His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 23:

Allison POV

Everything was squared away.

I still can’t believe I’m doing this. I must be stupid or really in love. You know what they say love can make you do stupid things.

Sitting on my bed I stared into nothingness. Xan was tucked in his bed sound asleep. A door from my bedroom is connected to his door for easy access.

Suddenly the door opened revealing a shirtless Xander. My eyes gazed at his god like figure. Damn it all to hell.

“Your drooling.”

A slight red blush crept on my face as I had wiped a small drool of my lips.

Moving to one side of the bed so that Xander can occupy the other side. I felt my heart beat pounding against my chest. I don’t know why? I slept with him before. Or maybe it’s the fact that his soon to be baby mommy is sleeping across from us.

Maybe I should sleep with one eye open. If I was in Serena’s position I’d probably lace the other woman with food poisoning or smother her in her sleep.

“Did you lock the door?”

“Yups...so we wont have unexpected visitors.” Xander turned to look at me.

“This is weird.”

“What is?”

“Your wife, your girlfriend, son, and unborn baby all in one roof. I feel like the other woman, the mistress.”

“First of all, she’s not my girlfriend, second of all you are far from being the other woman.” Xander held my arms in his as we both laid down in bed. My head placed on his chest as I listened to the rhythm of his breathing.

His fingers lightly trailing up and down my back. “Your name Campbell?”

“What about it?”

“Did you switch your last name.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because we are married.”

“I tell you what, when you start to tell people namely your father about your wife and son then you can call me Mrs. Reid until then I am Miss Campbell a single available mother.”

“Single eh, are you telling me you will be going out on dates.”

“Yes, got a problem.” I smugly asked.

“Yes, your married.”

“So are you but that didn’t stop you from sleeping around now did it.”


“Think before you say anything, if you tell me you have needs I will castrate you right now.”

Xander closed his mouth.

“Good boy now you must be punished.”

“Punished....What kind of game are you playing now.”

“Hmmm....you will kiss me every time you walk into a room and every time we enter a bed room together you will carry my bridal style. Something we missed out when we first got married.”


The Following morning I had woken up first. The sun wasn’t even up. For some odd reason I had a hard time falling asleep. Must be because I’m in a different bed, different room different home.

Sighing I head down stairs and start preparing breakfast. I debated if I should make Serena’s as well.

Might as well since she is pregnant.

I was just done preparing table when I heard foot steps dragging its way into the kitchen, “Good morning Serena.”

Charlie always says instead of getting upset and fretting over bitchy bimbo’s kill them with kindness.

She looked at me in disgust.

None the less I still smiled at her, “Care to have some breakfast?”

“You must’ve poisoned it. So no thanks I’ll just have coffee.”

“Suit yourself and FYI I’m not you.”

While Serena was making herself coffee, Xander came down stairs with Xan in his arm, “Good morning baby girl.”

Serena quickly turned her head, “Good morning baby boo.” She went to peck him on the cheek but Xander side step, came up to me and kissed me on the lips.

“Alexander, how dare you kiss her in front of me.” Really at 7:30 in the morning, its too early to hear her whiny voice.

“Ewww, daddy kissing mommy.”

“Look hear you little brat, he’s not your daddy.” Xan’s tears was building up.

Xander gave me Xan and pulled Serena by the arms.

I could hear Xander giving Serena a lecture while I distracted Xan.

He was scolding her telling her she had no right to talk to Xan like that.

“Mommy did that mean lady mean when she said daddy is not my dad.”

Smiling at him I spoke sweetly, “Honey, he is your daddy.”

“But why did she say that then.”

“She’s not right in the head.”

Xan laughed at that. I love his laughter. No matter how hard life is or what troubles arise, his laughter always brightens up my day.

Soon Xander walked in straightening out his hair.

“You okay son.” Xander looked at Xan, “I’m okay daddy.”

“Good, don’t listen to that grandma.”

Xan laughed some more, “She no look like grandma.”

“That’s because she’s using clown make up.”

I watch and listen at the two talking, my boys.

So far so good. Only 2 weeks me and Xan have been living with Xander. Within that two weeks we haven’t had sex and now I’m sexually frustrated. Not once has he tried to touch me. Is he already tired of me.

Xan was at day care, while I had to go to my office. Not Xander’s office but my own. I had several cases that needed my attention. Serena has been picking up little fights with me but I ignore her.

So far she is trying to have dinner and breakfast with us we even made small talk. However I could see she is putting up an act. She has some hidden agenda for what? That I will have to find out. Xander being Xander thinks she is trying to befriend me. Is he blind or stupid, maybe both. There was no point in starting an argument so I kept my mouth shut. Truth will come out eventually.

More weeks has pass and Xander has been going to Serena’s doctor appointments. I would come home late one night and I’d find both of them in the living room while Xander talks to his unborn child.

To say I wasn’t jealous, no hell I was super jealous. I knew this was going to happened. Why did I ever agree to move in. Now I’m the stupid one.

I see the love in his eyes as he fondles over his child he has never met. In fact most of our conversation is about his soon to be child.

I’m starting to despise him or her. Is it wrong of me? I shouldn’t have stayed here.

Today we decided to have a family day, us three at a petting Zoo when Xander got a call from Serena saying it was an emergency. And yup you guessed it, he left to be with her when come to find out that emergency was a craving for a certain food.

Xander didn’t even get mad at her all he did was tell her don’t do it again.

So that whole day it was just Xan and I. Xan wondered if his daddy is going to come back here.

Xander called and said he will come back but guess what he never did.

Another emergency?

I sat down on a bench watching Xan feed the animals. I took pictures. Looking at my phone I called Xander. It rang four times before he picked up, “Xander where are you? Xan is waiting for you.”

“Allison, hi.”

“Serena, what are you doing with his phone?” I gritted my teeth why was she answering his phone? My nerves became rattled. I was afraid to hear what she was going to say next.

“Sorry Xander is busy at the moment, he’s in the shower.” Just then I could hear the shower running, “Sorry we’re busy.” She gleefully spoke.

On the other line I could hear his voice, “Serena....” just before she ended the call.

To say I was shock was a bit surprising.

I should’ve known.

“Xan are you ready to leave now?” I called Xan. It was nearing 4 o’clock, we stayed here for over three hours. Xander said he was going to show up in 20 minutes. Well only 10 minutes pass but seeing he is busy with other things I decided its time to leave considering he’s not showing up.

Xan skipped to me, “What about daddy?”

“I’m sorry hon, daddy is busy at the moment, he’ll come next time.”

“Ok mommy.”

I picked up Xan and we headed towards the car. Good thing Xander had taken a cab to Serena earlier. Guess he anticipated of not coming back.

As I strapped Xan into his seat it started to rain. Good thing we are leaving.

On the road, the rain started pouring cats and dogs. The cars in front of me we’re hard to see.

Xan was passed out on the seat, when my phone rang. Glancing at it, the call was from Xander. I know you’re not suppose to be using the phone and driving but I would like to hear his excuse this time. (do not drive and use cell phones)

Picking up the phone I answered it when I heard Xander’s voice, “Ally...” Boom a car had bumped me from behind causing my phone to slip down, “Ally can you hear me?”

Shit, I cursed in my head, I looked away from the road to see where my phone had dropped when I heard honking. Quickly looking back up I saw head lights heading towards me. Using the stirring wheel, I turned and swerved, the tires I could hear screeching and sliding on the road. Trying to gain control on the road, another car rammed into the passenger’s side. My car found it self stuck on the side of the other car soon as from what I could see it was a collision of cars, not one or two but at least 3. My head hit the side windows.

I turned my head towards Xan who was still sleeping when I notice another car coming straight towards us from the front. Unbuckling my seat belt I jumped towards the back shielding Xan when I felt a large impact, my head flew back, my arms had cracked from trying not to crush Xan in the process. All I felt was pain all over, and I was pinned with Xan beneath me. I could feel blood trickle down my skin as I told my self to stay awake, “Xan honey, open your eyes up for me baby.” My body was twisted, who knew I was flexible (note the sarcasm)

I was worried that I could have crushed him but I felt his warm breath. Slowly he opened his eyes, ‘Oh thank god.’

“Mommy.” The look on his face was confusion. I’m so glad he’s alright.

“Everything will be alright, I promise.” My eyes were getting heavy.


“Yes mommy?” He was beginning to wimper.

“Could you sing for mommy please?”

I could see he was lost. Probably thinking why our car looked different or why mommy’s body is bent in a funny position.

Soon he started to sing me a song he would occasionally sing for me, one of his favorite nursery rhyme, a song that I had always sing to him, ‘You are my sun shine.’ Course he’s missing a few words but he was conscience and he was singing.

I soon found my eyes closing and everything had turn black.

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