His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 2:

Alexander POV (above pic)

Here I am in her room, my girls room lying on her bed with her in my arms, oh how I wish I could have and hold her here forever with me never once letting her go.

But if only it was that easy. Mother and father always doing things their own way.


“Let her go son.” My father Mike Reid spoke with his husky voice.

“No, dad I love her.” I yelled only to witness the vain popped in his big cranium skull.

“What the hell did you say....She doesn’t have a good back ground. She’s an orphan and nothing good can come out of it. She’s been in police custody more times that I can count. Did you know back in her teen years she was caught fighting with her upper class man and was seen stealing. We do not need that kind of girl in our family. She is nothing but problematic child only wanting your money.”

I understood where he was coming from, Ally did have a temper and that mouth of her does get her in trouble some times as for stealing it was settled and a misunderstanding. However I would never change her one bit...“Don’t you dare speak that way about her....she doesn’t even know what I do and never once has she asked my for anything.” Well except that small gifts I bring to her from London. She was always excited to see what I give her and that smile I would pay a hell lot of money for her sweet smile. I promised her that I take her here and there where ever she wants to go.

He threw a stack of papers in front of me with a picture of a blond female, granted she’s pretty but not pretty as my Ally. Why are all the girls that I know blond aside from Ally. “You will meet her, you will get to know her, you will love her and you will marry her.”

What....the....fuck.... My wife my future wife I already choose a long time ago when I first saw her beautiful dark eyes, with her creamy skin and a smile to die for. I know sounds weird considering she was seven at the time. But I could never forget the way she spoke, well her words were all cuss words, still her giggle is what brought me to my knees even as I see her.

“Listen old man, I will not marry some whore you picked out of a stack.”

My father grinned, “This is no whore...her name is Serena Burt and she comes from a well known respected family, You’ll do as I say or this company will go to your cousin.”

I was shock that he would give my birth right that my grandfather, his father built from the ground up. I took the papers he had given me and walked out the door.

End of Flashback.

I saw a hand in front of my face breaking me out of my thoughts, “Well”

Teasing her a bit, I gently kissed the back of her hand “Well what?”

“Where’s my present?”

“Is that all you look forward to?”

She puckered up her lips and pouted, the most adorable pout that I have ever seen.

“Relax babe...” Babe...that word seems so right that fits her. In all honesty I had not problem getting the girl but not once have I ever called another female babe. Sure I have gone on numerous dates but no one holds a candle to my Ally. “Your present will arrive later.”

I ran a finger down her kissable lips. How I’d like to taste them. Truth be told I have never held anyone in my arms let a lone touch another female. I know those tabloids had pictures of me going to functions with a different girl on my arm, those I prefer arm candies nothing but arm candies. I’m glad Ally don’t read or have never picked up a tabloid. Fiction...that’s what she calls them. If you want to know where I am going at yes, I have never kissed nor touch a female other than ally.

Getting up with Ally I spoke, “Get dress, let’s go out.”


It’s been several days and Ally and I have been going out early morning and getting in bed at 2 in the morning. Yes we sleep together and I mean just sleep. We would get up and just go. Ally hated making plans. She says making plans never work out.

That’s one of the things I love about her, she is up to trying new things with me, never saying no. Very spontaneous. I hope she will agree to what I am about to do next.

So here we are at a small diner about to order the food when the waitress came up to us smiling her flirty smile and trying to hard to gain my attention. Not once have my eyes left Ally’s. I could stare at her all day.

“Hello...” Allison snapped her fingers at the waitress.

I could see her glare at Allison, “My that’s sweet going to have dinner with your sister.”

I could see where she was going with this.

“Look bitch back off....” Allison snarled at her. The waitress looked taken back but as for me, I wasn’t shaken by her words. As I know she does have a potty mouth. “Do I look like his sister to you....No stop staring and do your fucking job...I don’t think your boss pays you to fuck with the customers. ” I could see Allison trying to control her words.

I held her hand slightly rubbing trying to calm her down.

The waitress stood her ground, she got guts, I give you that.

Allison stood up in her sandals standing at about 5 feet 4 looking ready to pounce. I grabbed her and sat her back down, “Look miss just take our orders please.”

After that little show down the waitress left and I turned my attention to Allison.

“What?” She asked innocently as if nothing just happened.

“What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I shrugged my shoulders and left it at that.

Our food finally arrived and we had talk well she had talked I just listened. “Ally...” I finally get to speak up, she looks up at me and smiles...it’s now or never. “You know how we just do what ever we feel like....” “Um...yeah....” “Well are you ready to do the next thing?” “Sure I am up for anything.” Gulping I’m just going to blurt it out, “Let’s get married.”

All the food she was currently chewing splattered all over me, wish I could say gross but her expression is to die for.

“Huh, what they hell are you talking about?”

“Well we have been friends for ages and it only seems right why not tie the knot.”

“Just like that, huh...hello you live in London and I live here.”

“I thought about that well when your done with school I’m thinking of taking you with me.”

“What about your girlfriend and possible your wife with your seven kids waiting for their daddy to come home....along with that dog...”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Well seeing I don’t know about your life in London, I imagine you have a concubine at home with kids with different mom’s seeing you are very handsome and....”

“You think I’m handsome.” I smiled at that.

“After everything I accused you off that’s all you pick up on...”

I couldn’t help but laugh and pinch her cheeks, “You are so cute.” She turned her head and mumbled something to herself which I clearly heard, “Kittens are cute...”

“Beautiful.” I saw her turn all shades of red. “You are beautiful.”

Turning her head back to me, “And no I don’t have girlfriends, a wife, or seven kids....So are you up for it?”

“What the hell Xander, we can’t just get married. We both have our whole life....”

I practically zoned Allison out after that....Being friends with her for a long time I know how to get her to do what I want, I can always count on her huge ego and pride, “Tsk, tsk tsk.”

Allison shifted in her seat, “What...”

“I didn’t pegged you for a coward...I can’t believe the great Al scared of a little commitment...” I could see her clench her jaws. “You have change in this pass months I’ve been gone...I bet you don’t do dares any more. You are a pussy cat.” I know what I’m doing is wrong but why does it feel so right just to keep her by my side.

“I outta beat the shit out of you...”

“Wow big words for such a tiny kitten. I bet you can’t handle being a wife. Too much work for you, poor baby.”

She slammed her fist on the table making me wince in fright only for a split second, “Fine I’ll show you...I’ll be the best dammed wife you’ll ever known.”

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