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Romance / Action

Chapter 10 (Gone)

I sat waiting, trying not to cry again though there was a heavy lump in my throat. I had to escape. But how and to where? I needed money for that.

Fifteen minutes later, Anthonio came out of the bathroom all dressed. I was surprised to see that he’d sprayed his hair and brows blonde. He looked different! He wore a fitting black T-shirt, a black pair of jeans and some sneakers. Honestly, he was so attractive.

“I believe you’re into pro make up?” his voice snapped me out of my thoughts.


“You heard me.”

“Um it depends. What do you want?”

He touched the back of his neck. He wanted me to hide it. The tattoo.

“Oh. Uh, give me the make up set please.”

He picked the set up and gave it to me, before sitting down on one of the chairs. I went up to him and applied my skills. By the time I was done, the tattoo was literally invisible. Perfectly hidden.

“A...avoid sweating or else it might melt off.” I stammered.

“I won’t.” he took a mirror and checked his tattoo. “Perfect.”

He got up to go get his bag. Not like I expected a thank you.


I watched him take out a pair of glasses and wear them in order to complete his camouflage. He looked like a normal guy who wasn’t Anthonio Caruso. He’d covered his remarkable eye color with brown eye contacts. When he was done, he turned to me.

“If you’re asked who I am to you, what would you say?” he asked in his dry tone.

“Uh...my brother?”

“Don’t be dumb. Do we look related?”

“Don’t be rude. It’s not my fault if your presence confuses me.” I scoffed.

“Fine. Say I’m your friend.”

“I don’t think so...” I murmured, hoping he didn’t hear me.

“I heard that. Keep trying me.”

I gulped at his reply which was clearly a deadly warning.

“Get the little stuff you have. The flight will be leaving soon.” he added.

“W...where are we going?” I risked a question.



“Is this how stupid people are??”

I thought to myself. The highly secured airport couldn’t detect the fake IDs and passports, Anthonio and I gave. They didn’t even bother to perfectly verify things. I was now to be called ‘Anissa Lourdes’ and Anthonio ‘Jerome Herons.’ Those were the fake names we had.

The checking was quickly and easily done. I soon found myself boarding a plane and seating close to a terrorist.

In a few minutes, we’d taken off. It was unbelievable!

There I was, running away from my own country like the terrorist by me. I looked at Philadelphia beneath me and realised it wasn’t a dream.

A tear rolled down my cheek as we flew over New York. It was all reality. I would probably never see my parents again. Or my friends.

“What?” I whispered and Anthonio turned to me.

“Excuse me?”

“What will become of me? Tell me.” I begged.

“I don’t know what the boss usually does with his girls but you’ll discover.”

“W...what?? Y...you’re kidding right??” I asked, my body trembling.

“I never kid.”

I felt my blood run cold. I had to find a way to steal some money and escape on my own to wheresoever.

“You’ll die. You’ll be arrested and killed!” I blurted out but in a low voice. He didn’t even look at me!

During the flight, there was no conversation between us. He was busy on his laptop. We’d been flying for three hours already. I was bored and worried to death.

I decided to look around but noticed that everyone was asleep apart from Anthonio and I. Shrugging, I reached out for the orange juice which had been served by a flight attendant to everyone.

But as I touched the glass, Anthonio grabbed my wrist.

“Don’t drink that.”

“Why??” I asked, annoyed.

“It’s mixed with sleeping powder.”

I stared at him in surprise and shock. Then looking around once more, I noticed some flight attendants too had fallen asleep. Everyone had!

“Oh my gosh! Is this your fault??” I panicked but he didn’t answer “...please tell me the pilot isn’t asleep.”

“Once again, don’t be stupid. He isn’t.”

Suddenly, the male attendant who’d shared the orange juice approached us. He was Asian.

“Good job Chung. Go make sure the pilots don’t leave their cabins.” Anthonio told the Asian.

“Alright.” Chung replied and walked away.

I stared like a dumbass, unable to understand what the hell was happening!

“Why did you do that??” I asked.

“Stand up.”



He stood up and abruptly grabbed my arm, forcing me to stand. He pulled me along as he walked past the sleeping people. They slept like they were dead!

Anthonio went straight to the first class where the rich people were found. They too were all asleep as well as the attendants.

“Take these.” he handed a pair of gloves to me and I looked at him, confused.

“Put them on.”


“Don’t make me lose my temper. Do what I say!”

I shook and did as I was told. He did same, putting on a pair of gloves.

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