His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 24:

Alexander POV-Weeks Eariler

My days with my family has been put on hold. Every time I wish to do something with Ally, I get interrupted by her, the she devil herself. She’d always have somethings to complain about.

I sat in front of my computer staring at the screen for minutes maybe hours. These days it was hard to even concentrate.

Ally has not been at her usually desk. She has been putting in hours to get her cases done. In some days she would come home late missing dinners. I had to pick up our son from day care and some times he would be with Charlie.

My office door burst open revealing my dad. “What’s this I hear?” He shouted.

“Father hello to you too.”

“Oh quit the greetings.” Mike slammed his hands on my desk, “Did you have that slut with her son move into your home that you share with Serena?”

Rising to my feet, “And, what’s the problem?”

“The problem is Serena is pregnant with your child. Think about her, think about your child!”

“Look old man, just be glad I’m stepping up to be the father of the child. As for Allison you will not come to my office and start insulting her.”

“Don’t you see son, she will be your down fall. Now the wedding has been put on hold long enough...You will be getting married soon. If you do not see we have been the laughing stock, our reputation is on the line here. Once Serena is half way in her term, you will say ‘I do’. I will not have the child be born when it’s parents are not even yet married.”

My jaws tick, my palms clenching, “No! And that’s my finally answer,” my voice stood firmly.

“No!” He mocked. “Are you prepared to say good bye to your inheritance.”

“Fuck the inheritance. You want it, keep it or give it to that no good cousin of mine. No way in hell am I going to give up Allison.”

“Is that so, she may be a lawyer but I can have her put away behind bars for a crime she had committed and her son will be put in foster care.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Mike placed a manila folder in front of my desk.

Eyeing it, I opened it up and read the contents.

Reading it had my head flip, it was pictures of Allison with an older gentle man dated from college days. It says she was accuse of being a drug pusher.

This is not true, Allison would never do this, “Where the hell did you get this information?”

“I have my sources.”

“Well your sources are wrong.”

“Wrong or not, this will ruin her. Now tell me how much do you love her son.”

“What do you want?”

“Simple really, I’ll shall allow you to continue to play family but you are not to touch her. If you do I’ll know.”

Is that all, what is he playing at, “What are you playing at?”

“Oh nothing, I don’t have to do anything and neither do you because of her own free will she will leave you.”

“I highly doubt that.”

My father threw in an evil smile, “I know woman son and she is after all a woman.”

Mike left my office leaving me confused and with a file on my desk that’s not helping at all.

Just then My PA called me, perfect timing.

I explained my situation and the file Mike gave me.

“So Alexander is that all...I can get that done right away.”

“Thank you and how are the leads with Serena coming along, how bout my grandfather’s will?”

“Whoa slow down. So much things to do. As for Serena, it seems Jacob her brother has been working for her. Right now he is off the grid.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t seem to locate him I did however was able to pull up his cell phone records and for the past few days the only person he kept in contact was Serena. I suspect there is foul play being held here. Keep an eye out.”

“Thank you, what about grandfather’s will?”

“The lawyer who handled his will seemed to be missing as well but we were able to track his bank accounts. A lot of money was transferred into his account.”

“How much?”

“About 10 million.”

What the hell, who would give him that much money? “Before you think it, your right, it was from two different accounts, one was from Mr. Reid your father and the other from Mr. Burt’s account.”

She answered confirming my suspicions. “The only problem is that the accounts are under a fake alias so it wouldn’t be track.”

“And you were able to track them?”

“Of course, it was easy when you know what to look for. Once we track where that money is being shipped off too we can easily track your grandfather’s lawyer. You know the two men paid him off guess his loyalty towards your grandfather came to its end during his passing.”

I shook my head, “After all that I will look into Allison’s past and get more information.”

After all that information everything was slowly coming together. Once I will have what I need, Serena, and our dads can screw themselves.

It was 3:00 and I watched Xan pet the donkeys. He giggled, while my arm was wrapped around Ally. I must admit I haven’t been spending much time with my family much and for good reason. I couldn’t have Serena run to the old men.

Recently Serena and our baby has been taking up most of my time with them. And yes I said ours. It took me a while to say ours but I finally gave in.

Allison has been supportive of me. Not once had she complained. God I love her so much. I’d do anything to protect her, protect what we have.

‘Ring’ I answered my phone in one ring, “Baby boo.”

I still cringe at the nick name she calls me. I have been meaning to talk to her about that but I don’t want to upset her. Last time I upset her she was having stomach pains. “What is it. I’m busy.”

“But this is an emergency,” I walked away from Ally so she wouldn’t hear our conversation, “I told you I’m out with Allison and Xan.”

“But I’m having these cramps again, I’m afraid I might loose our baby.” I sighed, lately she has been coming up with lame excuses just to pull me away from Ally , “Just get some rest and I will see you later.”

“No! I need you now.”

“I said I’m busy.”

“Ahh...it hurts....”

I could hear Serena yell in the back round, “Hang on, I’m coming.” I grow tired of her antics.

After hanging the call I walked back to Ally, “Every thing all right?” She questioned.

“It’s Serena.”

She just smiled, “An emergency came out, sorry but I will be back shortly.”

Again she just smiled, so I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and kiss Xan on the forehead before leaving.

I of course took a cab back home just in case.

Arriving at home, I found Serena eating in the kitchen, “What the hell is this?”

She looked at me and threw her hands around me. I wiggled her off or tried to but she had an iron grip, “Get of me....” She turned around back to her sitting position, “So what’s the emergency?”

“Ummm...” She stuttered.

“Are you telling me there is no emergency?” I yelled.

She flinched back, “I was just craving for mangos and we have none.”

“You interrupted my time with Ally and Xan for one of your stupid cravings.” I wanted to slap her but I held back.

“I’m sorry.” She looked almost guilty.

Sighing I replied, “Don’t do it again.”

Picking up my phone I dialed Ally’s number, “Xander are you coming back soon?”

Her voice always soothes me, “Soon, I have to go to the market and pick up mangos for Serena but I will be there in 20 minutes.”

With that I hung up, using my other car I drove to the market, bought a dozen mangos and headed back.

“Here.” I handed Serena the package. In her hand she was drinking coffee and as she took the mangos she trip and her coffee spilled all over me. Shit.

“Omg Alexander I’m so sorry.” She attempted to clean me up with a napkin. Her fingers touching my soon expose skin as I unbutton my shirt, “Do not touch me.”

She pulled back, “Maybe you should rinse up in the bathroom, I’ll run a shower for you.”

Before I could say I don’t have time for a shower she was already gone.

I was in the bathroom going to switch off the shower head when Serena popped in, “Serena!” quickly her hands hid behind her back, “What the hell get out.”

“Sorry I thought you might need a change of clothes.”

She was crossing over the lines.

Five minutes of washing up, and fully clothed, I stepped out to find Serena on the phone. She didn’t see me yet but that smile of her’s got me worried. She was whispering in hush tone.

She looked up at me when she notice me, “Whose that?”

“Wrong number.” She was hiding something but what, “Oh, Allison called you.” She handed my phone. “Did you answer my phone?” I glared at her.

“What, no.”

Dialing my phone, she picked up, “Ally....” I could hear cars in the back round, and rain was pouring, “Ally can you hear me?” I called again, was she driving?

When suddenly I heard I loud crashed and a yelp. Tires screeching and more crashes, “Ally....” When her phone went dead.

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