My Luna

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


"TY." He spoke my name coldly, "What are you doing here?" Is this some sort of joke. He asks me what I'm doing here? I thought since we never seen each other for a month he would be glad to see me, instead I find him lip locking with another she-wolf. "What the hell is this?" I growled. "What is what?" He asked confused. "Don't play stupid Hunter, this. You are kissing Rachel in front of me, your mate." Hunter chuckled, "My mate? You must be mistaken but Rachel is my mate."

Chapter 1

Hunter (POV)

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday. A celebration for an alpha to take place and also to find my mate. The one person who is destined to be mine. I just hope it is Rachel. My long time two year girlfriend.

I must admit she can get clingy at times and her jealousy is out there but the sex is awesome.

“Yo Hunter.” As if breaking me out of my thoughts my good friend TY slapped me on the back just after I had closed my locker.

“Yo, what’s up man.” We did that man bro hug thing that usually guys does. TY, we have not known each other for long but when he had moved here 3 years ago we sort of click.

Looking at him, you can hardly tell he was a guy. Hell I thought he was a chick. However TY had convince me otherwise when he could chug down a whole barrel of liquor and still sing his ABC’s.

“Excited for tomorrow?”

“Hell yeah I can’t wait till I find the one.” TY looked at me confused, “The one?”

Shit I forgot, TY is human and I’m a wolf. That’s right you heard me. In fact there are others just like me. I on the other hand will soon be Alpha of Crimson Blood. My father will soon be stepping down while I will take the reigns once I find my mate. And hopefully it will be at my celebration.

“I mean I was thinking of proposing to Rachel.” TY shook his head.

“Dude, why are you still with her? I mean aren’t you tired of the same old pussy. I mean think about it, for the next fifty years you will be seeing the same old hairy skanky kitty....”

“Okay enough.” I cringed at the thought of having the same pussy over again. My buddy here has got a point but Rachel and I, we’ve been at it since forever. I have loved her since kindergarten. “I don’t tell you about the woman you use to date.” If you think I was worse, TY was worse than me. Talk about man-whore. He goes through woman like yesterday’s trash.

“Hey I can’t help it if the woman fall at my feet.”

TY may not look like it, I mean he is scrawny or half the time he sounds like a girl with his high pitch voice, and his features are more feminine and is always hiding under his hat but he knows how a girl thinks. In fact he is more in tune to their sensitivity side, I think that is why the girls always falls for his charms.
From time to time I always wondered about his sexuality; always running from confrontation. As I recall he always had said he’s a lover not a fighter and he didn’t want to ruin his good looks.

“Seeing you told me I couldn’t spend your birthday with you tomorrow, how bout after school?”


Just then the bell rang. “See you later.” I high five TY before heading to my English class.

Finding my seat I ignored all the girls stare in the room.

“Hey baby.” I looked up to see my sweet angel take a seat next to me. She pecked me on the cheek. “Tomorrow is your 18th birthday, and I am sure that I will be your mate.” She purred into my ears. “After that, we can have our own celebration.” I smiled at her while my leg twitch underneath the table. I was starting to get a boner when the teacher started class.

I kept on glancing at the clock and finally when the bell rang, picking up my books and Rachel’s I grabbed her hand and rushed her to the nearest janitor’s closet and immediately crashing my lips on to hers.

She moaned and I grunted.

We only had 5 minutes to do our thing before the next bell rang.

Fuck I just had to take her. After our small quicky, we jumped out of the closet only to have a run in with TY.

“Had fun?” He smirked. I don’t know why but I felt embarrassed and guilty at the same time. “See you in class Hunter...” he glanced at Rachel well more like snarled. I get that TY hated Rachel and vice versa but couldn’t they get along just for me.

“Hunter.” Rachel rubbed my arm, “How bout we do something sort of a pre-celebration after school.”

Just then TY cleared his throat.

“Sorry babe but TY and I have plans after school.”

“Awe but,” she leaned in closer, her breast rubbing on my chest, “You and me and a lot of blow....”

Before she could finished, I spoke, “TY we could celebrated on another day....”

TY rolled his eyes before I could finish, “Whatever.” He walked off angry.

“Oh, don’t worry bout it, he’ll get over it.” I get the feeling Rachel is loving TY’s reaction.

And she’s right after all. This is what guys do right, we get mad for a split second and we forget the next day.

The maids were preparing for the party. Everyone was coming, the neighboring pack too. When a wolf turns 18 and takes on the alpha position, it’s sort of a big deal.

While I was putting on my suit, my thoughts wondered to TY. I know he was upset but I haven’t seen him since. I have been trying to call him, and text him, not once has he replied. And he didn’t even wish me a happy birthday. Was he that upset?

I mean it’s bound to happen, plans change after all. Fuck he got to stop acting like a girl and man up.

Everyone was now seated. Rachel at my side. My father and mother making their speeches and asked me to come up on stage. Finally my father hands me the title and I let my wolf take control as my eyes turned pitch black.

He was searching for his mate. Usually when one has a mate a scent is formed something that is appealing to me and sparks will fly more when you touch each other.

My eyes landed on Rachel and was sadden for she did not give off sparks nor that sweet scent. But her expression turned joyful as she jumped up and down running towards me, “I can’t believe I’m your mate.”

I was shock. She had mistaken my looks towards her of somewhat important. When she hugged me there was no sparks or alluring scent. In fact when I heard her voice it annoyed me. Something that was never done before.

I just held her back and gave off a sad smile.

Everyone clapped and cheered. Oh no. Well if my mate isn’t here and I haven’t found her soon I guess she could be my mate for the mean time.

The weekend came and go. It was a Sunday, where I woke up with Rachel besides me. Grabbing my cell I once again dialed TY. No answer.

This is ridiculous. He still can’t be mad at me.

“TY stop being a pussy and pick up the god damn phone.” I yelled in his voice mail causing Rachel to stir in her sleep.

Fuck this shit, If he wants to act like an ass I can be just much of an ass as well.

After my morning routine, I found myself driving towards TY’s house. Every time I’m there not once have I met his parents considering I have known him for 3 years. He always says they are busy so most of the time we would have parties at his house.

Knocking on his front door, no answer. “TY open the fucking door.” I yelled. I kept on yelling when the neighbors had finally told me to shut up.

If they weren’t human I’d tear them from limb to limb for disrespecting me. I was now an alpha so my wolf will not tolerate any disrespect.

When I find TY I would suggest he’d moved into my neighbor hood. What the hell am I thinking, he’s a human for Christ sake.

It was now night, and I have been wondering around aimlessly. I thought I would go to a club that TY often goes to.

And would you know it I am shit out of luck when he is no where to be found.

Come tomorrow I’d beat his ass for pulling the disappearing act on me.

I hadn’t realize I intentionally ignored Rachel’s calls. That’s a first. Usually when she calls me, I’d drop everything but now my thoughts and mind are on TY. For some odd reason I needed to find him.

My nerves were a wreck and I couldn’t keep still.

Walking to school, it was now Monday, and I was annoyed with everything. You think after I turned 18 I’d be more relaxed but no my annoyance only grew. And TY is responsible for that.

“Baby.” My head turned to that annoying voice, “Where were you yesterday? I called you but you didn’t answer.”

I unwillingly snaked my arms around her, “Sorry....” Just then a strong scent of cinnamon and vanilla caught my attention. I could feel my wolf Tray jumped. He was all rattled up when he shouted the word, “Mate.” Suddenly my eyes had turned pitch black. Tray was fighting for control wanting to meet our mate.

“Baby.” I heard Rachel called me but my thoughts were else where. Slowly I turned my head and there my mate waking towards me, no fucking way, TY?

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