His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 27:

Alexander POV

Glancing at my dad he pulled out a picture of Ally where only I could see, “I Do.” I managed to choke out.
“With the power vested in me I now pronounced you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.”

I turned to face Serena, she smiled at me waiting, and waiting, my body stood still, my tears were sweating out of my eye socket, ‘kiss’ that’s the last I had to do before we marry.

My lips formed a tight line, and all I could think of is “Ally.”

Suddenly the people around us gasps in shock, did I say that out loud.

“Alexander,” Serena forcible wrapped her arms around my neck and pulling me towards her forgetting that I had mentioned another girls name at our wedding when.....

‘Bang’ I flinched, Everyone turned their attention to the intruder. There stood Allison and Xan at the entrance before she could kiss me sealing the deal and make her Mrs. Serena Reid.

As much as I wish Allison wasn’t here with Xan witnessing this moment she was and I was very grateful for her grand entry.

She looked like she was on a mission stomping towards the center. Why do I get the feeling she waited at the exact moment to interrupt.

“Sorry for crashing at this moment but I wanted to wait for the perfect time...just like in the movies.”

And yups there she goes my Ally. I couldn’t help but smile at her outstanding beauty before me.

“What’s the meaning of this? Get her out of here.” My dad screamed.

“Don’t you...” I looked at Xan, “fudging touch her.” I ran up to her.

“Alexander come back here.” Serena squealed.

One of the security guards attempted to grab her so I punched him, “I said don’t you touch her.”

“Restrain him.” The old man commanded.

The guests were a bit frightened and intrigued at the same time.

Another security held me by the arm while another pulled me away roughly.

Xan was crying for his parents, he ran up to the security guard who held me and kicked him in his shin. That’s my boy. That same man had pushed him roughly.

With her arm still in a sling, Allison ran up to Xan protecting him.

From the side I saw one of the guest, an old friend of my dad’s about to pull on Allison when I struggled free and knocked him out. The guest took steps back when I felt someone used a baton to hit me over the head and on my face. I could feel my face being bashed by three big men.

I heard the tiny pitter patter as Xan ran up to me, “Let go of my daddy.” Before he could get slap by one of these men I threw a punch in his gut, “No one touches my son.”

“Stop this immediately.” Allison yelled but no one was listening.

Fuck I was up against four men how is that fair.

“That’s enough.” The old man shouted next and everyone came to a halt.

My hair was a mess, my tie, shirt all stained with blood someones blood, my hand was throbbing and I had a cut above my forehead probably from someone’s ring.

Looking back up I saw Allison clutching unto a scared Xan.

Finally reaching her I embraced her only for her to slap me hard. It echoed through out the hall.

Ouch, out of all the punches I got tonight, that one hurt the most.

Her eyes were glaring at me, “I can explain.”

“Okay explain this fiasco of a marriage?”

“Okay no I can’t but...”

“Save it your in big trouble.” Allison scolded me as if I wasn’t just in a brawl at my supposedly wedding.

“Oh daddy is in trouble.” Xan sniffed.

Picking up Xan I hugged him and followed Allison to the center towards the two dads handing them papers that she pulled out of her bag. I saw the smirk on her face.

Mike looked at the papers, “Where did you get these?” Shock written all over his face as well as Mr. Burt.

Pulling out her copy of the paper she held it up in mid air, “Here I have is the late Mr. William Reid’s Will your father and his grandfather.” She pointed to my dad then me.

I was utterly speechless. I looked everywhere for that will and came up empty handed. How did she get her hands on it. Ally looked at me as if she knew what I was thinking.

She looked back at the two dads, everyone here is silent waiting for her next move. Flipping pages she once again held it up, “It states here that the inheritance is solely belonging to Alexander Reid here.”

As if realization hit Mike spoke, “True that’s what the will says but....” It was eerily quite, you could almost hear a pin drop.

“As long as he could provide an heir to the Reid enterprises. ”

“Correction to the first born son.” Ally walked up to me gently taking Xan from me and walking back towards the two dads, “Here, is his first born son.” Everyone gasps. I could see some even taking pictures and videos. Front page here we come, again.

“Not true.” Serena rushed up to her.

“You’re lying,” Mr. Burt said. “I want a DNA test.”

“That can be arrange,” She smugly said.

Mike just laughed, “none the less he will still be marrying Serena regardless.”

Ally laughed insanely like she lost her marbles, “You can’t be serious. Sorry but that is illegal to be marrying her.” She pointed.

“Are you saying marrying my daughter is illegal?”

“Unless you considered bigamy a crime then yes.”

“What bigamy? There is no crime committed here.”

Allison then pulled out another paper and held it up, “I beg to differ, here in my hand is a marriage certificate. Your son and I are legally married.”

Mike grabbed the certificate out of her hand, “Impossible.” He started to laugh to himself, “This is a fake.”

“Oh really.” Ally challenged.

“I can take you to court and have this thrown out the window.” Mr. Burt threatened.

“You can try but might I remind you I am a lawyer and a good one at that. If you did your research about me then you’d know I eat people like you for breakfast. This certificate is legal and binding.”

I underestimated her but where who and how. Questions swirled my mind. Mr. Burt pointed a finger at her, “This isn’t over, you’ll be sorry you messed with me.”

He started to storm out when Ally shouted, “Are you threatening me Mr. Burt because I can have you put away for a very long time. And Mr. Crabbs, the lawyer of the late Mr. William Reid, will be one of my first witness.”

That stop Mr. Burt and Mike in their tracks, “How did you....”

“Before you pay some one loads of cash into said account make sure you leave no traces and please make sure that said person does not owe me a favor.”

The two dads huffed and stormed out.

“Daddy, what about my wedding, my baby.”

“There is no wedding as for your baby abort it, we have no use for it now.” Mr. Burt coldly responded. Serena was left crying and all were left in disarray, “This isn’t over.”

Running up to Ally I tried to hug her but she only pushed me back. She grabbed Xan and left the building without a single word spoken to me.

She was angry, okay angry is an understatement, more like furious. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like a lost puppy I followed her out ignoring the whispers and gossips from the crowd.

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