and continued to manipulate his laptop. I wondered what it would’ve be been like if he was a normal guy. I’d probably be trying to get his attention. But for the moment, that was all I was avoiding.

We drove through the city where we were. I didn’t know its name or where it was exactly.

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