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Romance / Action

(II) Chapter 29 (Discoveries)

We searched Lorenzo's office from top to bottom. We found documents with information on past missions and the most important ones, old books and some guns. We found no single picture of himself.

"It's odd we haven't found a single picture of Lorenzo." I stated.

"Very." Anthonio replied.

"Maybe it's better we don't even try to know what he looked like." I started, "Remember that Giuseppe you spoke of said in order to preserve your life, it was better you didn't even know his name." I ended, looking at Leandro.

"True. But fuck that. I'm gonna find what I have to even if it takes my life and even if I don't know what I'm looking for." Leandro replied and went on with his searching.

I turned to Anthonio who simply shrugged and continued to search too. I gave up and went on with the searching myself.

I fell on a document which contained information on the Mafia's past missions. I noticed something that surprised me a little.

"Guys have any of you read one of these documents containing information on the past missions?" I asked.

"No." they both replied.

"What's wrong with them?" Anthonio asked.

"Well, most of the missions have to do with what the Mafia in general does. That is, trading arms in the black market, selling of drugs and other illegal goods, getting rid of potential enemies that attack them or get in their way and so on."

"Yes. So?" Leandro asked

"In these documents I see no past mission involving terrorism, careless killing and theft of costly jewelry as well as historical treasures."

There was silence as both stared at me.

"I'm serious. What I've read so far from the oldest of missions, none of what I've mentioned were included. Why not?" I asked.

Leandro looked at Anthonio who then turned to me.

"Well, because the new boss here changed the rules. We work according to the rules. You should probably drop that." was Anthonio's reply.

I frowned a little.

"So, if he asks you to kill me you will because he's the boss and you abide by the rules." I asked slowly.

"You know I won't kill you."

"I see. If he asks you to kill an entire family of innocent people

because of his selfish motives, you will?" I asked.

Anthonio frowned slightly.

"I don't want an argument right now. Just end it." he said, annoyed.

"So you would." I said in disbelief.

Anthonio gave me an ugly stare that made me flinch. Then exasperated, he rolled his eyes and walked to a different corner of the office, ignoring me and continuing to search the shelves.

I turned to Leandro who'd been staring at me.

"This isn't the time for any quarrel, princess." he muttered.

"Did you see the look he gave me?" I asked, annoyed.

"Just let it go." Leandro replied.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying not to lose it and let my anger take over. It worked and I opened my eyes before going to my own corner and searching.

As I searched the cupboards, I couldn't help it but feel irritated, especially with that lump in my throat. I hated the fact that some part of both Anthonio and Leandro remained loyal to that monster. I hated it. As long as that monster was around, they remained assassins. Murderers. And it hurt me terribly.

As we walked about the room, Leandro stopped in front of the biggest bookshelf at the back of the huge room. He stretched his hand out to take one of the books but immediately he pulled it, a huge painting hanging on the wall close by, moved aside like some kind of electric door.

We all watched in shock, surprise and wonder as it exposed some sort of passage. A tunnel.

"What the hell just happened??" Leandro asked slowly.

We stood there speechless, staring at the passage.

"A secret passageway?" Anthonio said, going towards the opening.


"Let's go in there and see." Leandro proposed.

"Thought the same."

Anthonio went forward and entered the passage. I watched in confusion.

"You coming?" Leandro asked. I turned to him.

"Uh, yeah."

"After you then."

With my heartbeat faster than usual and fear gripping part of me, I went towards the opening and Leandro helped me in before closely following behind.

I didn't understand a single thing that was going on! What were all these mysteries? Now we'd found a secret passage that led to I didn't know where. I hoped all these discoveries would lead to something good and not death. I just prayed so.

We crawled through the tunnel until I saw Anthonio get down on what seemed like solid ground. We'd reached the end of the tunnel.

He helped me down but I was still too annoyed to thank him. It didn't seem to bother him though. Leandro joined us.

We were now in a different part of the house. Some secret room. It was empty. Nothing in it apart from cupboards which all had locks on them. We couldn't just start opening them could we?

"Look." Anthonio went to the wall where a single but very little key hung.

"I don't think this key can open any of these locks. It's way too small ." I stated

"It can't cause it's not for any of these locks." Anthonio said.

"Yeah. Seems it's for that mysterious damned diary like book we have from the start." Leandro added.

"It is. I think that particular book has all the answers to our questions. It's in my room. Let's go."

Carefully, we left that place and crawled back to the office. Our next mission was to open that book and see all the secrets it contained.

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