Soul Mate

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


"Why are you so "I have notice a few things and well you cower at my touch. Tell me Anna, do I frightened you?" Have I in someway? I wondered. "No, uncle," she stepped closer to me pressing her palm on my chest proving that she is not the least bit frightened. "You don't scare me one bit." Her lips were smiling but her eyes had told me a different story. "The prove it." I was now leaning as she had licked her own lips. Fuck I want to taste those lips. "How." Her breath sent me shivers down my core. Further leaning in, I pulled her closer, my hand now firmly on her back as my lips made contact with hers. She hesitated at first, I could feel she was withdrawn but that didn't stop me from taking what I wanted. Kissing her made me forget. I know I shouldn't but I wanted to forget what I had lost. Is it wrong of me to think like that? But this kiss felt so right. Why? She felt perfect beneath me. At that moment I wanted more, I wanted everything she would give me. I wanted her. "What the fuck is going on here." The lights instantly turned on revealing a very pissed of Megan. "Megan I can explain." "How, when I just witness you kissing the one who had killed our child."

Chapter 1

Anna (POV)

I can’t believe it. Damn bastard. That’s like the fourth women this week.

Having seen his black 2018 Lexus car located just inside the building I knew I had to stop by and pay a visit. Now I am not into cars but who could miss that beautiful strong machine.

“Excuse me miss but you can not come into here with that attire. We have a dress code.” Looking at myself I was in a white plane tang top with my denim faded jacket, ripped jeans and shoes that could tell you stories where I have been.

Not my best entrance considering I just strolled into this fancy establishment. Looking around, everyone was enjoying their lunch in fine clothing, some in suits and dresses. Their food portions were so small that if it were me I would have ordered everything on the menu.

Rich people; while there are thousands who are suffering from hunger, they spend their money on clothes, other materialistic things and tiny portions of food that could go up to the hundreds which can feed children around the world. These bunch are very wasteful if you ask me.

The hostess eyed me up and down wanting to escort me back out. Ignoring her, my attention was drawn to the man in a business suit having lunch with a brunette who seemed to be laughing on what ever he was saying.

“Miss...” The hostess lightly touch my shoulders. Without glancing at her I shook her off and made my way to their table, his table. What the hell was he doing? I watched him grace his fingers over hers. Can you say yuck? He is an old man for goodness sake.

Finally reaching their table I cleared my throat to gain their attentions. Both turned there head towards me. “May we help you?” The brunette batted her fake eyelash extensions at me.

While her date, the old man gawked at me with a wide eye expression pleading for me to not make a scene. Do I listen? Ha! When pigs fly.

Picking up a glass of their water I poured it over her head.

“What the hell?” The woman jumped from her seat and so did the old man. He was tall. I thought I would just break my neck looking up at his 6 feet 4 inches figure height. I almost shriveled back just looking at him, key word almost.

Slapping him in the process while standing on my toes I faked cried while I saw his head whipped so fast I thought his head would’ve fallen off, “How dare you, wasn’t this morning enough? You left me alone in our bed to be with her?” I covered my hands with my face attempting a sniffle.

“Aidan what the hell is going on?” The woman whose name I don’t know huffed.

“No wait, Bianca this isn’t what it looks like.” So Bianca it is.

Bianca turned to me, “Look little girl but what ever you had with Aidan is now over because he is with me.”

Little girl? Who is she calling little? Looking at the woman then back to the old man I huffed, “And what about our 8 kids. Have you ever thought of them.” I held back at smirk when I face the angry looking woman, “If you’re going to be in his life then I suggest you be prepared to change dirty diapers.”

Her expression took a turn as she turned to Aidan, “8 kids!” Her jaw dropped like a fish gasping for air. “Sorry Aidan but I don’t do kids.” Throwing her napkin on the side she walked out with her head held high.

I hadn’t realize we had caused a scene. Oh well. Taking a seat in what was once her chair, “Aren’t you going to take a seat?” I asked the old man.

He did as he was told. “In front of me was a plate full of salad, her salad. Really is this her main course meal? She was already skinny.
A waiter came up to us with a deathly glare, well mostly towards me, “Sorry but you can not eat here with that outfit.”

What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? Isn’t there some kind of discrimination law against that. Before I could reply the old man beat me to is, “She’s my date for today.”

Once he had said that the waiter only nodded and left but not before I ordered shrimp and rib eye steak, medium rare, with mash potato and gravy yum. I hated well done it’s too dry..,I like it juicy and tender. Just thinking about it, is making me drool.

The man cleared his throat, “I can’t believe you did that?” Funny how I just ruined his date but he wasn’t the least bit angry. In fact his voice held amusement.

“Look old man don’t you have a girl friend somewhere out there?” It should be true. Considering his age with his strong physic, tone abdomen, hard biceps and sharp jawline, his appearance screamed ‘Oh my!’

“Old man, who are you calling old kid? I am 26 years old. That is hardly old.”

“Ha, old enough to be my dad. Is that a gray hair I spot?” I couldn’t help myself.

“Ha! Don’t make me laugh besides If I was remotely close to being your dad how old would that make you? 5?” He joked.

Okay so he wasn’t that old but to me he will always be an old man.

Finally my food arrived, and I attacked it like I was going to war. The taste was awesome. It maybe awhile until I have this kind of food again so I had to savor the tastes till it will last me at least a month. I didn’t realize I had moan into every single bite.

Suddenly I heard a chuckle, he was laughing at me and kept on staring at me, “What?”

“Nothing, it’s just I have never seen a girl eat like that before. You also make it sound like it’s the best thing in the world.” I must admit I wasn’t appealing to look at. I had gravy on my shirt and my lips. Do I care nope. In fact the people around me looked at me in disgust. But in his eyes all I saw was a genuine smile from him.

“Sorry did I gross you out?”

“No, please continue eating. Don’t your parents ever take you out to eat?”
I shrugged my shoulders not wanting to answer.

When he noticed he continued, “It’s fine you can interrupt my date any time.” He winked showing off his dimples. I couldn’t help but smile.

“By the way shouldn’t you be in school little lady?” He pick up a napkin and started to wipe my mouth like you do a toddler. Sighing I continued to devour the piece of meat in front of me. I had skip one period. I was going back until I saw his car and I couldn’t help myself.
Besides I skipped lunch and was indeed hungry. Guess cutting class has its perks.

“Class is finished.” I semi-lied.

“What about your parents? Does your parents know you have ruined yet another good date of mine.”

It’s funny, he should be angry or furious at me but instead he seems to be enjoying it.

“No, and I’d like to keep it that way uncle.”

“Please I am no uncle of yours, I have a name kid and its Aidan.”

“It’s not kid, its Anna.” I throw back the same remark towards him.

“If you’re still in school your a kid.”

“I’m 16 years old that would make me a young teen.” I gave him one of my award winning smiles.

“And I am not old more like a young adult.” He countered back.

“To me you will always be an old man. You are 10 years older than me, so when I am 26 years old you’ll be 36 half way to 50.” I chuckled at the thought. It was a nice thought, he probably will look even more handsome with a rugged look.

“Hey kid.” I hadn’t realized I was zoning out again.


“What were you thinking, you had that dreamy look in your eyes and it looked like you were about to eat me.” I couldn’t help but blush, and he was of course laughing his ass off.

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