His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 3:

Allison POV

Xander jumped from his seat picking me up and swinging me around like he won the lottery. Putting me down he jumped on the table, “I’m getting married!”

The whole diner clapped and cheered, “Why do I get the feeling he roped me into this.”

Another week has pass and I am at the bank with Xander. We just had a small civil ceremony with a judge to validate our marriage. I am now Mrs. Allison Reid. Hmm...it does have a nice ring to it. Speaking of ring, the diamond ring that sits on my left ring finger fills like it weighs a ton. When I said we needed rings, he pulled one out of his pocket. It felt like he had planned this before he even asked me.

I sat here with Xander opening up an account for me and him. I told him I didn’t need one but he says its for me to use especially for school. I’m not really paying attention. I refused to used any of his money. I don’t want to be one of those people who turns into greed. I’ll get a good job and work hard to earn hard. Speaking of money where did he get it from. Well when I go to London I’d be sure to know more about him.

Here we are at the park hand in hand. The night has gotten colder. Its the last night before he flies back to London.

“Baby Girl.” He inhales, his adam apple bobbing up and down, I felt his warm hand against my cheek caressing it...

“Truth be told...” he started, “Ever since I have met you all those years ago, never once have I longed for another person. You...are....it...for...me...” he breath out.

I could hear nothing but dead air and only his voice.

We walked back to our home as he continued to sooth me with his words.

Standing in our bed room I finally asked, “Why do I feel like something is about to happened that I won’t like.” I could see a smile played on his face as he shook his head.

He grabbed my hands and kissed it one by one, then my cheeks until his lips found my lips. It was slowly, gentle sweet like he wants this kiss to last him a life time.

He bit my chin as I felt his hand under my shirt slowly gently rubbing my harden nipple.

My hands like they have a mind of his own slid down his stomach going lower until it found his harden member and began to stroke it through his pants.

I heard him moan ever so slightly. Slowly he pushed me on the bed as he unbuckled his belt and his pants...his harden dick erect and proud.

My eyes had widen “Oh my, could that thing even fit. You’re going to break me.”

He chuckled, “Relax babe, when have I ever hurt you.” Positioning himself on top of me he continued to assault me with kisses as he removes all our clothing and just like magic we were both bare.

His kisses trailed down taking each nipple in his mouth, “Oh, Xander.” I heard him groaned at the sound of his name being called.

When he was through he kissed down to my navel until he reach my sweet spot. He took a sniff....What’s with him and sniffing? “You’re so wet.” He tickled my inner thighs with kisses befor I felt his tongue enter, I could hear slurping from his end, damn that feels so good. Why haven’t I done this before well at least with him. I have heard about friends with benefits and shit but hell this is much better knowing my first time is with my husband.

His head shook as I grabbed onto his hair, “Xander...” I panted his name. My back arched, my legs trembled, my toes curled. Makes me wonder if he had gone down with anybody before me well of course he didn’t, he told me so himself. I’m glad I’m his first.

Xander placed his hand firmly on my thighs sucking on my clit. And his tongue doing wonders. My breathing picked up and the urge to spray over his face made me control it.

“Let it go baby.” He said knowing I was holding it in... “But...” I didn’t want him to get messy but...I just can’t.

Xander quickened his tongue and oh fuck I let loosed and Xander never let a single drop go.

“Fuck...you tasted so good.” Xander climbed back up using his arms to prop himself up as his member rubbed against me before slowly entering.

I winced and he saw that, my eyes shut tight, my nails digging on his shoulders, “Babe open your eyes and look at me.” I did what he said, “Relax.” I nodded my head as he claimed my lips once again. Again pushing himself more in until he reach the peak. When he saw that I had relax a bit, he looked up at me and begin his thrust slowly at first. When I was finally settled, he picked up his pace. My legs wrapped around him.

“Oh baby...” He moaned against my neck sucking it, “Fuuucckk.”


“Ally...I can’t...” He sounded like he was in pain, a pleasurable type of pain. His movement became harder and faster. I could feel his muscle tightening as he let go moaning my name.

His body limped and fell next to me still awake and ready for more.

All through the night not once taking a break our bodies sweaty and sticky. I stood up and he grabbed me from behind and thrust his member into me. His arms wrapped around me holding me. I could feel his breath while he kisses my neck. Once again he let go into me.

Laying in bed I looked at the clock, it read 3:46 am. We’ve been at it like rabbits since 9 last night. I wonder how I’d be able to walk tomorrow or later today. My body was filled of love bits and so was his.

His arm wrapped around me as I lay my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat racing his breathing has some what calmed down my eyes getting droopy. I felt him kissed my forehead about to fall asleep but not before I head him say, “I love you baby girl.”

‘Beep, Beep, Beep,’ The alarm ranging in my head, slowly rising and shutting the damn thing off, I woke up alone. The side, his side was cold saying that he has been gone for a while, “Xander?” I called, all I got was silence. ‘Maybe he’s making me breakfast?’ I thought to myself. My body felt sore in places I never knew existed. Barely wrapping the blanket around me I quickly yet tolerating the pain, made my way towards the kitchen to fine it eerily empty, “Xander.”

My suspicion from yesterday only worsen. The words he spoke the way he kissed me felt like a good bye. “No No No!” I screamed into thin air. Running towards our bed room to open the closet, his clothes and suit case were gone. I dialed his cell phone and all i got was a busy signal. I dialed it again for the 100th time. ‘Did that bastard block my number?’ I panic. I looked around the house for a sign maybe a note he left me but I got nothing. It’s like he was never here. Maybe it was a dream I dreamt up. But looking at my left ring finger there stood shining in the sunlight my wedding ring. And all I can say is that damn bastard, wait till I get my hands on him. Another person to add to my screw list.

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