His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 25:

Alexander POV

Charlie sat next to me biting his nails, his brother Colton paced back and forth while my legs kept on fidgeting for god knows how long.

After my phone call with Ally and the terrible sounds on her end, I went crazy and flip the whole god damn house upside down.

I called many hospitals to find out which they had taken my son and my wife. When finally Charlie called me saying she was taken to Queens Hospital. It seems Charlie was listed as her independent. That will have to change.

It’s been only minutes since I got here but It seemed like hours. Especially when you keep glancing at your watch every ten seconds, time seems to move a lot slower.

Leaving the house in a frantic mode, Serena kept on hounding me. When I had told her what had happened or heard she looked like she had expected it. I wanted to question her but my mind and thoughts were completely full of Ally and Xan and questions kept on creeping up.

Serena stayed home while I’m at the hospital waiting for any news.

3 hours passed, just as I was ready to go commando on all their asses a man in a lab coat came towards us as we all stood up,
“Is the Campbell family here?”

He looked at us as if he had some questions, “I’m looking for a family member?” Charlie looked at me, “I’m her husband and the father of her son.”

“Ah Mr. Campbell?”

“It’s Mr. Reid.” He looked at me confused, “but please tell me what’s going on with my family?” My patience was wearing thin.

The Doctor cleared his throat, “I’m Dr. Goode, and the boy, your son has received minor scratches and bruises. If it weren’t for his mother shielding him in the process he would be more severely injured.

A breath of relief was release but wait, Ally shielded him? Now I’m more worried then ever, “And my wife?”

I could see the doctor’s eyes frown, “Ms. Campbell fractured her arm and received a head trauma due to the impact, fortunately the front seats was able to received the most damage otherwise her and her son would have been crushed to death.”

“So she’ll be alright?”

“I can’t say for sure as I have said she received a head trauma causing it to swell but we manage to contain it. She needs to be monitor for the next 24 hours and she should wake up if not longer. But for now her and the baby is alright.”

Why do doctors never tell you a for sure thing, it is always in cryptic code and they always make it sound like everything is the end of the world when its really not. Wait did he say baby, “Wait, what baby?”

“She’s two months pregnant.”

I had a shock expression on my face when Charlie slapped me on the back and Colton well he had a surprise look as well, “By the look on your face I take it you didn’t know.” Doctor Goode eyed me up and down. “Well congratulations.”

I was speechless. Words cannot express the way I felt at that moment. My Ally pregnant with my child. I have a second chance to do this right. This time I will be there for him or her.”

As if on cue Charlie spoke, “May we see them.”

“Of course.” The Doctor showed us the way and left.

All 3 of us entered, there on the bed laid Ally with tubes coming out of her. Her arm bandage as well as her head. She had scratches on her beautiful skin. Next to Ally’s bed was a crib with a sleeping Xan. He looked so peaceful. He doesn’t look so bad. I guess Ally had shielded him just fine, I am so glad my family is okay all 3 of them.

My head turned when I heard Xan making noises. Sitting up he blinked up at me, “Daddy.”

“Hi little man.” I lifted him up placing kisses all over him. He is my boy. Xan looked at Ally, “Mommy has an owie.”

I frowned, “Mommy is a little hurt but she will wake up soon.”

Xan turned to Charlie, “Daddy Charlie.”

It upset me to see my son call another man daddy but what can I say when he had watched Xan for the first two years of his life.

Charlie took Xan from me while he and Colton started having a conversation of their own. I on the other hand pulled up a chair, sat down next to Ally and held her hand, “Wake up baby girl.” Looking at her lifeless got my heart torn. I will never leave her again. I don’t care if the world is collapsing, she is never leaving my sight.

A knock was sounded at the door pulling me out of my thoughts when two police officer came in.

All of us looked in shock, “Hey man, I didn’t do anything wrong this time.” Colton held two hands up as if he was surrendering.

One of the police officer cocked an eyebrow, “Have you done anything wrong.”

“Well if you’re not here for me then I’m just going to step outside.” Colton excuse himself.

“Same here.” Charlie took Xan out the door giving me privacy with the two cops.


“Mr. Reid.”

“Ah yes, I have a few questions for the patient but as I can see she is not yet awake.”

“Questions, what sort of questions.”

“Sorry sir but we are not at liberty to discuss.”

“Well if these questions pertain to my wife that I am very much involve now tell me.” I demanded.

The second police officer stepped forward, “Does Ms. Campbell here have any enemies?”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Well it seems her accident was no accident. We surveyed the CCTV footage and was able to get a clean shot of what caused the accidents. We had looked at the license plate and one belonging to a Jacob Burt.”

My fist clench trying not to make a scene. The fucker almost took me family away permanently. I should’ve let him rot in jail. “Jacob Burt is my...uh....” how do I explain Serena, “friends brother.”

The two officer had more questions which I answered truthfully or as best. I had told them my connection and Ally’s connection with them including the fact that Serena is the mother of my unborn baby. If they will help me solve this case then I can have all the Burt family behind bars.

2:16 am. That’s what its read on my watch. Charlie and Colton left hours ago, Xan is sleeping in the hospital crib while I was staring at Ally and lightly grazing her scratches. Just then I seen her finger twitch and slowly her eyes opened.

She’s awake, finally I thought playing a kiss on her fore head.

“Baby girl, can you hear me?” Ally looked around the room, looking for something. Her eyes widen when she saw the crib. Weakly lifting her arm up she pointed, “Xan.” Her voice a bit hoarse. Probably dry so I reach for her water as she attempted to sit up, “Ally don’t..” Pressing the button for the bed so the head of the bed will prop Ally up then I gently help her take small sips of her water before she spoke much clearly this time, “Xan.”

“He’s fine, you protected him but now he’s sleeping.”

She smiled after knowing Xan was well but when her eyes locked with mine, her smile faded.

“Ally....are you okay should I get a doctor, are you hurt anywhere?... You have no idea how worried I was. To think I may have lost you or Xan.” I kissed her hands, ” I was babbling, I didn’t care. She’s awake, she’s here and she’s fine. “You are never to leave my sight ever again.”

She blinked once and twice not answering any of my questions, “What happened?”

I proceeded to tell her all that I know starting from the petting zoo and I mean everything on why I was late and what transpired between me and Serena.

“So you didn’t sleep with her?”

“What no, why would I do that? I love you.”

She finally smiled, “I love you to.”

I didn’t however tell her whose probably responsible, “Ally guess what?”


“You’re two months pregnant.”

She looked more shock than I was, “What? Are you serious?”

I nodded my head and place my hand on her belly, she’s completely mine now.

A smile formed on her perfect lips, “We’re going to have a baby again.”

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