His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 29:

Mystery POV

She looks all grown up. I remember when I first saw her. She reminded me of her. For the past year I have watch her evolve into one of the most well respected grown woman before me. And her son, I need him, I want him. Little Allison, how I am counting the days when we will be reunited like one big happy family. You, me, and Little Alexander or Xan as she calls him.

I paced back and forth in my studio that is located across from her small apartment. Surprising that she still hasn’t known of my presence.

Unfortunately for me, she had moved in with that so called man whom she calls husband and his baby momma. Some might say I’m a stalker but really I just want my family.

In my hands are darts where I would throw against the wall with a picture of him Mr. Alexander Reid. He stole what was mine a long time ago. Because of him, she left. She wanted out.

Oh sweet heart you must know that no one leaves me ever.
It won’t be long soon.

Serena POV

I can’t believe this. I had everything planned. First we’d get married, have a fabulous honeymoon, then have kids. But it’s all ruined all because of her.

She just had to come into the picture. Alexander is mine. He is the father of my child and I will have him even if I have to rid myself of all obstacles standing in my way.

I’m laying in my big king size bed. Alexander used to lay next to me even though we hadn’t done it yet but he kept me warm at nights.

My stomach grumbled, a sign of hunger. I slowly walked down stairs in hopes I could just avoid the homewrecker.

Nearing the kitchen I heard some noises. Peaking there he was shirtless drinking a glass of water. His adam apple bobbing up and down, his muscle flexing ‘damn’. Though it was dark I wouldn’t miss seeing his naked flesh. My eyes traced the contour of his muscles.
He hadn’t notice me when I snaked my arms around him from his back. I felt him tense then relax, “Ally?”

He was unsure but non the less I just gave a nod hoping he would just let me feel him. I heard he had put his glass down, I took the opportunity to slide my hands down his boxers for he was already hard.

I heard him groan when he grabbed my hand and spun me around, “Serena.” He breath as in he knew it was me.

“How’d you know it was me?”

“Your touch was different. Your body was different.” He leaned in closer to my ears, “You’re not Ally. You see every time she touches me, my heart beat pounds against my chest, and you didn’t make my heart race.” I gulped when he leaned back, “If you touch me again I will forget you are a woman and is carrying a child. Understood?”

Without saying anything I nodded. He was about to leave when I asked, “Why her? What does she have that I don’t”

Alexander turned around to look at me, “You want the truth.”

I was afraid of the truth but I had to know so I said yes.

“To be honest I thought I could love you, hell I thought we could spend the rest of our lives together but....If I did then that would mean letting her go and I couldn’t do that. She stole my heart and without her my heart just doesn’t beat. I’m sorry Serena.”

Just like that he left. I let myself sink to the floor damn you Allison, I thought to myself. I hate you. You have everything and I promise you that you will loose everything.

He’ll be mine again just watch and see all I have to do is push Alexander a little more and soon he’ll give in to my advances after all he’s just a man and what man can resist my beauty.

Alexander POV

After leaving Serena to her self I headed to check on Xan first making sure he was sleeping. I kneeled next to his bed just watching him sleep, he looks so peaceful.

It was a little early for us to be sleeping, it wasn’t even 11 pm but after my cancelled wedding, Allison was too tired to do anything more.

Walking into our bedroom, Allison was curled up in a little ball on the far left side of the bed. My guess is she didn’t want to be near me at the moment. Laying down on my side, I pulled her towards me making sure she was comfortable against me. She stirred before settling down. I kissed her temple, “I love you Mrs. Allison Reid.”

The next day, I decided to get up early and make her breakfast in bed. I have a lot of making up to do. I was about to head down stairs when I heard Xan taking to himself.

Entering his room I saw Serena with Xan on her lap, “Serena what are you doing?”

“I’m just playing with little Xan here getting to know him.” She rubbed his head, “Serena give him to me.” Her arms were securely wrapped around him. I slowly and carefully walked up to them making sure she didn’t do anything drastic.

“Why Alexander don’t you want me to get to know Xan after all our kids are going to be siblings.”

“Get the H E double hockey sticks away from my son!” Allison yelled from the door way.

Even after waking up with her hair gone wild she still is the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes on.

“What’s wrong attorney?” Serena feign ignorance.

“Serena,” I growled,

“Xan come to mommy.”

Xan stood up and ran to Ally, “Good morning baby. Are you hungry, let’s go get some breakfast.” Ally took one look at Serena giving her a warning stare before leaving.

Serena stood up and straighten out her dress, “Well, Alexander I thought you’d be please with me trying to get to know your son well after all I will be his step mother.”

“What the fuck Serena, get it through your thick head, Allison is my wife, Xan is my son and unless you get that damn paternity test, that’s your child not mine.”

Leaving her stunned for words, my mind drifted to my perfect breakfast in bed ruined. Well there goes the start of my day.

Allison had already made pancakes for breakfast. I grabbed a stool sitting next to Xan staring at Ally’s beautiful ass.

“Sorry about Serena.”

“You’ve been apologizing for her for quite a while now.” She plopped down across from me.

“I think we over stayed our welcome.”

“Are you leaving?”

“I don’t want to leave....”

“Then stay.”

“If only it was that simple. As a mother its my job to protect my son, make sure he is in a safe environment, as a lawyer if I failed to protect him then I don’t deserve to be a mother.”

“We’ll move.” I blurted.


“You heard, me, I think it’s time we find our own place.”

“You’re serious.” The excitement in her voice was evident.

“Why yes now that every one know’s your my wife, I think it’s time we take our life to the next chapter, don’t your agree Mrs. Reid.”

Allison smiled, “What do you think Xan? Just you, me and daddy.”

“And my little brother or sister coming too?” I laughed, yes we had told him he would be a big brother and he was ecstatic.

“Yes bud.” I picked him up.

Finally my family, no more hiding, no more secrets, hopefully everything will be just as it is maybe even more....hopefully.

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