His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Bonus Chapter

Alexander POV (9 years old)

It’s summer here and I’m with my parents on business trip. We have been here for half a year now. During my stay I have met a few friends. They enjoyed coming over to my parents vacation home. The food that they partake and the entertainment they had. Every so often I would get complements on all the toys I get.

I was walking down the street by myself might I add, while my father had a conference this morning and my mother was at a spa, going to meet up with some friends as I was unusually late. As I was nearing our usually meeting spot I heard small talks.

“Where the heck is he?” A boy name Tom asked.

“I don’t know but I can’t wait till he get’s here, his maid makes some mean apple pie.” Another one spoke.

“He is so luck to be filthy rich.”

I can see I was their topic for today. “Do you think he is here to stay?”

“I don’t know but I for one can’t wait till he’s gone?”

Huh? Are they still talking about me.

“We don’t need a spoiled rich brat in our group. He’s just lucky he lets us play with his toys.”

Tears spilled from my eyes. I thought they were my friends. I hadn’t realize I let out a loud sob.

My so called friends turned towards me, “Oh Alexander, we’ve been waiting for you?” Tom spoke.

The other kid who goes by the name of Greg noticed my wallet I was carrying. Yes I was going to treat them at the amusement park today but considering their out look on me I change my mind.

“Cool you brought your cash. Well give it here?” Greg held out his hand.

I froze and hid my wallet behind my back.

“Come on we don’t got all day.”

I shook my head nervously, “You’re not my friends, you’re just using me.”

Greg who was much taller than me and bigger than me cracked his knuckles, “Well I guess we don’t have to pretend to be your friend any more. It was fun while it lasted now give us your wallet or do we beat it out of you.”

Gulping, I let my feet do the talking so I ran. I could hear their foot steps behind me as I gasps for air and run to where ever my legs take me.

I could hear them yelling in the back round.

Running some more I bumped into someone, “Owie..” I heard her tiny voice as I saw her ice cream on the ground. Looking up, she was rubbing her fore head which was now red, “Watch where you going you big doofus.”

“I...I...I’m sorry it’s just...”

“Well spit it out?”

I looked into her eyes and they were big and she is the most adorable little girl I seen with pig tails.

“There he is.” Tom and the others caught up to me.

Ignoring them I held out my hand for the little girl to take which she took,l help her up and dust her off, “I’m sorry bout your ice cream.”

“Oooh...look here is this your girl friend.” Chris teased.

My face became flush until the little girl opened her mouth, “Look here you fucking pig, I don’t care who the hell you are but my mommy always says if you can’t say something nice then don’t say nothing at all, now fuck off.” Then she did what a little girl aren’t suppose to do, she gave them the finger.

What is she and where did she get that mouth.

My so called friends laughed and began teasing. I was about to cry again when the little girl ran up to them kick them in the shins, bit and bite them in all sorts of places as well as pulling their hair.

“Ack get her off me.” Greg cried.

Soon I heard them scream running away yelling “She demon.”

The girl turned around in a huff, “Who were those bozos?”

“Uh...my friends.”

“Well some friends they are. Why do you let them talk you down? My daddy says a man is suppose to stand up for them selves.”

“But I’m not a man, I’m a boy.”

“I can see that.” She held out her hand, “Hi I’m Allison.”

Taking her hand and shaking it I said, “I’m Alexander. Are we friends now.” I had not once have one true friend. Like the kids before her, they all used me because of the power and wealth my parents held.

“Friends? Nope.”


“Well a friend don’t make me waste my ice cream.” She pouted.

Her pouts were cute. And everytime she moves those lips she shows her dimples. I bet if she smiles her dimple would be noticeable. I’d like to see that.

“How about I buy you ice cream.”

She beamed, “Okay friend.” Ah, there’s that dimple.

Grabbing my hand she led me to the ice cream store where she ordered chocolate ice cream and I had vanilla.

We sat at a near by bench enjoying each other’s company.

“So tell me friend, why were those kids after you?”

“You can call me Alexander.”

“Al...you know what it’s a long name, I’ll just call you Xander for short. Do you like it?” She smiled.

No one has ever given me a nick name before, “I love it.”

“Well tell me?“.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “They just want my money.”

“Money? Are you rich? Are you famous or something. Tell me what makes you so special.”

I liked her, I wanted her as a friend even if it’s just one friend, I will not make the same mistakes, “I like you...um why don’t we not ask about each other’s life is that okay with you and I wont ask about your life.”

She looked at me like she was contemplating on what to say next, “Okay.”

Well that was easy, “So do you normally talk like that?”

“Like what?”

“What you did back there? To the boys?”

“Ah...I thought you weren’t going to ask about each other.” She gleefully said.

“You’re right, can I ask how old you are at least?”


“For a seven year old your pretty smart.”

“And for an old kid you’re a weakling.”

Well I’ll give her points for her bluntness. No one has ever told me that before either. This little girl who seems care free is the one.

It was high noon and we found ourselves playing on the swings. Well it was just me pushing her which I didn’t mind as long as I can hear her giggles.

The sun was now setting as we had to go our separates ways. I felt relax when I’m around her.

“Can I see you again?” She looked at me with those big deep brown eyes.

“Today’s my last day here.”

“Oh,” she became downhearted “I see.”

“But I’ll come visit you every summer.”

“Really, at least tell me where home is.”


“How bout I visit you there. I can walk there.”

I laughed, “Baby girl, it’s too far for you to walk.”

“Baby girl...I’m not a baby.”

“To me you are a baby girl.” I flipped her pig tails.

“Hmph...” I watch her cross her arms.

“Don’t be angry, you gave me a nick name so I’m giving you one as well.”

Her frown turned into a smile, “Okay, um I don’t have something for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well usually when someone goes away they get presents.”

“Presents? I don’t need presents but thank you.”

“No you do so you wont forget me.” She curled her pointed finger wanting me to come closer to her. She was much smaller than me so I bent a few inches down when on her tip toes she placed a kissed on my cheek then whispered, “Something to remember me by.” I don’t think she knows what she’s doing but it made me feel giddy inside.

I watch her walk away waving bye to me, “By friend, see you next summer.”

I couldn’t say a word, my hand placed on my cheek, I will definitely be back next summer.

I stood watching her until she was out of eye shot.

She may not know it now but when she’s older, one day I will make her mine. Hopefully by then she’ll have boobs and legs well that’s what my father always stares at when my mother passes him. I walked towards my home with a smile on my face.

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