His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 8:

Alexander POV

Dinner was held on the second floor in my hotel. I walked in with Allison in silence listening to her breathing. My hand pressed against her back leading her the way.

I opened the door where I had spotted Serena and My dad at the back already sipping wine.

I didn’t miss the cold glare Serena gave Allison and the weird looks my dad was giving her.

“Son, who made it, and Ms. Campbell.” Mike stood up. Serena sat next to me while Allison sat next to my father.

“Wine?” My dad asked.

I simply nodded, “Just water for me.” Allison spoke.

My dad gazed at her knowingly, “Sorry I have a big case tomorrow and I’d like to have a clear head.”

We all had ordered our food when my dad decided to speak up, “So son, should we set a date for this Summer?”

“Ooh, I love summer weddings, don’t you baby boo?”

I gulped watching Allison’s expression. Their conversation hasn’t phased her one bit. In fact she remained silent intent on listening. I had lightly tapped her on her foot hoping she would intervene, instead she sat there sipping her water looking oblivious.

“I don’t think we should be discussing this in front of our dinner guest?”

“I don’t think she would mind, do you Ms. Campbell?”

Allison just shrugged her shoulders.

“Son, we have to fill the paper works. If you want the company you need to have an heir which state’s in your grandfather’s will...”

At that moment Allison had coughed and spit out whatever water she was drinking, “Sorry I bit my tongue. Please don’t mind me.”

What the hell. I thought I had finally get a reaction from her. Soon our dinner came.

“So the sooner you two are married, the sooner you can make babies and you get the company.”

Serena’s hand was suddenly placed on my thigh to which I quickly removed it, “Sorry dad but I can’t marry some rich heiress you chose for me. This is the 21st century. No one does arrange marriages and....”

“You will do as your told or I will cut you out of your inheritance.” Mike threatened.

I could feel my blood boiled. “I have told you once old man I am in love....”

“If you bring up that orphan girl I will have her put in a meat locker.”

Allison had turned her head and for a minute I thought she would speak up instead she said, “Could you pass the salt please.”

Her niceness is getting on my nerves. Where’s the foul language I had adored. Maybe this isn’t her I thought.

“Who the hell is this orphan girl?” Serena finally speaks up.

“None of your business.” I spoke coldly to her. But my father just had to answer, “It’s this girl who Alexander here fell for. But it’s just a phase, she’s just another girl who can be easily replace.”

I knew I should’ve rejected his dinner invitation.

“Son, do not make me out the bad guy here.”

“What the fuck dad, this isn’t about you. I will not marry this bimbo.”

“Hey Xander....” Serena whined.

“And I told you never to call me Xander, as for you I do not want the company. Let’s see if it will do well without me.”

Mike smirked, “If you do not marry Serena here, believe me you do not want to know what I will do with that orphan girl now do you.” He had placed and arm around Allison before turning towards her, “Allison is it, what do you think I should do to such a poor pathetic girl?”

Oh fuck he knows...but how much does he know. I don’t think he knows about us being married though otherwise he would’ve already made her life a living hell.

Allison turned towards him, “Are you asking me Mr. Reid?”

Mike nodded.

“I’m a lawyer, if such a threat happened I’d have you thrown in jail, hanged, bury you and have a cat sit on your grave drinking milk.”

Mike looked taken back, “Does that answer your question Mr. Reid.”

I couldn’t fathom at to what Allison was playing it. I know she is my Ally but why does she continue to deny the fact that we have known each other all our lives.

“If you harm a single hair on her head I will...”

“What kill me son?” He removed his arm around Allison.


“Sorry Ms. Campbell your hair got caught in my watch.” I saw him smirked.

Mike started to play with the steak knife as if it was a toy swinging it around.

This man is crazy. I hope it’s not genetics.

I turned to Serena who’s gaze never left mine, “I wanna know who this orphan girl is and what does she have that I don’t”

“Apparently brains.” Everyone gasped at Allison’s answer, “What? It’s probably true.”

“Excuse me. You have no right to talk to me that way. I do not want to hear some trashy girl whose clothes are probably from the flea market speak to me in such a manner.”

“Serena!” I growled, “Watch your mouth. You do not insult her is that understood?”

“What the hell Xander, you’re defending some two bit lawyer.”

“Do not ever call me Xander and this lawyer got your brother out of prison time. Show some respect. And as for you father....” I turned my attention to Mike, “If you hurt her in any way you will have another issue to deal with.”

Standing up I looked back at Allison, “Get up, we’re leaving.”

“But I haven’t even finish my dinner...”

“Did you not hear me I said up.”

Allison stood up turned around and said, “Thanks for the invit....”

With out her finishing I grabbed her arm and dragged her out of there.

“What the hell Mr. Reid?”

Back outside while waiting for the valet to give our cars she decided to speak, “Did you not hear them, they were practically threatening and insulting us.”


“So...is that all you say?”

“Hey as long as they paid for dinner and don’t make do on their threats then that’s fine with me.”

“Who are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You are not my Allison.”

“You keep saying that. As I said before you must have me mistaken for someone else.”

I Stared deep into her eyes hoping for any sort of recognition to where I found none.

If she isn’t my Ally then where the hell is she?

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