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(II) Chapter 36 (New Everything)

In just a few days, everything had changed. The house seemed to be lively. Anthonio and Leandro tried to know their mother more, all the other members that had never been part of Eugene's evil sect returned to the headwaters. Unlike the last set of members, they were quite friendly, though I knew better not to laugh too much with them, I mean they were still the Mafia right?

Everything changed. Lodovica was great. She was very sweet with me. She made that once deadly house, homely. She was respected by the members. As for Leandro, he was the new boss. I was more than happy for him. He finally took over late Lorenzo as was supposed to be the case. He was fully in charge of all missions, cartels and their black market affairs. He was perfect for the post.

As for Anthonio and I, the flame between us just got hotter.

"Go put this on the table dear." Lodovica told me, giving me the rice.

"Okay." I took the dish and went to the living room where I put it on the table with the others.

Leandro walked into the room.

"Merry Christmas, boss." I said with a smile. He smiled back.

"Ooh, I think I already love Christmas. Look at all the food!" he exclaimed and I laughed.

"It's the first time you all are celebrating Christmas in this house. Lodovica and I decided to make it grandiose." I replied.

"This is great. At what time are we eating?" he asked, rubbing his palms together and I laughed again.

"Soon enough." Lodovica replied, coming into the living room with another dish. Leandro walked up to her and kissed her cheek.

"Good afternoon, momma." he greeted and she smiled. I just loved seeing Lodovica smile. She seemed so happy that it made me happy on the inside.

"Good afternoon, amor. Where's Anthonio?" she asked.

"Probably upstairs."

"Lemme go join him." I said and both nodded.

I left the dining room and went up the stairs, greeting the members I met on the way.

I reached Anthonio's door and knocked. He told me to come in. I stepped in.

"Hey, baby." I smiled sweetly, closing the door behind me. He was from showering and stood there in his boxers. He smiled back.

"Hey, love."

"How are you? What are you doing up here? Come downstairs. Soon we'll be eating." I walked up to him and kissed him, running my palms over his smooth chest.

He kissed me back and I melted.

"I feel all awkward." he admitted.

“I know. With all that's happened these past days. Your Mom, your brother, your father, Christmas celebration. Everything's changed." I said softly, rubbing the side of his face. He leaned into my touch.

"I‘m sorry for all that I've made you go through. I should've never–"

"Shh. It's fine." I cut him, "Let's forget the errors and pain of the past."

"You're right." he kissed my forehead, “Now I‘m gonna go dress up in the bathroom while you take my phone and call your family. okay?"


"I love you."

"I love you too."

He kissed me one last time before getting his clothes and heading straight to the bathroom.

With my heart aching, I picked his phone. I missed my family. True that I missed my old life too. A lot.

I loved Anthonio and I loved Leandro. I'd started to see the good side of this Mafia life, full of adventure and mysteries. But I could only have one of them. It hurt me that I couldn't have both.

With shaky hands, I dialed my mother's number.

I brought the phone up to my ear and waited for someone to pick. In some seconds my mother picked.

"Donnica?” she asked immediately.

"Yes, momma, Merry Christmas." I said in a shaky voice, my emotions taking over me. It was my first Christmas away from my parents.

"Oh my God! Honey! Shontelle! Everyone!" I heard her call for my dad and cousin.

In some seconds I heard a lot of voices in the background.

"My baby, you're on loud speaker. The whole family's here. Kloe and her family too. She was released from the hospital yesterday. How are you?" my mom asked, clearly sobbing and my heart ached even more.

"I'm very fine. I miss you all."

"We miss you too!!" everyone replied in the background.

"Everything's gonna be fine, baby girl. The lawyer we hired to get your name cleared is doing a great Job. If everything goes on well you'll soon be back amongst us my darling. I promise!" I heard my dad say.

Tears had already made their way down my cheeks.

"Okay, dad. I– I have to go now. I love all of you. Kiss Kloe and greet her family for me. Say hi to everyone. I love you all."

"We love you too."

I hanged up and with shaky hands, I immediately wiped my tears away. I had no right to be sad on Christmas day.

Anthonio stepped out all dressed and fresh.

"Hey, you done?" he asked slowly.

"Yeah." I looked at his handsome face and wondered if I'd ever be able to leave him one day. I didn't even want to think of that day.

I approached him and holding his waist, I pulled him closer to me, looking up into his beautiful eyes.

"It's crazy how you've turned out to be so important to me." I admitted. He looked down at me, slightly surprised.

"Yes, you mean a lot to me. And I'm not afraid to let you know."

He held me close.

"You're my everything, Donnica. The reason I'm alive." he kissed me, "I love you."

"I love you too." he smiled at me, "Now let's go eat."

I smiled back.

"Good idea."

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Everyone was present, well most of the members were. It was a little celebration but we had a good time. I forgot all my worries. It was Christmas and I had no right to be sad. I had a great time and I was glad Anthonio along with Leandro had had a good time too.

The next day, I woke up with a smile on my lips. I had my head on Anthonio's chest and he had his arms around me. We were both warm under the sheets. I'd literally moved into his room now. I had nothing to hide or to be afraid of.

I rubbed his chest, loving the feel of his skin. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at me.


"Hey." he replied, kissing my forehead.

"Just had a great idea." I said teasingly, a mischievous smile spreading on my lips.

"Go ahead and share it."

"Well," I started, rubbing his nipple with my index, "I really, really want you to take control tonight. If you know what I mean."

I giggled, wriggling my brows.

He smirked.

"Like the last time or way better than the last time." he asked.

"Way better."

"Mmm perfect then." he ran his hand down my back to my butt. "Get ready to be dominated then." he said in that sexy, husky tone that gave me goosebumps.

"I guess you're good at it."

"You'll see. We're gonna go beyond our limits and try new things." he replied.

"I'm already all excited for tonight." I giggled nervously.

"Honestly," he chuckled, "Me too."

I laughed and he joined me.

*This isn't the end, loves. There are more chapters ahead 💃❤.*

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