His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 4:

Alexander POV

“Babe.” I was woken up by the screech of her voice.

“Fuck.” I groaned. I look to my left and I see a pair of dark brown eyes gawking at me. I look to my right and I see a used condom lying on the floor. ‘Oh thank god that’s there. I’m surprise I was still able to use that.’

Sitting up naked in bed I head for the showers. ‘I can’t believe I did it again. Another bimbo.’

“Do you want company?” The brunette batted her eyelash at me.

“Get out!” My voice was low yet threatening.


“Did you not hear me or are you plain deaf.”

The brunette tried to sexily walk towards me shaking her jugs trying to coax me into another round. ‘What a whore’ She placed her manicure hands on my biceps to which I pulled back.

I snarled at her, picked up her clothes, yanked her and pushed her out my hotel room. Yes my hotel room in my hotel using the pent house suite in New York City.

I could hear her yell from the other side of the door before I tuned her out and walked into the shower.

’I can’t believe I did it again, I knew going to that bar with Bobby was a bad idea. Drinking was a bad idea, drunk sex is even worse.

As I let the warm water run down my muscles, I thought of how I ended up here, alone and without her.

I regret that day ever since I left her. I look at my ring finger where my wedding ring still resides. Can’t these girls see this ring. Granted its partially my fault but I was drunk, okay that’s no excuse, still these girls have no self respect. There always after the same thing, money, sex, or once in a while love which is rare even for me. I could see it in some of their eyes. Too bad for them my heart was stolen a long time ago and I want it back with her attached at the other end.

Three years, three whole years and no signs of where she could’ve gone. A couple months ago I had send my PA to check up on her. What I found out was not good. When my PA had told me she no longer lived in the house that we shared my head went through the roof To top it off, that house has been empty for months.

And what’s worse, the bank account I had opened up for her hasn’t been touch. And it get’s only much worse, she had dropped out of college. It’s like she never existed. Did I dream her up. No she was real all right. I could still feel her warmth when she wraps those arms around me and her beautiful eyes how it shines....

I don’t know where she is, or who she’s with. I’d give anything to hold her in my arms again.

Three years I have search. Her family...from what I know she has none. Her friends? I chuckled to myself at that thought. I was the only one who could put up with her unique personality. Again partially my fault for not knowing her fully, but that didn’t matter to me, all the matters was her.

Now here I am in New York where I expanded my hotel business and set up my base as well.

Serena is here as well always trying to get me to set our date for our wedding. Yes, she thinks we are getting married still but what she failed to realized, in fact what my family failed to realize is I am already married. I had to give her an engagement ring for show, a cheap one at that and she wanted to replace the ring I already wore on my ring finger but I refuse. I’m still surprise she didn’t ask any questions about my ring. She just thinks it is my engagement ring, ha jokes on her. And as for our wedding I am so good with making up excuses. I thought during these two years I could get to know her possibly love her but the more I hang out with her, the more I want to stab myself with a straw if that’s even possible.

My father has no clue that I had gotten married and I intend to keep it that way. But now he brings up my grandfathers will again, “A baby?” I have not seen that will yet for it is kept out of my reach but it states that in order for me to claim my inheritance as well as the company I must provide an heir.

I punch the tiles in my bathroom, letting the pain seep it. It’s what I deserved after all this shit that is happening.

I had asked my PA to find me a copy of that will, once I find it all I have to do is ask my attorney to find a loop hole. Once I find a way out and still get what’s mine, I will be claiming what is lost, my other half my wife. If only I can find her. Damn she always was good at playing hide and seek when we were younger.

After my long shower, I got dress and headed to lunch where I will see Serena and her sorry excuse of a brother.

It seems he got into trouble with the company he worked at and Serena begged me to help him out.

“Honey, over here.” I saw Serena waved to me. She had long blond locks, long lashes and thin ruby red lips. ‘My god I miss her, my baby, my Ally. Serena is in no comparison to her.’

I walked to her, with a solemn expression, hands in my pocket in my Armani suit.

“Waited long?” Serena linked her arms in mine and pulled me to our table where her brother awaits, “I’d wait for you for ever if I have to.” I mentally rolled my eyes.

“Hey bro.” He greeted.

“Jacob.” I gave a single nod.

After our food came, I ate in silence when at the same time trying to ignore the sound of her whiny voice. I don’t know why father thought she would make a good wife. She doesn’t know how to cook, well my Ally doesn’t know either but I don’t mind cooking for her, she spends money like water and her face is always drowned in makeup, she hates the sun and doesn’t like to lift a finger but she loves shopping to which she relies on her fathers credit card. ‘Spoiled brat’

“So bro, are you going to get me the best lawyer?” I see him fidget in his chair.

“Hmmm...Let me see, you slept with your bosses wife while she was pregnant and was found dead after the fact. But not before you slept with her sister and cousin? Did I leave anything out.”

“Uh....” He became speechless. What I said was true. Who sleeps with a pregnant woman which isn’t even yours.

“Please baby boo...” I winced at the pet nick name she always calls me...

I’m still amazed that a possible known murder is not in jail for supposedly killing his bosses wife, and have sexual martial affairs with two out of the three different women; well that’s what you get when you have friends in higher places who owes you a favor.

“This is going to be tough but my friend Bobby has a lawyer, one of the best in New York City. I heard he can even get a murderer out scott free.”

“My brother is no killer.”

I scoffed, “Guilty until proven innocent.” I saw Jacob trembling. “If this get’s worse you will be sentence to jail for 25 years probably for life.”

“Baby boo...stop your scaring him.” Jacob sobbed at my comment.

“What I’m just stating the facts. Maybe you will think twice before sticking your dick into a married person.”

Throughout dinner it was an awkward silence till Jacob manage to break it, “So when are we meeting this lawyer?”

“That’s the thing, Bobby gave all the information through email and all I know is he is probably going through it as we speak and will only meet you the time of court date.”

“What!” Both of them screamed. “What do you mean? Are you sure he is any good? Did you do a back ground check how bout....”

“Yes I did and you can too if you want. He goes by the name of big Al. No picture just his outstanding cases he has won and believe me I was impress. Out of 554 cases he only lost three.”

“He sounds like a dirty old geezer.” She paused, ” Well what if that unlucky one would be us next. How can he get my brother out?”

“If you don’t want to use Big Al then by all means use your own lawyers.” I sighed with a hint of irritation in my voice.

“No, no, no. Will use him?” Jacob shakes his head. “So When’s the court date?”

“Two weeks from now, so be prepared.”

It’s been two weeks and I am sitting patiently in the public area, Serena next to me, her brother sitting in the defendant side, on the other side sits the prosecutor, several witness sitting in their spots and next to Serena’s brother is where his lawyer should be sitting. However it’s empty.

“Where’s this Big lawyer you speak of?” Serena whispered. “He’ll be here, hopefully.” I mumbled the last part to myself.

I could sense Serena a bit nervous and worried. I would be too considering the hearing will start in a few minutes and our lawyer is no where to be seen.

“All rise, the Honorable Judge Griffon presiding.” Everyone stood watching the judge, an old bald man take a seat followed by everyone sitting.

The judge adjusted his glasses before taking a once looking at the defendant, “Where’s your council?”

Jacob stood up and nervously chuckled, “Ummm....”

It was silent in the court room, awaiting his answer when the door had opened causing . Everyone’s head turned, as I leaned over Jacob trying to get comfortable in my seat.

It was like in the movies when the hero waits for the last moment before he or she make’s their grand entry.

“Sorry I’m late your honor.”

A lady in a grey suit walked up, her heels clicking on the floor, shuffling papers around as she took a seat next to Jacob. I couldn’t quite see her face all I saw was her hair swaying for she had her back towards me, but she held a sense of familiarity.

“I thought you said it was a guy.” Serena shook me.

I paid no attention to her but the female attorney as she stood up...her long brown hair, the way she walked, even talk, it was soothing to my ears.

“Again sorry I am late your honor,”

“Take a seat council.”

The attorney turned towards Jacob glancing at him allowing me to glance at her face.

“Holy Shit!” My whole body froze, my eyes doubled in size and my mouth was in the shape of an o.

Everyone turned towards me including the face I least expected.

Shit did I say that a loud. Even the judged glared at me.

‘Ally, my Allison.’

She made eye contact before smiling at me.

‘Huh.’ She looked at me like she was looking at a stranger.

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