His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 5:

Alexander POV

I look at the time. It’s been an hour since Jacob’s hearing has started. Allison remain quiet; she seems to be deep in thought or she’s either taking mental notes.

All I can think about is when all this is done I need to speak with her, I want to find out where she has been all this time. I still can’t believe she’s within arms reach. How I long to run my hands in her hair, caress those checks, embrace her warmth, smell her scent and be buried deep within her. ’Just a matter of time till I get to hold her in my arms and this time I won’t let her go. I will have everything I want.

Breaking out of my thoughts, I could sense Allison eyebrows crease together, which only happens when she’s deep in thought.

One witness sits in the witness box while the prosecutor questions him.

Ever so often I could practically hear a chuckle from her but not a single word she has spoken.

Jacob fidgets in his chair. The witnesses looks terrified, some nervous, some anxious to get out of here.

“Council?” The judge calls out.

Allison stands up and begins to question the witness. So far it doesn’t look good for Jacob for the prosecutor keeps shutting down every questions she throws at.

I can see her annoyed expression. The same expression she had used many times on me when I mostly likely annoy her.

My smile crept on my face. I must look like a fool smiling to myself.

“Can we have a 10 min break your honor?”

The judge pounds his gavel, “We’ll resume in 10 minutes.”

You can hear the commotion.

“Attorney...” Jacob starts. “This doesn’t look good...” Allison remains silent not once looking up but rather reading a piece of paper she holds in her hands.

“Look Attorney, I heard you were the best, now do your job and get my brother out of this mess.”

Allison looked at Serena and glared at her.

“Attorney do we....” Allison held up her hands as if to shut them both up.

“Look I don’t think you know who you’re talking to, but if you’d like me to walk...you do have a choice. I do not have to be here.”

“No no no, my sister was only kidding.”

“Good now please both of you shut up, while I think in the mean while why don’t you get yourself a glass of water.”

Serena mumbled, “Bitch.”

It was suppose to be a whisper but it was loud enough for us to hear, usually Allison would have made a comment but either she didn’t hear or she simple ignored her. Wow this is a new development on her side, what else has change about her, I can’t wait to find out.

Allison texted someone, after seconds later a young looking man entered where Allison got up and took something from him and whispered into his ears.

‘Who the hell was he?’

The prosecutor then walks up to Jacob and Allison, “If I were you I wouldv’e taken the plea bargain.” He smirk, “It doesn’t look good for either of you especially You Miss. Campbell.”

‘Miss Campbell. No it’s Mrs. Reid. We are not yet divorce.’

“Attorney maybe we should consider...” Jacob whimpers.

“Shut up Mr. Burt. ” She whips her head towards the prosecutor, ” You listen here, I’d rather die then admit defeat so if I were you I’d sit your ass back down like a good dog and beg....” She smirked while the prosecutor went back to his seat, “You’re funeral.” He laughs.

And there she is, that mouth god I miss it.

“Ha, prosecutors howI loath them, never looking at all the facts.”

10 minutes later we have resumed the court hearing.

“Council your witness.”

Allison stood up, “I’d like to call Doctor George Hirata to the stand.”

An man in his late 40′s took his seat and was sworn in.

Allison began questioning him and holding up the piece of paper he was reading, “Is this your signature?” She held the paper in front of him and the judge to which the Doctor replied a yes.

“Your honor,” She began, “An autopsy was done on the deceased Mrs. Maria Santos age 38. “It state’s here that Mrs. Maria Santos has been poisoned.” She gave the record to the judge who clearly scanned it.

“Their were traces of cocaine found in her blood stream giving her a mild heart attack. That report also says that the said deceased has a heart condition. Given the circumstances it does not look like she was suffocated to death in her sleep, in fact it was quite the opposite...”

Allison walks back and forth. “We had a search warrant, search her home and found that she was in fact clean.” She looked at the good Doctor to only see how nervous he became.

“We took some of her pills she used during pregnancy and was able to detox her vitamin pills and found that it was mixed with cocaine.”

You could hear the room gasps including the prosecutor.

She held up the pills that was kept in a zip lock bag, “Exhibit A. She place the pills in front of the judge, but not before showing it to the Doctor.”

She smirked, and slammed her hands on the witness stand.

The prosecutor stood up, “You’re honor those evident’s are irrelevant and cannot be use with out an indictment from the DA.”

“Council? You cannot just accused the witness without any concrete solid proof.”

“Well prosecutor if you have read the list of evidence provided you would see that It has been listed down....and I do have proof your honor.” Allison turned to the Doctor, “Tell me Doctor what is your relationship to the patient?”

Allison gave out one of her winning smiles, something she has always done when she feels triumph.

“She was just a patient.” He gulped.

“Are you sure? ” She holds up more papers for the judge to look at, “Here I have receipts your honor, sales receipts and bank receipts. Receipts from the Doctor’s account buying jewelry, fine dinning towards Mrs. Maria Santos....” She was on a roll never once taking deep breaths. “The two had a secret affair to which Maria Santos was pregnant with his baby and when she confront you,” she pointed to the doctor.

“Hold on....”

But Allison continued her attack, “You panic, considering your own marriage would then be in jeopardy.”

“But it wouldn’t have killed her right away.” The prosecutor interrupted wanting to know where she was going with this.

“Ah but here’s the thing, I pulled up the cctv and it shown here that the good Doctor is also a good actor, letting Ms. Maria Santos believe that he was going to take care of her little by little he had poisoned her. Isn’t that right Doctor George.”

“Wait a minute...”

“You couldn’t stand the fact that she was pregnant with your child....” Her voice getting louder.

“No that’s...”

“So you took matters into your own hands....”

“Objection your honor, she’s badgering the witness.” The prosecutor shouts.

“It’s her witness.”

“Ba...ba...but....” The doctor words stuttered.

“So you had to do the unthinkable....” She continues, “you...

“It was suppose to be the baby....” And bam, she got a confession. I have to admit I was a bit worried in the beginning but she was great.

Everyone gasped even his wife and the deceased husband who was sitting at the back.

“It just so happens that Mr. Jacob Burt was in the wrong place at the wrong time. No questions your honor.”

The judge hit the gavel, “In light of recent events, Doctor George Hirata would be hold until further notice, court dismiss.”

Jacob jumped from his seat and hugged her.

I growled and pulled him away from Allison causing Allison to stumble but pushing Jacob away I held her by her waist and just stared at her eyes, those eyes I miss. I was lost in them that I hadn’t heard Serena calling out my name.

“Excuse me, get your hands off of my fiancé.”

Allison turned her head, “Fiaanće you say?” She stretched out the word longer.

For a minute I thought I saw loneliness in her eyes but it was quickly replaced with a smile. She turned towards me who was still in my arms, “Excuse me.”

I was dazed, I could stare at her all day.

I felt her arms push against my chest, “Excuse me sir you can let me go now.”

In a flash I dropped my arms to the side, “Sir?”

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