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(II) Chapter 30 (Truth -1)

We left the blue room the same way we'd arrived. Leandro led the way and we followed. I was still very annoyed with Anthonio and so I continued to ignore him.

He followed closely behind me, ignoring me too. We were both very stubborn but I knew this ignoring shit won't last. But at that moment I had no intentions of apologising for trying to make him a better person. It hurt me to think of it but if Anthonio persisted on staying a murderer. I might have to leave him. And I didn't want to.

We reached Leandro's door and I spoke:

"Leandro, we'll join you shortly. I want to speak to Anthonio."

"Alright luv." he replied and went into his room. I then turned to Anthonio Who stared blankly at me, bringing some memories back into my mind.

"I have to tell you just one thing." I started, folding my arms.

"What?" he asked dryly.

I swallowed and gathered the courage I needed.

"I'm leaving you. Or rather, breaking up." I said with difficulty.

Anthonio's expressionless face turned into a frown. One that made me flinch.

"What?? Why?" he asked in disbelief.

"B– because I can't date you, ignoring the fact that you're still a murderer. It's impossible. I love you, yes, but you're still capable of killing innocent people."

Anthonio stared at me, clearly speechless.

"Donnica, you can't just take a decision like that."

"Stop your killings, first. Once you say no to all these missions, then we'll get together. The ball's in your court. So, are you gonna stop, Anthonio?" I asked in a low voice.

He stared at me. And when he provided no answer, hurt, I said:

"So this is the end of us?"

I felt my eyes prickle but I wasn't gonna cry now. No.

"No." he replied with difficulty.

"Yes, it is. Till further notice. Or until you change completely."

Without further ado, I walked out of him and into Leandro's room, trying my best not to break down into tears.

We all settled in Leandro's room.

"Hm. Is it just me or the tension between you guys seems to have increased?" Leandro remarked.

"Let's just open the damn book please." I said slowly, trying my best not to crack up.

"Hmmm, okay then."

We watched him try to unlock the book. It worked. But just at that moment, there was a knock at the door.

We looked at each other and then Anthonio stood up and decided to go check it out.

He opened the door and on the other side stood a guard.


"Sorry for the interruption sir, but the boss needs to send you on an important errand right away. He's requested I call you."

I felt a lump in my throat as some part of me wished Anthonio would say no.

Anthonio turned and looked at me briefly before facing the guard again.

"Where is he?"

"In his office."

"I'm right behind you." Anthonio replied. The lump in my throat got heavier and I wished I could throw something hard at his head.

Once the guard was gone he turned to us.

"Start without me. I might take long."

"Come back and tell us if you'll be traveling or not." Leandro said.

I stared at Anthonio like a psychopath would. I was so damn angry.

"Okay." avoiding my look, Anthonio left. I felt like screaming but of course, I remained calm.

I then noticed Leandro staring intensively at me.

"What?" I muttered.

"Nothing, princess. Just share whatever's disturbing you when you feel like it. Okay?" he said slowly. I nodded like a kid.

"Okay. Thanks for being here, Leandro." I said trying not to cry.

"I'm always gonna be present for you." he gave me a contagious smile and I smiled back.

"Good. Now I'll give you the honor of reading this out loud for both of us. Can you? It'll maybe help you forget whatever problem you have with Anthonio." he said, handing over the mysterious book.

"You're probably right." I took the book and began to flip its pages, noticing only a few pages had been written upon. "You ready?" I asked.

"I'm all ears, amor."

"Okay." I cleared my throat and began:

"Whoever finds this diary, has found the answers to a lot of mysterious questions and happenings within the 'House'."

I stopped and looked at Leandro.

"The house is this one, right?" I asked.

He shrugged.

"Yeah surely. Go on." I went on.

"You might have heard or not heard of Lorenzo Enrique. If you haven't you'll get to know more about him as I write about this tragedy I witnessed. By the time you find this book I'll surely be dead. Because as I write this, I'm in danger. I'm writing this in English so anyone who finds it is likely to read it with ease. I am Odessa Fonsi. "

"Never heard that name before." Leandro said. I was silent.

"At least now we know it's a woman who wrote this."

"Yeah. But she mentioned a tragedy and I'd really like to see where this goes."

"Same here. Let me continue."

At that moment, Leandro's phone signalled an SMS.

"Hold on, it's Anthonio. He says he's been sent into the woods not far from the property. Apparently there's a spy that's been sent to watch us, camping there."

"Lemme guess, he's been sent to kill the guy." I said irritated.

Leandro didn't reply.

"He should do what he wants. I'm tired." I said slowly and looked at book again, "Now where were we?"

"Lorenzo Enrique took over from Julio Chavez when he was only twenty two years of age, making him the youngest to have been made head of the Mafia. He was strong and brave, clearly meriting the position and title. He was a known businessman in the black market and all missions and operations which he organised were successful. He was liked by all the other members. Lorenzo might have been the perfect leader and example, but he did have secrets too. And one of them changed his destiny. At 25, He'd made the huge mistake of falling in love. "

"Hmm!" Leandro cut me and I laughed a little.

"What?" I asked.

"No offense but love is always where trouble starts for any man." he admitted and I couldn't help but get amused.

"Hahahaha, that's ridiculous. Is that why you don't wanna fall in love?" I asked.

"It's one of the reasons why. Wherever there's a woman, there's trouble. No offense again."

I couldn't get angry but found it funny instead.

"Hahahaha, that's what you think. Let me go on with the story."


"Lorenzo fell in love with an innocent young woman. She wasn't a wealthy person, nor did she have a family. She lived in the slums with a very close friend of hers and everyday they would go to town and propose to mow people's lawns.

Well, he fell on her the day she met him and proposed to mow his lawn. Neither did she know he was at the head of the Italian Mafia at that moment. She did not know he was someone dangerous. "

"Poor girl." I said.

"He invited her for a little snack in a restaurant close by and that was how it all started. They quickly fell in love. And when they trusted each other enough, he told her the truth on who he really was. Like most girls of her age by then, she didn't fear him nor did she judge him. She simply accepted him the way he was.

Time flew by and she got pregnant for him. He decided that after she'd given birth and when the time was right, he'd introduce her to the other members, along with his child."

"Wow. Let's see where this goes." Leandro stated.

"She gave birth to the child but Lorenzo had gone for a mission which lasted up to a year. She'd promised to wait for him before naming the child.

A year after, he returned and went straight to the slums to meet the love of his life and right there he met his child for the first time. A little boy with hair as black as that of his parents and his eyes, his eyes were a mixture of light green like Lorenzo and light blue like his mother's. He was very handsome.

Lorenzo at that instant named him–"

My voice caught up in my throat as I froze.

"What?" Leandro asked, "Named him what??"

I looked up at him, goosebumps taking over my skin.

"L– Leandro."

"Yes? What is it?"

"No, that's the name. They named him Leandro." I said, shock taking over me.

Leandro froze and stared at me for long minutes.

"Excuse me?"

Not knowing what to say, I flipped to the next page and found a folded piece of hard paper. I took it and unfolded it to discover a photograph of a baby boy with greyish hazel eyes.

With shaky hands, I handed it to Leandro.

"Is this you?" I murmured.

He took the photograph and his expression changed. He froze and I saw him swallow.

"Is it you on that?"

Leandro nodded, staring at the pic.

"You're Lorenzo's son?!"

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