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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 31 (Truth -2)

"This is surely just a coincidence." Leandro muttered, standing all of a sudden.

"You think? I don't! Leandro it's you on that picture! It's you." I exclaimed, surprise mixed with shock still washing over me.

Leandro, clearly confused and shocked, walked about the room, running his fingers through his hair uncontrollably.

"D–Donnica, it's not possible. It's– It's crazy. How's it possible?" he asked in disbelief.

"Leandro, I do not know what proof you need. You're twenty five. Your father, Lorenzo, died twenty five years ago. He was twenty six meaning he died when you were still one. It's very possible."

Leandro stared silently at me and I felt bad for him all of a sudden. But I felt happy too. Because of the wonderful discovery we'd just made!

Leandro was quiet but soon spoke again.

"Continue, please. I want to get to the end of this."

I felt really bad for him. He'd turned completely pale and his eyes were reddening.

"Okay. Sure."

"One day, Lorenzo announced to all the members, the existence of his child, Leandro along with his lover. All the members were glad for Lorenzo and supported him. They said he could a bring the girl and child back to the house. They were happy because according to the rules, Leandro would have to take over his father as leader some day.”

I looked at Leandro who was now staring at the floor his eyes red.

"Are you okay?"

"Mmmm. I'm fine. Just continue." he muttered.

"Lorenzo did not know that his life would change from then. That night, as he walked through an empty street after he'd gone to take his son from his mother to spend the night with him and to introduce him to the other members , something happened. I was there. Where I wasn't apposed to be, and I saw something I shouldn't have seen.

It was a strangely foggy night. While he walked through the dark streets with his son in his arms, someone walked up to him. Another man, all dressed in black. I thought the man was a robber but then l saw Lorenzo halt and smile at him, meaning he knew him.

As the man approached, Lorenzo put his son to lean against him as he stretched a hand to greet the stranger. But to his shock, the man withdrew a knife from his jacket and stabbed Lorenzo. "

"Oh my god." I gasped. Leandro was silent, his eyes still on the floor.

"He stabbed him more than five times! It was a horrible scene! I watched with horror as Lorenzo collapsed, blood everywhere. He was losing his life while the baby cried by him and the murderer stood watching.

The man looked around before picking the child up and running off with him. I knew I would never see that child again. Only God knows what happened to him.

After thinking a while, I gathered the courage and ran up to where Lorenzo lay. He was still alive but was losing all his blood. I tried to do something but I couldn't. I asked him:

'Who did this?'

He struggled to reply, blood oozing from his mouth. Then he succeeded in giving me one name. He muttered:

'Eugene Cabrera. '

And I watched life leave his eyes and body.

Just then, I looked up and realised that that Eugene stood at a distance watching me. Fear gripping me, I stood up and ran for my dear life. He didn't follow me, but I knew he would send his men after my life. I was in trouble."

I stopped and looked up at Leandro who stared back at me, his eyes even more red and the vain at his temple, swollen. He was clearly furious.

"Lorenzo, was my father?" he said slowly, his voice shaky. He was boiling on the inside.

"Yes." I replied slowly.

Leandro closed his eyes and I saw tears roll down his cheeks. I froze. It shocked me to see him shed tears.

"Leandro, I'm so sorry."

I saw his fists tightened and then he growled:

"The boss killed my father."

"What??" I asked, shocked. He looked at me.

"His name is Eugene Cabrera. Now the puzzles are fitting in, Donnica.

I was brought to this house when I was one. He told everyone he'd found me in the streets."

My blood ran cold.

"Oh my god. W–what are you going to do now?"

"Finish the story first."

"My first reflex was to look for his lover. I knew where she lived. When I got to her place, I told her everything I'd seen and we decided to run away together.

We succeeded in hiding for a few months and that’s when I realised her tummy grew bigger with time and that she was pregnant again. Lorenzo had left her with another pregnancy. Having no money to go to a good hospital, I helped her give birth in terrible conditions. But we succeeded and she gave birth to another baby boy, as handsome as the first.

She named him, Anthonio."

I ended the sentence in almost a whisper, my mouth dropping open. I looked up at Leandro who stared back as wide eyed and shocked as me.

"You– you have a brother? Antho–"

"Wait." Leandro cut me in a shaky voice, "Read the rest first. N– now please."

My hands shaky, I continued to read

"We knew Eugene’s men were still after us after all that time. Having no choice, Lodovica had to abandon her baby in front of an orphanage with a note that claimed she didn't want him just so he would never try to look for her. It was a heartbreaking scene. She needed to do it, to save his life.

Once the baby safe, we fled. But we got attacked by some of Eugene’s men and found ourselves taking different directions. Some went after her while some followed me. I succeeded in running away and so did Lodovica. However, I never saw her again.

I am tired and homeless. I’m tired of running away and I know I'll soon be found and killed too. But I have decided to write this down, so the truth gets discovered. As I die, l hope justice is made and Eugene Cabrera, pays.

Odessa Fonsi."

I ended slowly. I looked up at a disturbed, saddened, confused and furious Leandro.

"Anthonio isn't just your best friend. He's your brother." I murmured, unable to realise it myself.

Leandro remained silent for about ten minutes.


"I've been with my brother all these years." he stammered, his voice still shaky, "Eugene is going to pay. With his blood." he growled lowly, standing.

I stood too.

"Leandro, please find Anthonio first. I have a very bad feeling. Call him." I said nervously.

Leandro immediately took his phone out and tried to call Anthonio.

"It's not going through." he said and my heartbeat began to race.

"Oh my God. I have a very bad feeling right now."

"I too. Lemme go look for him."

As Leandro tried to walk past me, the book dropped from my hand and fell on the floor and we noticed the back of what seemed to be another photograph poke out of its pages.

I bent over and picked the photograph. Then I looked at it.

"Who's on it?" Leandro suddenly asked. I looked up at him and handed the photograph.

"See for yourself."

He took it and stared for a while.

"Lorenzo. My father."

I nodded.

"I'll be back." he added before putting the photograph in his wallet and walking out the door.

I stood there unable to believe what had just happened.

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