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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 32 (The Truth -3)

I walked up and down, biting my finger nails and afraid. I moved from corner to corner in Leandro's room, unable to calm down or think straight.

"Baby boy, where are you?" I muttered in a shaky voice. I sat down and tears began to roll down my eyes. "Oh my gawd, where are you?"

I began to sob and my head began to ache. Where was he? While I cried, the door flung open and I looked up to see Anthonio.

"Oh my gosh!" I ran up to him and hugged him tight. He hugged me too. Not caring, I held his face and kissed him deep. He kissed me back with the same intensity.

Then I broke the kiss and looked up at him.

"W– where's Leandro?" I stammered.

"He's not here with you?" Anthonio asked surprised. My heart skipped a beat. Literally.

"No, he– he went to look for you in the woods."

Anthonio frowned a little.

"I didn't finally go. I gave up halfway. I prefer you to the damned rules. I don't want us to break up." he said slowly. My heart melted.

"That's– that's great but we have to find Leandro. Now! He might be in danger. Especially after what we just discovered." I stammered.

Anthonio frowned again in confusion.

“What did you discover?"

"It's a really long story. We don't have much time." I said pulling him along and heading for the door.

"Tell me the bit I need to know. So I won't be lost." he said, stopping.

"Fine." Looking him in the eye, I said, "Lorenzo was your father."


"Yes. Eugene, the boss, murdered him to take his place and kidnapped Leandro who was only one year old by then and who turns out to be Lorenzo's first son and your older brother. Now you know. You'll get the details later. We are in danger here. " I ended slowly.

Anthonio was staring blankly at me. But then, I saw his eyes reddened and his hands fold into tight fists.

"My– my brother?" he stammered.


His face turned red, on the spot.

"Anthonio?" I called slowly.

I watched him close his eyes for a short while before reopening them and walking up to me. He then raised a hand and caressed the side of my face. His eyes were red. He felt the same way Leandro did. And he was trying to contain it in his own way.

"Sweetheart..." he started and I knew at the moment he had difficulties in speaking.


"When I gave up on my mission those woods, I promised not to kill anymore. To be the cleanest guy for you. But you're gonna have to forgive me." he said in a low voice, "I'm gonna have to shed blood." I watched him send his free hand behind his back to take the gun that was carefully tucked at the back of his jeans, "One more time." he ended in a whisper, tears in his eyes, threatening to role down his cheeks.

"I'm with you on this one." I replied.

"Okay." he kissed my forehead, "Stay right behind me."

He let me go and headed for the door. I followed closely behind.

Anthonio and I stepped into the suddenly empty hallway.

"Where are all the guards?" I whispered.

"I don't know. They'd disappeared after the boss had called me. But I think he gave them some time off or something."

"This isn't normal."

"I know."

"And please stop calling him the boss."

Anthonio looked at me.

"You're right."

We quietly walked down the hallway when all of a sudden, we both heard that click. That particular click, only a gun could make. Anthonio and I froze.

"Don't move." a voice said from behind us. Anthonio and I looked at each other.

"Put you hands in the air. Now!" the man ordered angrily.

Slowly, Anthonio and I did as we were told.

Someone else stepped forward and seized Anthonio's gun.

"Turn around!" the man ordered.

Slowly, we both turned. I was scared to death as we now faced three members. For the first time, I saw them without their masks on. They were unattractive men. All wicked looking. I gulped, afraid. All three had their guns pointed at us.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" the one in the middle said.

"What are you guys doing?" Anthonio asked, acting ignorant of anything.

"Don't play that, Anthonio. You know very well what we're doing." the second laughed.

"We know you have discovered the boss's secret. We won't let you go all that easily."

"I wasn't planning on leaving. At all." Anthonio replied dryly, clearly not afraid of them. "I guess you all are his partners in crime. The ten of you to precise."

I began to see clearly. The ten members that were always with him where his accomplices.

"Oh, bravo. It didn't take you so long to guess that did it?" the third laughed hideously.

"You both are gonna die the same way Leandro probably will. We sent you into the woods to get you killed but apparently Leandro's gonna take your place now. Or rather, your older brother." he mocked.

I looked at Anthonio. He was staring at them like he could kill them with his eyes. He was boiling and took a step towards them.

"Don't move, son!"

They all stepped back, pointing their guns at him. They were clearly afraid.

"Are you scared?" he asked casually.

The men didn't answer.

"Instead of hiding like cowards behind your guns, put them down and let's settle this with our fists."

One of the men laughed.

"Boy, do you think we're dumb??" he asked

Anthonio raised a brow.

"What? We all have had the same training. We all have been taught the same fighting and defence skills. Why chicken out now? Drop your guns."

The one in the middle gave Anthonio an ugly stare before dropping his gun.


Surprisingly, the others followed, though they didn't seem as confident as the first.

That was very, very stupid of them. They should've never committed such a dumb mistake. Anthonio would slaughter them.

I looked at him and the vein at his temple was swollen. He was gonna let his fury rage down on them.

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