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(II) Chapter 34 (Another Discovery)

I screamed out, causing both boys outside to look in my direction, behind the window, when someone violently caught me by the hair. My mouth was covered with a hand to muffle my screams.

"Shut it!" the man growled against my ear, pulling me backwards. I recognised the voice. It was that man. That same one that kept appearing to me and threatening me saying my life would soon be over.

Anthonio and Leandro came running in.

"Don't move!" he growled from behind me, "One step and I'll shoot her dead!"

He raised his gun to my temple.

I was shivering all over, fear gripping me terribly.

"Facundo, let her go." Leandro said slowly.

"Shut up. Now put those guns down and kick them over to me. And don't try to act smart else your little princess here, dies."

I watched with watery eyes as the boys quietly obeyed.

"Good, good."

"Now, let her go." Anthonio ordered.

"So immediately I do, both of you kill me like you did with Eugene out there? No way. This bitch is my escape."

He slowly started to pull me along.

"No. Please, let me got." I began to sob.

"You know I can't do that sweetheart. I have to stay alive and for that, I'm taking you with me." he laughed hideously, "Don't worry, we'll have some sweet fun tonight." he licked the side of my face. "I'll give you something to put in your pretty little mouth."

Anthonio angrily took a step towards him.

"Stop or I destroy her head with bullets!" the man stepped back afraid, pointing the gun at me once more.

Leandro slowly held Anthonio's wrist and pulled him back.

"That's right. Step back, pretty boy."

"Wait till I lay my hands on you." Anthonio growled.

"Lemme see how you'll do that."

Facundo began to pull me along towards the back door. I was sobbing for my dear life. Both guys took steps towards us but the man halted and made the tip of his gun touch my temple.

"I said do not move." he hissed. I knew it was all over.


A bullet was shot from I didn't know where and I screamed, closing my eyes.

But then I felt Facundo loosen his grip on me and collapse. I opened my eyes and there he was, dead. A bullet had been shot straight into his forehead.

Shaky and slightly traumatised, I turned to Leandro and Anthonio who stared at the body, as shocked as me. I realised none of them had shot him.

"I shot him." we suddenly heard.

We all turned to see, Velma?? She had a gun in her hand as she approached us, dressed in a black shirt, jeans and boots. I'd never seen her that way. She usually always wore formal long skirts and stilettos.

We watched speechlessly as she walked up to Facundo's body and spat on it.

"I hope you rot in hell you fool." she stated before shooting one last bullet into his lifeless body.

We stared in silence and surprise.

"Velma??" we all asked, surprised and quite shocked too. Where the hell had she come from?

She turned to us and her eyes watered, to our surprise. Turning to me she said:

"It's Lodovica to you, dear." Then tuning to the boys she said, "...And mother to both of you."

"W– what??" I stammered, my mouth dropping slightly open and my eyes widening. She was silent and watched us.

Shock evident in my expression, I turned to Anthonio and Leandro who stared at the woman like they'd seen a ghost.

"Y– you're Lodovica??" I stammered again.

"Yes." she turned to the boys with watery eyes, "I'm your mother." she reached out and touched both their faces, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry for having hidden such a secret. Please, forgive me." she begged, with shaky hands.

I watched Anthonio step back with a frown.

"What is all this?" he asked with difficulty, a lump in his throat.

"I can explain..." she cried, and then she said something in Italian, begging them.

Leandro clearly speechless, stepped away from her too.

I watched the whole scene in disbelief. With mixed feelings. What the hell was going on? Velma was Lodovica?? She wasn't dead? What was going on?

She tried touching Anthonio.

"Don't touch me..." he muttered his warning, his eyes beginning to water.

And with that, Anthonio stormed out of the room and up the stairs. Velma or Lodovica, turned to Leandro, tears in her eyes.

"You should leave. Now." he said slowly before walking away too. I stood there frozen.

I watched her cry, then she turned to me.

"You must be thinking why?" she sobbed, "I'll tell all of you everything. My darling, Please help me. Go talk to them. Convince them to listen to my side of the story."

I swallowed.

"I'll try. It won't be easy. But why did you hide your existence?"

"That's what I'm going to explain. Please."

I watched her, unable to believe what was happening. She deserved to tell her story. We all needed to get to the end of this.

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