His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 6:

Alexander POV

I watch Allison make her way to the exit, my eyes had followed her everywhere she was going.

“Baby boo isn’t it great, we won.”


“Are you even listening?”

I glanced at Jacob then Serena then back at Allison who was now leaving.

No, I will not let her leave so I chased after her leaving Serena and her brother to them selves. Did I care what they were thinking, nope. I didn’t hear foot steps behind me letting me know they were not following me, probably enjoying their victory, well Allison’s victory.

Before she had gotten into her car I grabbed her by the wrists making her turn her head towards me, her hair flipping to the side.

She stared at me in silence waiting for me to speak.

“Um...Ally,” I breath out, “Hi.” Hi? What the fuck. I haven’t seen her in two years and the first thing I say to her is hi. What about where have you been? Why’d you leave? Technically I left first but she should’ve stayed put and waited for me like a good little girl.

I could see the confused expression on her face when she pulled back her arm and turned her back towards me.

“Wait, um...” Okay for a man of few words this is beyond few. I run a business managing hotels world wide. Men cower before me and here I am sweating my ass off unable to form simple sentences.

“Yes may I help you uh, Mr. Reid right?” She gazed at me with her eyes and spoken in a voice I dreamt of hearing all my life.

“Mr. Reid...well in the bedroom you called me a tons of things but Mr. Reid is the least you’d ever call me.” My head whipped so fast I think I may have whip lash. She had slapped me.

Her eyes burned in rage, “You know sexual harassment is one of my expertise Mr. Reid. That pick up line may work on other woman but know who you are talking to. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a prior engagement.” I watch her got in her car and took off.

Who was she? This was not my Ally. Did she have an identical twin. No, that was her, I can bet my life on it. Oh Allison, what kind of game are you playing. Well let the games begin sweet heart.

The screen on my computer remains blank. I’m suppose to be checking emails, filling out contracts, going to meetings, instead my mind has been consumed by her.

Pressing the intercom, “Julie, set me up a meeting with Attorney Campbell for this afternoon at two.”

“Sir? You have a meeting with Mr. Rick.”

“Did you not hear me Julie, I want a meeting with Ms. Allison Campbell.”

“But sir, this meeting is essential and you have had reschedule twice, if you reschedule again you...”

“I don’t give a damn. You’re paid to do as your told so now do it!” I yelled.

“Yes sir, right away.”

“Oh and Julie I do not accept No for an answer.”

I picked up my phone and dialed me PA, “I found her.”

The clock on my wall read 1:56. Why is it when you are anxious the time seems to have stop.

Breaking out of my thoughts Serena popped in my office closing the door behind her.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’d figured you skip lunch so I bring bearing gifts.” She beamed up at me holding a bag full of food.

I stood up wanting to push her out the door, I had no time for this but she cornered me.

“Serena.” I felt her hand cupped my dick.

“Ooh someone is a little excited.”

It’s true I was getting hard but it wasn’t her who excited me. All day I thought about Allison and what to say and do to her, I couldn’t wait till I held her in my arms once again.

As I was deep in another thought, I didn’t realized my pants where unbuckled and there a blond between my legs sucking me off. I would be lying if I say it didn’t feel good but no way in hell I’d let her get what she wants. I even let out a small groan.

But fuck this can’t be happening, I grabbed her hair attempted to pull her off when my door slammed open.

There stood Allison red as a beet, “I’m sorry when you wanted a meeting with me for a very important matter,” she paused, “I’ll wait outside when your finished.” Just as fast as she came, she left.

“Well that was awkward. Now where was I.”

Yanking her hair I pulled my pants up.

“What the hell Alexander?”

“I told you I don’t have time for this.”

“Oh come on Alexander, your a man with needs besides we have been engage for almost two years now and not once have you taken me to your bed room, I have heard the rumors, your flings and if I wasn’t so understanding I would’ve been so crossed with you however once we’re married I will tame you in every way a woman should please a man...” her fingers trailed down my chest.

I turned my head to the direction Allison had stood, Serena noticing this.

“Oh, don’t tell me your into that skanky brunet.

Skanky? Allison. “Don’t speak of her like that, she is...” I had stop before I said anything else.

“Alexander,” She pulled my tie “You are mine. I don’t care how many woman you bring home but once we both say I do I will be the only woman you will ever get down on his knees.”

“Oh sweet heart you and I both know this arrange marriage will not last. Once I find my grandfather’s will you will be out on the streets before you can say I do.”

“Look here Xander, I have tolerated two years of your attitude but no more, either you marry me or I will talk to daddy dearest of giving me half your stocks oh and I want a child, your child.”

She was testing my patience. Like I would stick my dick anywhere near her, I probably would end up contracting some kind of human flesh disease.

“Get out and its Alexander to you.”

“What, didn’t you hear what she said, we can finish first then....” She said seductively clicking her tongue as if what we spoke hadn’t mattered at all.

“No, no way in hell.”

“But baby boo....”

“Fuck....I don’t have time for this shit, out.”

Serena stomped her feet before heading out.

Quickly I fixed my tie and hair to watch Serena pout all the way to the elevator.

“Julie, why didn’t you stop Ms. Campbell?”

“Sir, it was hard for me to get an appointment and telling her she had to wait she....”

“Never mind, where is she?”

Julie pointed to the conference room.

Sitting across from her I offered her a glass of water to which she refused.

“So tell me Mr. Reid, why have you called me so urgently aside from that show I just witness I take it your meeting with her is over.”


“Me, Jealous and why should I be? You may be hot and all...”

“You think I’m hot?” I smirked.

“Hot is an understatement but really Mr. Reid, why am I here?”

Fuck, Mr. Reid again.

“Oh, cut the crap Ally what game are you playing.” I was getting annoyed. She was talking to me like I was just another face in the crowd.

What annoyed me more was the shock expression on her face.

“Excuse me.”

“Two fucking years Ally, you disappeared for two whole fucking years, where the hell where you, I searched for you....”

“I’m sorry Mr. Reid but I think you have me mistaken for someone else.”

Looking into her eyes she was either a good liar, a good actress or she really didn’t know.

She stood up but I gently grabbed her hand. The ring finger bared no wedding ring not even a mark, “What happened Allison?” This is not how I wanted the conversation to go. It was suppose to be a ‘how have you been, you look good and I want you to have my babies.’ Wait babies did I want that. Hell yes. A beautiful baby girl to look like her beautiful mom.

Just when she was about to speak a man entered. The same man from the court house that Allison spoke to during the ten minute break. He was average eye with curly brown hair and he seem to have been best dress during his school year.

“Baby, you ready to go?”

Baby? Whose Baby? Allison and this fucker, oh hell no.

Before the guy could grab let alone touch her I pulled her away pushing and pinning the guy up the wall in a head lock.

“Mr. Reid, let him go.”

“Who the fuck is he Ally and why is he calling you baby?”

“Okay I had it enough with this Ally stuff but if you do not release him I will take you to court for assault.”

Her nose flared meaning she meant it so I released him while he gasped for air.

“Charlie are you okay.” Allison ran next to him helping him up.

As much as I want to ripped the arm that held her I controlled it, “Now explain yourself.”

“Sorry Mr. Reid but what business is it of you? Now if you don’t mind you have wasted an hour of my time,”

“Wait,” I stopped her before she could leave, “Actually I needed a lawyer to handle some of my business transaction and disputes.” Okay so total lie. I wasn’t going to let her do those, I already had a lawyer but if it would make her stay then so be it.

She cocked her eyebrows. “Sorry but I’m a busy woman with pending cases I must attend to and getting your shit in order is at the bottom of my to do list.

Ouch if words could hurt then I’d be lying in a ditch somewhere. Time to turn the tables, I know how to work her, “You’re probably right. ” I picked up one of my files that was on the table and laid it in front of me.

“What is that?”

“Oh this, It’s the Harrison account. It seems he wants me to invest in his company.”

I could almost see the wheels in her brain turning. Yes I had my PA investigate her and Mr. Harrison was one of the case she was working on. I knew she couldn’t pass up a deal without me even to say it.

“Baby we have to go, he’s almost finished?”

He? I glared at the man trying to take Allison away but she waved him off.

“Fine but I can see you are a man with needs...” She emphasized the word needs, “I am a professional Mr. Reid and I will take you to court for sexual harassment ...”

“You are off limits, got it.” I winked at her.

I saw the disbelief in her eyes, “Look man I’m sorry I’m just having a bad day and I took it out on you, you okay.” Another lie. If I wanted to get into Allison’s life I had to play good. For some odd reason she refuses however to acknowledge me but I will change it.

“It’s all good man. Names Charlie Putton, Allison’s fiance.”

Oh, hell no!

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