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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 33 (Truth and Revenge)

I stood in a safe corner and watched with mixed feelings of shock and amazement as Anthonio managed to beat all three men. It was an unbelievable scene!

One of the men already lay unconscious while the two others continued to fight Anthonio. He hit one of them so hard that the man fell and stopped moving. But I

knew that was just for some seconds.

Meanwhile, the other, angry, charged for Anthonio and I was afraid he might hurt him. I was so wrong for doubting the force Anthonio had!

Anthonio dodged a blow from the man and the next thing I saw was Anthonio grip his throat. As the man struggled to attack him, Anthonio held the sides of his face.

A little scream escaped my lips as I watched with shock. Anthonio broke the man's neck by twisting his head in such a violent manner that I heard the crack and he fell, dead.

Just at that moment, the second who had discretely gotten up succeeded in hitting Anthonio hard on the back, causing him to fall on his knees. He then hit him again and I screamed out afraid. But my panic was short lived. Anthonio stood up almost immediately and I don't know how he did it but in no time, he'd grabbed the man by his hair, paralyzing him.

Then Anthonio turning to me


"I don't think you should see this. Close you eyes."

I did exactly as I was told.

Goosebumps took over my skin when I heard Anthonio bang the man's head against the wall more than once! The sound was terrible.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" I gasped, waiting for the massacre to be over.

I opened my eyes when it was all over and that was when I spotted the one who'd pretended to be unconscious, struggle to get a gun that lay close to him.

"Anthonio!" I pointed to the man. Anthonio turning and seeing him kicked him so hard on the back of his head that it sent him straight to hell.

"Rot in hell you fools." he muttered in a clearly satisfied way.

Then he looked up at me. He was bleeding from the nose and had a few bruises.

"You okay, sweetheart?" he asked rather casually, picking two guns from the floor, tucking one behind him and holding the other in his hand.

"I'llโ€“ I'll be fine."

"Good. Now I have to go get my brother cuz he's still alive."

"We. We have to get him." I corrected slowly.

"You're right. We." he said and winked at me. That gave me goosebumps in a sweet, strange way. I nervously smiled a little.

I held his bloody hand, not giving a fuck, and we made our way down the staircase.

The house was empty. We made our way to the living room and to our surprise, Leandro suddenly walked in. He was bleeding from the forehead and lip.

"Leandro!" I ran up to him and hugged him.

"Omg, are you okay?? You're hurt."

"No, it's fine luv. Just a few


Anthonio slowly approached us.

"From the look on your face, seems you thought I was dead." Leandro managed to joke.

"That's impossible. What would I be without my brother?" Anthonio replied in a low voice. Leandro smiled.

"That's the same question I asked myself when I went to look for you."

I watched in surprise and awe as Anthonio suddenly hugged Leandro who hugged him back. It was a scene that made my eyes water immediately. I had to struggle with myself not to shed a tear.

"Donnica told me the little I needed to know. I'll get the details later." Anthonio said after breaking the hug.

"So you know we have to revenge."


"HA! If you even find me." A voice mocked. I recognised it. Eugene. We turned to see three other members pointing their machine guns at us. Then at the back, stood who turned out to be Eugene. Without his mask. He was just as I'd imagined him. Ugly, old and scary.

The boys quietly dropped the guns they had in their hands.

"Good, you know what to do. What did you idiots think? That after you would discover the truth I would let you kill me or go free? No way." he stated with a frown

"How did you know?" Leandro dared to ask.

The man laughed.

"Well, on that last floor, I have cameras everywhere. Everywhere! I watched you all bust into Lorenzo's office." he laughed, satisfied. "Now you are all going to die."

"It's us you want. Let Donnica go." Anthonio said.

"What?? This bitch? No. I'm going to kill her first. Especially

after she cheated on me with you."

I gulped. Uh oh.

"What? Didn't you know I would discover? I had spies after you when I'd sent you on a mission to Geneva because I suspected something going on between you two. I didn't want to believe at first because I thought I knew you, Anthonio. I underestimated this girl. She must be really good if she succeeded in seducing you. And what did I get as a result after having spies follow you? Pictures of both of you making out under chic sheets."

We were silent.

"Now no one's talking, huh? I'm so glad I'm about to wipe out Enrique's generation." he said with a hideous laugh.

There was suddenly the sound of an helicopter starting outside in the backyard.

"Oh, my ride's here. Let me leave my men to take care of you." he turned to leave.

"Why did you kill our father?" Leandro blurted out.

The monster stopped and turned to us.

"Jealously. He took the position I wanted. And he wanted you dumbass, to take over from him? No way. I killed him as well as your bitch of a mother." he ended and walked out of the house.

The men centered their guns on us. I closed my eyes, fear gripping me again and I made a short prayer. This was the end.

I shook afraid, when I heard the gunshots. But none touched me. I opened my eyes to find the three men dead on the floor. Anthonio and Leandro had guns in their hands.

"How did you guysโ€“"

"They weren't fast enough and we had spare guns tucked behind us." Was Anthonio's cool reply.

Leandro picked two machine guns and gave one to Anthonio.

"Let's go." he told Anthonio, "Stay in here, Donnica."

I watched them march out of the house.

I immediately ran to the window.

I watched. The helicopter was halfway in the air when both guys stepped out.

Leandro told Anthonio something and then to my surprise I watched him drop his gun and run as fast as possible towards the helicopter.

Anthonio picked the gun and started walking in the direction of the helicopter.

I watched, confused.

I gasped when Leandro jumped and held on to the helicopter.

"Oh my gosh!" I whispered.

He succeeded in getting in. Anthonio was still walking towards it.

I don't know what happened but the next thing I saw was another member, surely the one who'd been piloting , being kicked out of the helicopter.

As he fell, before he could even hit the ground, Anthonio had shot him dead in the air.

The helicopter began to swing dangerously and I could hear some gunshots as it flew higher. I panicked. I hoped Leandro was okay.

Just at that moment, I saw both of them fighting as they fell out of the helicopter. The helicopter then crashed into a nearby baobab tree, in a loud explosion.

They landed on the hard but grass covered ground, still struggling. Leandro succeeded in pinning him down, giving him hard blows. Anthonio finally reached them. He made Leandro stand up and then gave him a gun.

Both looked down at the bleeding monster, then at each other. I watched them smile and point their guns at him. And then it was shots fired.

They destroyed him with bullets. l was frozen. They'd succeeded.

Eugene was dead.

*Eugene's miserable death, though ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Please like and comment.*

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