His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 28:

Allison POV

Stomping my feet into Alexander’s house with Xan at my side, I sat at the kitchen table.

I think I lost half my hair with me pulling at it every so often. I was furious but at the same time proud of my outcome. Everything went according to plan.

When Xander had left this morning well technically I forced him out the door. In fact he refuse to leave my side for a split second. So I did what I had to do, I threaten him to move out if he starts hoovering over me. I needed my space.

In the hospital, not once had he left my side. As much as I love him he was suffocating me. So we made a deal, that Charlie and Colton be with me at all times. I had agreed just so he could leave me be, besides I had things to do or so I told him.

Not long after I made Xan a small sandwich, Xander burst through the doors calling out for me to which I ignored him.

Which was futile because he still found me. “What the pipe was that?”

“Excuse me, I just saved your sorry banana and you have the nerve to ask me what the pickle was that?” I could see the veins pop in his neck, “Look mister you have no right to be angry.”

Xander just stared at me and for a few seconds we were at a staring contest but I refuse to back down.

“I can explain.”

“Save it. I all ready know.”

He looked at me confused, “Remember our first night in a long time, I had told you your PA told me enough well yes she had told me all about the ‘Will’ dating back to your disappearance.”


“Let me finish. For years I wondered what I did wrong. Was I not good enough. In fact my self esteem was hit hard. Evan after Xan was born I suffered from postpartum depression, your absence made it worse.” I paused looking back at Xan, “Xan honey, since your done eating lunch why don’t you go play with your toys in your room.”

“Okay mommy.” I waited till he was out of hearing range, “How dare you make me feel like I’m worth less, if it wasn’t for Charlie and Xan, I wouldn’t be where I am now.” my fist pounded at his chest, he however never even budge, go figure. It was hard trying to slap him, my good arm was stiff and my cast wasn’t helping. Oh how I wish it wasn’t in the way.

“Look I didn’t...”

“No you look, you have no idea what I went through especially raising Xan all by myself. College as well and the look from people, their pity stares. I had to bare it all.”

“Allison.” He growled, “You are not worthless.” He grabbed my arms, “You, everything I did was for you. I love you.”

“Really, so you love me enough that you chose money over me, you love me enough that you’re willing to marry someone else over me....”

He was speechless because what I said was true.

“Please Ally...” He pleaded, “I know what the old men are capable of and I didn’t want you or even Xan to be caught in middle.”

“I’m your fucking wife. Did you not listen to our vows? Did you not trust me enough to confide in me. Before we are husband and wife, we were friends.”

Alexander POV

I heard her where she’s coming from. And I have no one to blame but myself.

“All you thought about is yourself,” she continued, “Not once have you thought about me. Was I too poor for you, not good enough for you. You just took what you wanted and left. If you could’ve told me about you wanting that inheritance I would’ve understand and let you go.” Her voice cracked up and tears spilled from her eyes.

I gently grabbed her hips pulling her close to me, “No, don’t you ever think that of yourself. You’re not worthless. I was stupid, if I could do it over again I would do things differently.”

Wiping her tears on her sleeve she gave me one of those sorrowful looks before letting out a deep sigh, “Maybe it’s for the best. You’re having a kid with another woman, and almost marrying her. You’re wealthy, I’m an orphan. We keep getting ourselves in these kinds of situations and frankly I’m just tired. I don’t think we suit each other.”

“What no! Don’t say that.” I wrapped my arms around her embracing her tightly as if she were to disappear, “Please no, don’t leave me. I’m sorry. I should’ve told you when I saw you again about the inheritance, and the marriage...Please please I admit my mistakes just don’t.” My voice sobbed in her shoulders. It look weird seeing a grown man cry.

“Xander I could’ve help you, and now I’m stuck cleaning up your mess. Just be thankful I was able to track down Mr. Crabbs.”

She was tired I could sense that. Especially in her condition being two months pregnant and with a broken arm. She laid her head on my chest while I stroked her back whispering how much she means to me and I could care less about the inheritance.

Suddenly we heard a voice, “Well isn’t this is a lovely picture.”

Both of us looked up to see Serena in her wedding dress, her mascara ran down her face, her nose looked like Rudolf the red nose reindeer and her lips looked like she was sucking face with a clown.

“Serena what are you doing here?” After what happened to her seeing the groom walked out on her to be with his wife, I wouldn’t think she’d show up in my house.

“I live here.”

“Didn’t you get the memo, the weddings off.” Allison snarled.

“Oh sweet heart, the wedding may be off but in case you have forgotten I’m carrying his child.” She pointed at me making sure to never forget.

“Serena out, go home to daddy and leave me and my WIFE alone.” That caused her to flinch.

“Baby boo...”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Like it or not I’m with YOUR child and I’m not moving anywhere.” Her attention shifted from me to Allison, “And you may be the wife and he may have a son with you but I have his baby who will need his daddy’s undivided attention. You’re a lawyer so you know how it works, if I take this to court I will make sure OUR baby get’s what it deserves.”

I can’t believe I was this close to marrying the she-devil herself.

“Serena I have told you once, I will provide for your child...”

“Our child.”

“But I will be with my family and no one not you not even that child will keep me away from my wife and son.”

Serena yawned, “Say what you will but people change when they are expecting.”

“I’m pregnant too.” Allison blurted out.

“What?” Serena’s lips looked like a fish, “You’re lying.”

“I maybe an attorney but I for one do not lie unless the occasion calls for it.”

“First you steal my man now you steal...”

“I’m not your man, never was and never will be. Go fuck yourself.”

Serena stomped her feet before turning around and headed up stairs towards her bed room.

I turned to Allison, “I guess she wont be that easy to get rid off.”

She glared at me, “This is all your fault you know.”

“Yes I know babe and I promise I will find away to fix this.”

“No, you’ve done enough, it’s my turn. She wants to stay, then let her. But if you so much as to touch her...”

“You’re not going to hit me are you?”

“Hit you? I’d do more then just hit you.”

I have never been so turned on and scared at the same time. “And baby I’d take it all as punishment if that’s what you wish.”

“Are you saying you’d touch Serena in order for me to punish you?”

“What no? I’m saying I’d take anything you dish at me.”

Allison glance down, me legs in between hers, and a tent was forming where my cock resides, “Xander, I didn’t know you were a masochist?”

“What, no....”

“Get down on your knees and beg.” Her voice suddenly became seductive.

Is she serious? I can’t believe her and what more I can’t believe, I’m actually contemplating on kneeling and begging.

As I was lowering myself she laughed in my face grabbed my dick through my pants roughly stroking it a few times, I groaned, before she pushed me away, “Call this punishment sweet heart.” She left me standing there with a huge boner.

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