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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 38 (Submit -2)

I heard him walk up to the bed and then turn.

"Open your mouth." he ordered slowly. I did as I was told and he put something in my mouth that turned out to be the pill.

"I took the other one. This is gonna get us really high, baby girl." he caressed my face.

"You ready for seventh heaven?" he asked, bending until I felt he was face to face with me.

"Yeah..." I whispered.

"Oh really?" he asked huskily and I knew the ecstasy had began to work on him.


He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pushed my head towards his, crashing his lips against mine. He kissed me deep, his tongue intermingling with mine.

I felt the heat in me grow, the wetness in between my legs increasing along with my sexual arousal. Oh yes, the blue pill was starting to work on me too.

Anthonio broke the kiss, pulling my lower lip along.

"How about I fuck you now?" he whispered, licking my earlobe. He was as ready as I was.

"Yes sir, Please."

He chuckled drunkenly and stood. I then felt him behind me. I gasped when he grabbed me by the hair, roughly but careful enough not hurt me.

"Follow me..." he whispered, carefully pulling me along. I turned and followed him on four legs, loving his dominant side.

I crawled sexily behind him.

At a point, he made me stand. He was right behind me and I felt his throbbing cock rubbing against my ass.

Anthonio grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back.

I bit my lower lip when he put the handcuffs on my wrists, trapping my hands.

From behind me, he sent both hands underneath my singlet and cupped my breasts. I moaned softly when he pulled on my sensitive and now hard nipples.

I gasped when he left my breasts and tore my singlet off my body.

I closed my thighs, the wetness and frustration in between my legs getting almost impossible to bare. But then he tore my panties too. I thought my heart would burst out of my chest.

He then made me face him. And to my surprise, he pushed me and I fell on what turned out to be a comfortable armchair.

"Spread your legs open. Now."

Breathless, I did as I was told, putting each leg over the chair's arms. They were wide open.

I knew he was watching me. I felt his eyes all over my body.

"Will you punish me, sir?" I

asked softly, beginning to move in my seat, seeking any type of release. "Please do." I begged.

"Oh, I will." his voice was low and sexy in that sleepy/drunk kind of way. "Should I touch you? Or eat you."

"Anything, please. You decide for me." I was literally aching for his touch. The ecstasy had a great effect on me. My nipples were aching in a sweet way, not to talk of my pussy.

When I felt Anthonio approach, the excitement increased.

I felt him kneel and I uncontrollably raised my hips off the chair, a whimper escaping my lips.

"Ssshh. Not so fast. Be a good girl and be patient okay?" he whispered. I thought I would cry.

"P– please, sir." I begged.

The pill contributed to making me even more aroused. More horny. My body was on fire and needed attention. My pussy need attention. I needed him.

He was silent. But then I felt the tip of his tongue touch my clitoris and I moaned out, almost losing it.

I raised my hips, begging. He sent his hands underneath my butt like he'd done the first time we'd made love.

He raised my hips more than I'd already done.

"Aahhh...yesssss...yessss..." I moaned when he began to eat me out. Slowly at first, but then rough and fast.


My head began to spin and the fact that my eyes were still covered made things even more intense.

Anthonio's tongue showed no mercy against my sensitive clit. I was trying not to moan out loud. It was a crazy feeling that I loved. The blue pill made me so horny that if I didn't cum, I would probably pass out.

The pleasure he was giving me was sweet torture. I needed to cum.

"Aaaahh! Anthonio!" I struggled for air when I felt my orgasm approaching. But just when I was getting there, he stopped.

"Oh my gosh, please!!" I cried out.

I felt him lick the side of my neck.

"You're not coming until I want you to..." he whispered mischievously, "That's your punishment, sweetheart."

I was breathless, my head was spinning and I wanted to cry.

"Please, d– do something..."

"What? Beg me for what you want." he chuckled evilly, sending sweet chills down my spine.

"Fuck me, please." I begged, my thoughts messed up and my shame, gone, gone, gone.

"I didn't hear you." he said and then I felt sharp but sweet pain against my clit all of a sudden.

"Aaaahnn!" I groaned.

He'd hit my pussy with that little whip. He was teasing me with its flat end, slowly tapping it against my sensitive folds and clitoris.

"Be audible..." he muttered breathlessly and with that he hit my clit again, making me groan again.

"Fuck me! Please!" I exclaimed, begging and ready to do anything so he would. My body desires were becoming uncontrollable and I knew the pill had a lot to do with that fact.


He made me stand and then pushed me again, but this time my back hit the wall.

He freed my hands but that was temporal as he raised my arms above my head and tied them with a rope to what seemed to be a hook in the wall.

Anthonio grabbed the back of my thighs and lifted me off the ground. He licked my nipples then went up my neck, licking in that raw manner. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

I moaned, loving the feel of his mouth as he suckled roughly against my neck. That was sure to leave a hickey.

A low gasp and groan escaped my lips when he bit my shoulder. Anthonio wasn't himself anymore. All shame gone. He knew what he wanted and he was going to have it. He kissed and licked me like he wanted to eat me raw. I loved it.

I felt his thick tip poking at my opening.

While he continued to kiss me, he pushed his hips forward and that hard cock entered so roughly I whispered.

"Sshhh. Silently take it in, like a good girl." he hissed.

I was shivering as the pleasure began to take over.

Anthonio withdrew, slamming back in, so hard that I was sure he'd succeeded in getting that last inch in.

"Aaaaah yesss!"

His groans mixed with my moans.

Anthonio began to hump me real fast against that wall.

I got weak with pleasure and even started drooling, my head spinning and my loins on fire.

"You're still so tight..." he moaned, humping his way in and out of me .

"Aah...ahhh!" I'd lost my ability to speak.

"You like it?" he asked huskily, his rhythm increasing, "When I ram it up you?" he licked my bottom lip before pulling on it with his teeth. "I'm reaching your womb tonight." he ended in a deep growl before abruptly pulling out of me and letting my legs touch the ground.

"Noooo! P– please! Not again..." I begged, sweat dripping down my entire body. "Pleaaase..."

He didn't reply but untied me.

"Go to the bed. Get on four legs."

He led me and I climbed on the bed. I immediately got on four but then he grabbed my wrists and handcuffed them to the bedpost. I had my ass up in the air at his mercy.

He hurriedly got behind me and without warning, slammed back into me. I moaned out like crazy.

That was enough to make me cum at last!

"Yessss!!" I hissed as one crazy orgasm took hit me. Anthonio continued to hump me like crazy, sending me into a second orgasm, stronger and immediately after the first.


Anthonio made me cum more than four times that night. He was so resistant and energetic. He made me ride him too. And at a point he got me spread like a star and fucked me senseless.

I lost my voice! After coming continuously, I lost all energy.

Anthonio got me on four legs again, humping me repeatedly. I was weak and sweetly sore.

At a point, he tensed up and froze inside me.

"Aaargh! Fffuuck!" he groaned out, shooting all his load into me. He came for more than ten seconds. The longest and sweetest ten seconds ever!

When he was done, he got off me, pulled the scarf off my eyes and we both collapsed.

I was very sure that we'd both slept off or passed out, immediately we hit the bed again.

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