His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 30:

Alexander POV

Word has gone out about my secret wife and son well not so secret now is it. I had to fend of paparazzi and reporters. Xan had to stop day care temporarily when the paparazzi wouldn’t leave him alone. He was all over the magazine as well as Allison. Again we were the talk of the town. There were a big of rumors spreading around some bad some good but they were just rumors nothing more.

Bobby congratulated me which he was grateful that I do not have to entertain Serena any more.

So far things have been going great. Got me the love of my life with me, a son who take after me and a baby on the way, what more could I ever want.

Allison has been working to get me my inheritance which I could care less but then again once everything becomes mine, I will surely pass it to my children. My grandfather’s legacy will live through them.

Lately I have been working with the police officer to locate Jacob Burts, still no clues. My PA came to a dead end. Someone must be helping him on the side, but once I get the evidence I need, him and his horrid sister will rot in jail.

I still haven’t told Allison about the car accident. She all ready has too much things on her plate. Didn’t want to stress her out more especially in her condition.

Thanks Giving is around the corner and my beautiful wife is now five months pregnant which also mean Serena is due to give birth next month. Note the excitement in my voice with a hint of sarcasm. That means I can get a paternity test done. Which I admit I am a bit afraid to know the truth. What if the baby is actually mine, will Allison still want to be with me? That is the million dollar question.

Time will tell however. During these last 3 months we have search for a home, our home. It took some convincing on my side but Ally finally settled on a 4 bed room house. She didn’t want a big house, just something simple. She says a big house means more room to clean. I suggest we can hire someone to clean but she rather clean the house herself.

I gave Serena the house that we shared to her, don’t know what she did with it but I heard she moved back with her dad, thank god she didn’t force her self to live with me which I found rather odd.

Music blasting everywhere as the people held the conversation of their own. Allison linked arms with me while I held Xan in my arms. How did I end up in my father’s Thanks Giving party? Oh Ally made a compelling argument and wouldn’t you know it I lost. It was her idea to attend even though she knew that half the people namely my father’s and Serena’s father’s friends and family hates her at the moment.

She however thought she would take the chance to get to know my side of the family after all it is also Xans family.

“Honey.” A woman in red with auburn curled hair and sparkles everywhere gracefully walked towards us.

“Mother.” I hugged her, I missed her. Truth be told I haven’t been back here for years because of my dad. I told her once she divorces the old man I will come visit more but she loves him still.

Letting go she turned to Ally, “You must be Allison Campbell but if I’m correct it is Mrs. Allison Reid. My you are lovely, and this must be my grandson Xan.” Yup my mother totally opposite from my dad.

“Mrs. Reid it is finally nice to meet you.” Allison greeted.

“Please, call me mom.”

Allison smiled than mumbled, “So not like Mr. Reid at all.” Allison laughed along with my mother.

“I am really sorry for my husband’s behavior, once you get to know him he is truly a nice man.”

Ally snickered, “Sure if you say so.” Taking Xan from me, “Xan honey meet your grandmother.”

“Hi granny.”

“Oh my, he is so cute, he reminds me of Alexander when he was his age, may I?”

Allison handed Xan over towards my mother who started showing off Xan to her friends.

“Alexander.” There it is that voice.

Serena grabbed my other arm, “I miss you baby boo, oh my, the baby just kick here feel.” Without waiting for me to respond she grabbed my hand and placed it on her belly and I felt it.

“I guess he know’s his daddy’s here.”


“Yes were having a boy.”

Serena gazed shifted to Allison, “Oh and you’re here too.”

“Yups, can’t get rid of my that easily.”

Then as if on cue Serena’s dad got everyone’s attention, “I have good news for you today. My daughter is having a Son with Alexander my future son-in law.”

There it is, the whispers and stares soon I found my self being pulled and separated from Allison, while everyone congratulated me.

People are crazy, not to long ago I just came forward to being already married, having a wife and son and now it’s like that was just some kind of rumor? What the hell?

There was about 30 people who shook my hands while my eyes roam around the area in search of my wife. I tried to push my way out but it was like they were closing in.

“Alexander.” Serena cooed, come have a drink with me. She passed me a glass of wine to celebrate. The last time she passed me a drink I ended up next to her the next morning. No way in hell, so I politely declined, “No thank you I’m good.” I would asked her if she had seen Allison but knowing her she’d be glad she’s gone.

Finally the crowd was getting less, my father trying to make a conversation with me, I plain fully ignored him.

A brunette came up to me trying to look sexy yeah not working, “Allison is looking for you?”

“Where is she?” Thank god someone knows where she is.

“She was asked to go down to the cellar and get more drinks and she wanted your help.”

Thanking her, I made me way down to the cellar. It was dark so I turned on the lights and headed down stairs, “Ally?” No answer. I walked further in calling out her name when I heard the door slammed shut and the lights turned off.

“Ally if it’s you, this isn’t funny.” Now I am not scared of the dark but something got me a bit ratteled when she didn’t answer. “Is this some kind of trick.”

At the end of the wall I could see a tiny speck of light, it looked like it was coming from a cell phone, as I got nearer, two arms wrapped around my neck crushing their lips on mine. I felt her bump, Serena I thought, but before I could push her off of me, the cellar door slammed open, the lights turn on and then I heard a voice, her sweet angelic voice, “What the fuck is going on in here?”

Fuck not again, I pushed Serena roughly away from me that she had fell back wards hard.

“Allison I can explain.”

“Again with the explanation.”

Allison ran up not to me but to Serena helping her to her feet.

“Xander you pushed a pregnant woman.”

“Wait what?”

“Serena are you okay?”

“Wait, you saw me kissed Alexander and you’re asking me if I’m okay.”

“Is it wrong besides I know this was staged.”

Wait she knew?

“And if you must know, why did you have your friend make me come down here unless there was something planned. Now I tell you, if you’re all right I recommend you to keep your grubby paws of my husband.”

“Now are you threatening me?”

“Oh honey, I don’t make threats, I make guarantees.” Allison closed in on her which look like she was going to kiss Serena.

Now that was hot. She was hot. “This isn’t over.” Serena huffed and left probably upset her plan didn’t work out.

“Would you be mad at me if I said that was a turn on.”

Allison rolled her eyes, “Not in the mood Xander, why do you keep getting yourself in a compromising situations. If I hadn’t shown up or if this was not stage what would have happened?”

Was there no trust? “Nothing, nothing would happen why, because I have a beautiful wife who turns me on every second of the day. And all I can think about is touching you, pleasing you, feeling you.” My voice barely a whisper as I grinned my body against hers.

Allison tip toed on her toes and kissed me on the lips before grabbing my hand and leaving the cellar.

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