His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 31:

Serena POV

Well that part of my plan didn’t turn out well but that’s okay the nights still young. I will have Alexander by the end of the day.

I need to put my plan into action seeing plan A failed miserably, I won’t stop until he’s mine. How much longer can he push me away right?

If it were other people they’d say I’m obsess but that’s hardly the case. All my life I had no problem getting men. But they bore me easily. The only man that ever excites me was Alexander. Unfortunately that bitch has bewitch him somehow. I just have to make Alexander see that only I can give him what he wants, only I can pleasure him in ways he never dreams of.

I watch the two come back from the cellar.

It seems his mother is already liking Allison, not good for me. She always hated me and no matter how hard I try to please her I was never good enough for her son. She didn’t even bother to show up on my wedding day which was ruin by that no good bitch and her bastard of a son.

I watch as Mrs. Reid spends time with Xan.

One by one the people left leaving our parents and of course the homewrecker with her spawn.

“Why don’t you three spend the night here?” Mrs. Reid asked Allison and Alexander.

Allison looked reluctant.

“Dear,” Mike intervene, “You do know this is the girl that will ruin our son’s future.”

“Pish posh, if you do not let them be, you will be sleeping on the couch tonight and beside I want to spend time with Xan here.” She wave Xan in front of him, “papa.” Xan reached out for Mike to where he lifted him up into his arm.

Oh no, if this continues he might be swayed away from me, “If they are staying here, so am I. After all I have the next heir in my belly.”

“I think that’s a wonderful idea Mike.” My father intervened.

“Of course why not. Besides seeing Serena here carrying Alexander’s child here it’d be best if we take care of her as well.” Good thing Mike was still on my side hopefully.

Allison agreed to spend the night regardless of me spending the night as well.

During our small conversation of random topics I slip out of the room seeing my presence was being ignored so I quietly went to Alexander’s room for an idea popped up in my head.

He had a walk in closet in his bathroom so I could hide in there since no one will know I am gone. And when Allison and him are asleep well...

So here I was waiting in his gigantic bathroom, hiding in his closet. Thankfully I was able to peak from the inside to the outside giving me a good view of the nice Jacuzzi. My thoughts played back and forth to how I would touch Alexander and how he would touch me.

Looking at my watch I have been here for two hours. I should’ve thought of a better plan.

That’s when the door opened and I heard them both giggling.

I couldn’t see them from inside the bathroom but I could hear them.

Suddenly the lights turned on in the bathroom, “Omg, you have a jacuzzi.” I could imagine Allison’s facial expression.

“Wanna try it out.” Alexander’s husky voice always had my panties drench.

“Can I?”

“Go for it babe.” Okay I totally wanted to gag.

“Out.” She ordered.

“But babe.”

“No but, Since your wonderful mother have Xan, I wanted to have a me time.”

Without another word Alexander left.

From where I’m at I watch Allison removed each piece of clothing. Am I going to just sit here and watch her naked bitch ass enjoy herself. Yup should’ve thought this thoroughly.

Is it too late to come out and say I got lost, took a wrong turn so I’m just leaving. Crap, this makes me look like a desperate lesbian delusional perverted woman.

I sat there watching the tub fill itself. Then I heard her yelp, Alexander, my Alexander naked grabbing her from behind.

“Xander, I told you....”

“I’ll help you relax babe.” He picked her up, cradling her in his arms before both of them got in and settled themselves comfortable.

“Wow, Xander if I’d known you were this filthy rich I would’ve just be a full time house wife and mom and take pleasure in the luxury you offer.” She joked.

“You like babe.” Xander pulled her closer to him, she was now sitting on his lap with his chest pressed against her back. I could see his skin glistening from the water, his muscle tensing back in forth. Where the hell is my vibrator when you need it.

Allison picked up the soap and started rubbing his arms, “Babe, let me.” Grabbing the soap he began to soap her back, his hands traveling down. Is it also wrong for me to imagine myself in her place instead of her. I must not be right in the head.

Soon I heard her moan, “Xander, you’re suppose to be washing me.”

“I am, this needs cleaning too.”

Allison pants while his arms moving in rhythmic movements.

Her arms swings back around his neck holding on to him as he pecks at her ears.

“Ah...” I watch her turned around facing him.

I could only see her face and Alexander’s back seeing his back is towards me fuck I feel like a perverted stalker.

Alexander rose and sat at the edge of the tub, Allison licked her lips, before I saw her head bobbing up and down on his hard cock to which I only seen it once.

“Babe...” His hands moving down grabbing a fist full of her hair, his head leaned back, “Fuck, don’t stop.”

I could hear the slurping. My lips suddenly became dry as I try to control my breathing. It’s like watching porn only live and I have front row tickets.

“Baby, I’m cumming.” I heard her quicken her pace. Alexander groaned and breathlessly spoke her name cumming into her mouth.

I wonder if I came out would they let me join. It’d be fun to have an orgy. The thought came and went as soon as I pictured the look on both there faces. I could see Allison putting my pregnant ass in jail for invasion of privacy. So not going to make myself known. What was wrong with me.

“Up.” Alexander helped Allison rise to her feet.

Pulling out a bottle from his clothes that were laying on the ground, Allison asked, “What is that?”

“You’ll see,” He turned to the side where I can get a good view of his hard 12 inch cock. I remember it well, I’ll let them have their fun for now but when both are a sleep I’ll have my way once again. Being pregnant makes you horny and watching them is not helping.

Alexander squeeze the tube onto his shaft and rubbed it around, “This babe is lubricant.”

Allison gulp, “Okay what’s it for and where did you get it.”

“Remember I told you once I want to claim every part of you well...”

Allison leaned against the tub trying to hide the inevitable, “Xander, no way, that can’t, you can’t...that won’t fit.”

He smirked, “Turn around and lean against the tub.”

“What no, I thought you were joking.”

“As I have told you before, I don’t joke when it comes to you.”

Alexander took steps towards her, “Turn around.” He ordered.

Holding her in place, he turned her around, “Hold here.” Allison’s hands holding the edge, while Alexander rubbed some lube on her anus.

“Xander, will it hurt.” Her voice trembled.

I could see her side and his. There were on the side of the tub, Alexander position himself, “Just a little but It will feel good trust me.”

“Xander, I’m scared you might scar me.”

“Shh baby girl relax.” He pressed the tip of his cock into her slowly.

“Xander.” She choked, a single tear she shed.

Alexander grabbed her ass holding her in place as he pressed more forward in.

“Ah...fuck...it hurts, pull it out.”

He stops probably sensing the agony she’s in so he pulled her towards him, leaned in to kiss her. His hands kneading her breast, his other arm firmly on her ass as he continued to push further in. Her cries and screams and moans were muffled from his kiss.

Should I continue to watch them? I wish he would hold me like he holds her. This is not good, my eyes...so many jumbled thoughts invaded my mind.

I watch Xander stop until Allison got comfortable with him inside her.

When her screams died down a bit, he pulled himself out and pushed himself in. He moans in her mouth.

Allison still gave out little yelps but soon was replace by pleasurable moans.

Releasing his kiss on her, he slammed into her over again. Their skin slapping against one another.

“Fuck, baby girl you’re so tight.” He groaned. Allison pants.

His thrusting became harder.

“Not so hard, I don’t want unwanted guest to hear us.”

I knew she was talking about me.

“Shhh let her....She must know that you’re the only one I want screaming my name.” His breathing became erratic.


Allison leaned forward using the tub to balance her self while he thrusts into her ass. Pulling her hair, she leaned back continuously moaning.

The sweat was dripping off both of them, their skin glistening, “I’m cumming, I..I...Ally, ugh fuuuck.” I could hear Alexander climax.

Removing himself, he caught Allison before her legs gave way and clean them both up in the once warm tub.

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