His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 32:

Alexander POV

“Wow,” Ally interrupted my thoughts.

That was definitely amazing. She’s all mine, everything. I own her, her mind, heart, body and soul. My forehead leaned into her. We were out of breath.

The water has grown cold but our bodies kept each other warm.

Facing me, she sat on my lap. She licked her lips before biting it. We are tired but fuck it, I smash her lips with mine, biting her chin in the process.

With her eyes close, she once again moan seductively. I could get drunk on her in fact I will get drunk on her.

What she failed to realize at this very moment even seconds ago is we have an unwanted visitor. Do I tell her, nope. Didn’t wan’t to ruin this moment, our moment, our time together. I’ll deal with that problem later.

“Xander....” she whispered in between kisses.


“We have to finish cleaning up.”

“Okay...” so I licked her lips, her neck, her chin, giving me one of her infectious giggles.

“That’s not what I mean.”

Picking her up, our bodies soaked, we headed towards my bed where I made love to her over and over again.

On my desk, I rammed into her, her legs firmly wrapped around me.

Against the open air window. Who care’s if someone saw, let them. I want the world to know how fortunate I am.

I was deathly tired and exhausted but shit I can’t stop even if I wanted to.

Her palms pushed me on the bed forcefully, her lips attacking me, made its way to my dick.

I felt her tongue massaging my balls while her hands stroking my cock. “Oh fuck.” I gripped her head, the side of her face gently.

“Mmmm....” Her breath lingered on my cock. Her tongue sliding up and down my dick, kissing the tip, fuck “Ally suck it baby.” Soon my dick found its way into her mouth.

My hands tugged on her hair. Once again my muscle tensed up, “Fuck baby, god that feels so damn good.” Seconds later I exploded.

Rising to her feet she sat above me and quickly shove me into her bouncing on me, “Not so fast baby.”

With a smirked she said, “Awe are you tired? Can’t keep up...”

She just stomped on my pride, we have been at it for hours where does she get the energy from, after that comment all hell broke loose, I flipped her over, held her down and jammed into her over and over again till she cummed.

“On your knees now.” Getting on her knees not even a warning my cock twitch in her pussy, pulling out I rammed hard my cock up her ass, “Holy shit Xander.”

I slapped her ass hard, “Xander....” She moaned.
My arms snake around her pinching her nipples giving out a loud moan.

Finally cumming in her. Pulling out, she ran to the bathroom giggling possible from me but I was not having it.

Before she could slammed the door in my face I caught up to her ran the shower and had her against the shower walls.

I kissed her neck leaving all sorts of love bites all over her voluptuous body. My hands held her firmly.

“Ahhh....” I heard her voice but was quickly silence when I shoved my tongue down her throat.

“Ally,” My forehead leaned against hers. We were both out of breath but there was no stopping me.

Her arms wrap around my neck as we kissed ever so passionately, then both staring into each other’s eyes, “I love you baby girl.” I panted.

“I lov....” before she could finish, I claimed her lips once again.

“Mmmm...” I climaxed. ‘Fuck’ I thought.

Fours later back in the bed room she fell asleep in my arms.

Rising to my feet I put on my boxers and headed to my walk in closet in the bathroom where I found Serena all hot and bothered.

“Finally, I thought you two would never be done.”

She twitch back and fourth before running out to quickly use the toilet.

“Ahh....thought my bladder was about to explode, and let me tell you, you need ac in that closet....” She continued to talk oblivious to my glares as if she wasn’t just watching us hours ago.

After she had washed her hand she gracefully walked to me, “I hope you still have enough energy.” She batted her eyes, and licked her lips.

“Serena.” I bellowed, “I don’t care how the hell you can just sneak into my room or why but out.”

“Since you had your fruit cake, maybe you might want to try creamed filled vanilla.” Her analogy was terrible, “Don’t you want something different.”

I grabbed her arms and ushered her out the door quietly as to not wake up my Ally. I can’t keep getting caught in these compromising positions.

“Wait, wait please Alexander I have a proposition for you?”

I raised my eyebrows, “Proposition?”

“Look I don’t care that your married, I could be your side girl, like say every other weekend?”

“As in a mistress?”

“Call it whatever you want but this could be good for the both of us, she doesn’t even have to know, that way we both get what we want, what do you say?”

“And what is it that I want?”

“A different flavor every other weekend and when she’s busy I can have your needs met.” She whispered into my ears.

I can’t believe her, a mistress but then again why am I even thinking about this. Hell why am I even for a split second considering this for a minute longer, before I could reply back she pressed her boobs against my chest and rubbing my dick against her legs, “Before you say no think about it.” She licked my lips.

As if getting out of my trance I heard the bed shifted from the bedroom.

“Out.” I grabbed her arms and shoved her out of the room.

Boom, I slammed the door in her face not wanting to see, touch nor hear her.

Carefully, I laid back next to Allison pulling her even closer to me. Her hands on my abdomen, while her legs intertwining my legs and with Serena on my mind. ‘Damn her.’

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