His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 7:

Alexander POV

It’s been two months and seven days since I have been laid. Lately my best friend is my hand. To say I am sexually frustrated is an understatement.

My friend Bobby came to my home while Serena was out doing god knows what invited me to a club that opened up in town. At first I refused but when he had told me who would be there I had to go. It was Mr. Rick. I had cancelled meetings with him three times and he refused to meet with me after that saying I was an amateur when it comes to dealing with business. Then he had the nerve to compare me with my dad.

So I went to this club with a file in my hand where he had a private booth all to himself, for an old married man the woman surrounded him like moths to a flame. Must be the money that attracted them. Even when his wife is home with his two daughters he was out sucking face. I had to mask my disgusting expression.

He was drunk when I arrived non the less we had talk, he wasn’t angry at me or anything must be the liquor, but he was able to sign the papers I brought.

To say that was underhanded what I did, I didn’t care as long as I got what I want.

After signing the papers Bobby sent two red head towards my table. One sat next to me playing with the tiny hairs on the back of my neck while the other sat on my lap. They were flirting and throwing me seductive looks that I couldn’t pass up so what would a man have to do.

I never had a three way before. It’s a first time for everything.

So in the motel bed room as they were trying to get me off, I couldn’t get hard. Why? She popped into my head. It felt wrong, this felt wrong. It felt like I was betraying her. This never happened before even after I left but now that she’s back, my heart want what it wants.

“What the hell?” One of the red head spoke.

“Are you gay?” The other one asked.

They both were staring at me, “What the fuck?” I look at my limp...well knowing my body isn’t reacting to their sexual advances was it for me, “Get out.” I spoke harshly. There goes my pride to which I had to salvage.

I saw the two red head looked at each other and smirked.

Fuck I’m in trouble.

One of the red head got into her purse took a pill out, pop it in her mouth and before I knew her her lips attack mine forcing me to swallow. Not a second later my member was hard as a rock.

“What the hell was that? What did you do?”

“Shh relax...happy pill would do that for you.” One red head purred.

Happy pill, no way in hell was I just drugged.

Before I know it we were surrounded by numerous of condoms. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted it to, I know these two were dangerous so I pushed them off before I do anything else reckless and once the drug was starting to clear up a bit i zip my pants up and left the motel with a huge boner.

What ever the shit they where doing I was not into it. If word got out I was drugged my father would most definitely find away to give my stocks to my cousin and Serena would sue me for infidelity and Allison, my Allison, I can see her throw me in jail for adultery and milk me bone dry. We are not yet divorce and still fully married after all.

That was the last time I went clubbing with Bobby, I am not going to get my fix that way. (Say no to drugs, it makes you go crazy.) I could’ve seen my self probably giving up my company to some whore out on the street if I’m not careful.

I’m here in the board room with the board members and Allison drawing up some papers. She’s making sure that the contracts that I sign are legit and with no hidden agendas. She is also looking over Harrison’s case at the same time.

We have been working closely for a couple weeks now and I would like it if our relationship grew to just than lawyer and client but she’s my guess is playing hard to get I think.

Everyday it’s the same thing, she would come around lunch time, then that douche bag Charlie would come pick her up in a couple of hours and they’d leave together.

Seeing her only a few hours a day is not enough.

One day I had asked her to stay over time but she shook her head and replied she has a matter to attend to.

Is she fucking him after work? I gawked at her clicking the pen away. Does he touch her? My thoughts aren’t helping.

It was getting late and one by one the board members left leaving just Allison and I when Suddenly a knock was at the door before a man in his late fifties barged in, “Father, what are you doing here?”

“Just came to check on you son.” Sure, the only time he ever pays a visit to me is if Serena seen him the day before updating him on our current situation.

“If you have time let’s get dinner.”

Dinner with the old man. Don’t want to be in the same room with him, so I yanked Allison’s arm gently, “Sorry as you can see I have plans.”

Allison frowned when she felt the grip on her arm letting her know to play along, hopefully she get’s the hint, “Ah yes, dinner.”

My father turned to her, “And who is this lovely lady.” He paused before throwing one of his signature smile of his. If he didn’t look like an older version of me I would’ve stabbed myself in the eyes with a letter opener.

“She can come too.” Great just great.

After he left Allison spoke, “Dinner?”

“Yes and it seems your joining?”

“Sorry but I have something important to do after work.”

“You always say that. Can’t having sex with Charlie be put on hold.” Curse me inability to control what ever comes out of my mouth.

I saw her raise her arm about to slap me but I caught it.

“Sorry sweet heart but you may have caught me off guard once....”

“Mr. Reid are we back at this again?” She gritted her teeth.

Shit, I can’t go back to square one not that we moved any forward to being what we were once, “Just one dinner with the old man, it wouldn’t hurt?”

She sighed before walking away and picking up her phone to call Charlie letting him know and from what I could hear well I couldn’t hear much of anything.

“Ms. Campbell, What is he to you?” I asked after her phone call.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

In my office I lock the door to pry unwanted ears, “You know damn well. Does he touch you like this.” I backed her up against the wall caressing her cheeks, “Does he make you feel hot....” I buried my head in the crook of her neck licking and lightly sucking. I had felt her go still in my arms and slowly relaxing with a soft moan.

“Does he make your heart, beat,” her breathing had picked up when I placed my arm around her waist when I felt her hands on my shoulders, then before I knew it I was on the floor crouching.

She had kneed me in the family jewels, “Mother fucking hell.”

Allison gracefully walked to the door smiling, “I’ll see you at dinner Mr. Reid.” Like that she left.

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