His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 19:

Allison POV

The sound of heart beat sooth me. His heart beat was relaxing to my ears. I am laying on his chest for about an hour looking up at him.

My finger’s trace the tattoo he has on his right side of his shoulder. It was new which he never had before. I should ask him what it means.

My fingers ran down towards his eight pack abs. How does he do it. I never seen him workout and he eats a ton, yet his body is just perfectly fit. So not fair. I on the other had have to watch what I eat, especially after all that pregnancy fat. Took me a year but still I never was able to go back to my original weight.

I was never fat, just now I have meat on my bones. I guess I was too skinny before to my liking.

My fingers were now lightly roaming around his rock hard chest.

Suddenly I heard Xander chuckle and felt the vibration coming from deep inside. Slowly he opened his eyes, grabbed my hands and looked down on me, “That tickles you know.”

He smiled, “I’m glad its you I woke up to, my wife.” The frown on my lips quivered a bit so He kissed me on the forehead, “Good morning baby girl.” His thumb gently sliding across my cheeks as if I was a porcelain doll.

That statement alone had me cringing.

“Sorry, never again will I even touch let alone look at another woman. The only woman that occupies my every thought is the one in my arms. My heart, my words, my very being belongs to you.” His fingers lightly brush the side of my cheeks.

I blushed, after all these years he can still make me cr...no wait gag yups gag.

Getting up with the blanket wrapped around me, “I’m going to freshen up.”

He looked at me with a crooked smile, “What? Something wrong?”

“Nope nothing.” His smile still freaking me out.

As I walked to the bathroom he pulled on the sheet making me stand butt naked. “Hey.”

“No need to be shy now, I have already seen everything.”

Turning around towards the bathroom I could hear him stiffing a laugh.

What’s so funny I wonder. “Care to join me?” I asked.

“No, you do what you need to do baby, I’ll be right here in this exact same spot waiting for you?”

Odd. He’s acting weird, “Okay suit yourself.” I would’ve thought he’d jump at the chance to play in the shower. Don’t most guy never pass up the opportunity to have some fun with their wife especially in the bath tub. I guess he’s not most guys I thought to myself.

In the bathroom I splashed some water on my face. I took a face towel and began rubbing my sore areas soothing it including my red butt cheek. Taking a glance I scream, “Holy shit!” I screamed trying to glance in my long mirror back side. I almost broke my neck trying to do a 360 degree turn over. Now I know why he wouldn’t dare join me, I’m going to kill him.

On the other side of the door I could hear Xander cracking up a storm.

I rushed out of the bathroom towards Xander my face red “Xander! What the hell did you do?”

“I don’t know what you mean babe?”

“Like hell you don’t and don’t babe me.” I pointed to my ass, on the left side of my butt cheek in black permanent marker was read ‘Property of Xander,’ on the right side of my butt cheek had ‘touch this and die.’ An arrow was nicely drawn pointing to the center of my core.

Xander was laughing, he laughed so hard he almost fell of the bed.

I guess he was serious about putting his name on me, thank goodness it’s temporary.

“Baby, we could have that permanently fixed.”

“Hell no and when did you have time to do this?”

“Last night. And might I add you are so cute when you sleep, snoring softly .“Xander scrunched his nose.

“I do not snore.”

“Baby, you always snore, but I don’t mind.” Picking up a pillow, I threw it at him which he caught effortlessly. Soon we ended up throwing pillows at each other and some how I ended up on top of him, my legs on each side, straddling him, both naked. “I like this position.” He growled then grabbed my hips while I tried to move out of the way, however he kept me firmly attached to him.

He moaned. I could feel his dick getting hard. “I don’t think we have time for this.”

He spoke no word. I did feel his hand move, he grabbed his harden dick, stroking it at first before lifting me up and slidding his cock into me, “Ride me baby.”

I found myself riding and pounding unto him. I couldn’t help me self it felt good as hell.

Both of his hands were on my hips while my hands were placed on his hard chest.

“Fuck...” he groaned.

I slowly rode him not wanting to go any faster. It was slow but full of feelings we had towards one another. His hand then slipped around my back pulling himself up. I continued to ride him and he bent his head down sucking on either of my breast.

“Ohhh....” My hand wrapped around his body as we both held each other tightly.

“Baby, keep going.” He said breathlessly.

I felt his butt lifting up the bed and thrusting into me. His hands now on my ass rubbing it. His fingers on my butt hole slowly he stuck the tip of one finger inside, I gave a yelp. Is he going to do what I think he’s going to do?

“Shhh...baby....girl....I want to claim every inch of your body including this.” Slowly his fingers pushed inside my ass hole...To say it was something new and different was well it was out there. I bit my lip...

Looking at him he told me what I wanted to know, “Not now, soon I will have to prep your ass for my cock.”

I smiled and lick his lips. He took my tongue in his. “Mmmm....you tastes so fucking good.”

His thrusts was becoming more harder and so is his hold on me. His fingers going in and out of my butt whole.

“Ahhh....baby...I’m cumming...” He moaned.

And fuck we both came undone.

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