His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 18:

Alexander POV

One week. I haven’t seen or heard from Ally or Xan. I thought I would give them time and I can prepare myself of what to say to her.

Strolling into my office my temp secretary whose name I still haven’t learn greeted me with a seductive smile. I had notice the attire she was wearing. Low cut tight fitting jeans with her breast popping out of that what look like a kids shirt she probably bought in the kids section.

There was a time where I would jumped at the opportunity, but now all I could think about is Ally and how to get her to come back.

Lunch came around and my temp secretary entered without knocking placing a brown envelope on top of my desk.

“Next time knock, and Thank you Cindy.” I spoke coldly without looking at her.

“It’s Carla.” She squeaked.

She stood there gawking at me and batting her eyes.

“You may leave now.” With her head hung low she turned around and left.

Grabbing the piece of brown envelope I took out the contents and was utterly shocked.

I rushed out of my office I growled at my temp secretary, “Carry, who dropped this off?”

She had looked a bit frightened maybe it was due to the fact my eyes where burning a whole in her caked face. When she didn’t answer I tuned down my voice and asked calmly waving the papers in front of me, “Christy, who delivered these.”

“It’s Carla, sir...”

She continued when she finally understood I didn’t care about her name, “It was a mail carrier.”

Heading back to my office I once again dialed my PA, “Have you found any leads?”

“Can’t you ever just call to say hello....” I could almost see her lips curled, “Well anyway the guest in the motel at first they were very reluctant to cooperate. You would never have guess the much illegal activities that are held in this city...”

My patients was wearing thin, “I don’t care....what I care about is where did the stories and pictures come from?”

“You didn’t let me finish, as I was saying at first they didn’t want to cooperate but with a little persuasion it did the trick. I do have one name for you Jacob Burt.”

“Serena’s brother?”

“Yups. The two were seen in the hotel room together just before your incident happened.”

What the hell. Was he in the room that night, that’s just wrong on so many levels.

“I’ll kill them both. What else you got for me?”

“I found where your wife is staying?”

“Good text me the address?”

I waited a good solid minute after talking with my PA for the address my family is staying at.

‘Ding’ my phone chimed letting me know I have one new message.

It’s time got get my family.

I knocked on the door my wife suppose to be staying at. It was a small apartment just outside of the city. I checked my watch it was almost 3 in the afternoon. When no one answered I banged impatiently.

Then I heard foot steps, when the door opened, Ally who I haven’t seen in the past few days took one look at me and attempted to slam the door in my face but I quickly pushed it open allowing myself to enter before closing the door.

Xan was no where to be seen, he’s probably still at day care where Ally likes to put him into.

She stared at me while my eyes had roamed all over her body. The lack of sleep was noticeable.

“Xander how did you know where I am, no wait scratch that why are you here instead of with your soon to be wife?”

Ignoring her question I threw the papers at her, “What’s this?”

She glance at it, “Can’t you read, it’s our divorce papers?”

“I know what it is but...” I stepped forward to her while she stepped backwards, she was now trapped between me and the wall. She had no where to go, I could feel her breast against my chest as they rise and fall, my hands placed on the side of her head against the flat surface not allowing her to escape. “I’m not divorcing you. Not now not ever.”

“Oh, really you don’t have a say in that matter. Or would you like me to sue you for adultery. Save your reputation while you still can.”

I took a sniff, she smelt like vanilla, it was all over her, I can’t wait to hold her once again. “I know what you must be thinking, and what ever it is stop thinking it. I did not sleep with her.”

“Oh really you could’ve fooled me with all that breathing and moaning, I’m not stupid. So why don’t you sign the damn papers so we both can move on with our lives.”

“No way in hell I’m moving on without you. And I will never let you move on. Divorce or not you are mine and no one else.”

“Ha!” She chuckled, “I’m no one’s property.”

“On the contrary If I have to, I will tattoo my name on your fuckable ass.” She stared at me cold hard.

“Tsk tsk tsk Ally, you must know baby girl you...are....it....for...me...” I breathe hard in her ear causing her to shiver.

“Sorry but I don’t want to stay married to a cheater.”

“Fuck Ally I did not cheat on you....” I hesitated as much as she need to know the truth I was ashamed of myself, more like humiliated, “I was drugged and she raped me. I don’t even remember what the hell happened. When I woke up the following day, I thought it was you I was with.”

Her eyes stared at me never blinking. She didn’t spoke a word.

“Say something.”

Instead of speaking she tried to push me off but I grabbed both her hands and held it above her head, “Damn it Ally I love you.”

“Let me go.”

“No, I fucking love you so much it hurts.” With that I took that moment to crash my lips on hers. She was reluctant at first but she opened up to me. Soon our tongue were battling each other. She was a fighter but in the end she was no match for me.

With one arm still holding her hand above her head, my other hand slipped under her shirt rubbing and kneading her breast. I heard her moan in my mouth.

Still kissing her, my tongue left to meet her expose shoulders where I sucked leaving a nice mark. Today I would mark her as mine, show her who she belongs to, only me.

My body grind up to her. Letting go of her arms, she wrapped her arm around me and I picked her up by her ass, her legs wrapping around my waist as I placed her on the kitchen counter.

We continued to kiss, hard at first then slow and passionate.

I had removed her pants along with her underwear, her shirt was thrown aside. Lifting up her bra I gently licked her nipples. My tongue swirled around them while the other continued to massage her breast.

Her legs spread open, ripe for the taken. Slowly Kissing and licking down to her pussy, I rubbed her inner thigh. I could smell her arousal. Her pussy dripping, I couldn’t wait to dive in.

My fingers slid into her while I continued to look up at her, her lips trembling and her eyes never leaving mine.

Still in between her legs kneeling, I took my fingers out and licked it, “Yum.” Soon I was kissing her pussy, my tongue slurping up her juices assaulting her very core. I love her tastes, her smell, her moans.

I felt her gripping onto my hair tugging.

“Ah....” Her breathing became erratic. I felt her muscles clench, “Let it go baby.”

“Ah...” I began slurping up her juices. Sticking my finger one last time in her pussy before standing up and putting it in her mouth she sucked on my finger, licking it clean. My dick hardening even more against my pants wanting to be set free.

Ally jumped off the counter and unbuckled my belt pulling down my pants and underwear. My hard cock sprung free.

Using her hands she rubbed my cock before sucking it hard, she had my balls in the palm of her hands, literally speaking. I found myself at her mercy.

My head tilted backwards enjoying her touch. I took off my shirt for I was getting too hot and tossed it somewhere anywhere, I’m just glad my previous marks had already disappeared, it wasn’t strong enough to hold even my needs.

I could hear the slurping noises coming from her, “Oh, yeah baby, just like that.”

My hands grabbed her hair pulling her towards me further making her gag. She continued to suck and lick my balls at the same time.

In her mouth I could feel the back of her throat, “Heh....ah...” I could feel myself building to the sensation, “Ugh....Fuck Ally, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum in your mouth.” As must as that would be hot to see her swallow I didn’t want to push her. Lucky for me she continued. Faster, she sucked, “Fuck Ally, I’m cumming.”

I held her hair tight and pushed my self into her letting myself cum into her mouth. She gagged and she swallowed.

She released herself licking my dick clean. Looking down at her, I bent down to kiss her. I could tastes myself in her mouth.

Rising to her feet, I placed her back on the counter, Kissing her all over. I was hard as fuck. “Xander....” She placed her head in the crook of my neck nibbling my ear, my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I felt her nails dig in the back of my back when I pushed my cock into her. Slowly at first. Her legs wrapped around me.

“Xander....” She whispered again.

Finally I thought. “Ally...” While I slowly pushing myself into her, I continued to stare lovingly into her eyes. I held her waist as if she was about to fall.

“Faster.” She spoke. That one word sent me on a sexually overdrive. Soon I was slamming into her, we were both moaning, and out of breath, her hands roamed my chiseled chest and I kissed her over and over again.

“Ah...Omg, Xander this feels so...”

I smiled took her in my mouth and with one last rammed, I cummed in to her sweet pussy.

She looked at me wide eye, “We didn’t use a condom and I’m not on birth control.”

“So what, I want another baby with you. And I will make sure to impregnate you again.”

Out of breath she replied, “And how will you do that?” She playfully teased.

I gave her a knowing look. Picking her up off the counter I spun her around, jammed my cock from behind her causing her to yelp.

Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the counter. My hands place firmly on her ass. I slapped one of her ass cheeks leaving a nice red mark, she gave another yelp.

“Fuck Ally, I’m going to explode again.” One of my hands are now place on one of her shoulders while the other holding her hair.

This feeling that I was feeling was indescribable. She’s the only one where I feel like I could hold her in my arms forever. No other woman made me feel like this.

I was truly the happiest. “Ally, Ally,” I pulled her body towards me, where her back was pressed up against my chest.

My arm wrapped around her slim waist the other rubbing her breast. My head bent over kissing her neck while I continued to thrust into her from behind.

“Don’t stop, please.” She begged.

“I won’t. Never.” Her hands gripping onto me. I could feel her legs giving way but I held her so she wouldn’t fall.

“Ally I want to cum...”

“No don’t not yet.”

“But I can’t hold it any more.”

“Please...” her voice was weakening.

“Cum with me.”

“Not yet...” I could feel she wanted to cum also but she was holding it in and I needed to explode.

One of my hands slowly crept downwards playing with her clit while the other hand shifted her head towards me where I was able to kiss those juice pouty lips of her.

“Mmmm....” She moaned.

“Baby cum for me.”

“Mmmm...” Her legs had stiffened.

Fuck I need to cum now. I picked up my pace teasing her clit while jamming my cock from behind her.

I felt her nails digging in my fore arms.

I could feel her close as I cummed and she cummed onto me as well.

Our pace slowed down. She went limp in my arms.

Lifting her up, I carried her to her small bed room and began to clean her.

Not a word she said, she just stared at me.

It was hard to believe we had sex seeing she thinks I cheated on her. My curiosity was killing me.

As if reading my thoughts she answered, “I’m a lawyer Xander, I can pretty much tell who is telling me the truth and your eyes didn’t waver.”

Relief washed over me, “I never wanted to hurt you.”

“I know.”

“So what now?” I asked curiously.

“If you want we can file a law suit....” she paused, “But considering you could be the laughing stock I’ll just find evidence she drugged who illegally and I’ll dish up any dirt on the Burt’s I could find.”

I was shock. This was too easy. First she believes me and is willing to go against the Burt’s.

“Baby, I’ll deal with them. They are not to be messed with. I don’t want them to hurt you...I know what they are capable of.” I have to admit, the Burt Family are use to getting what they want even if it means to lie, cheat, steal and probably commit murder. I would be dammed if I let anything happen to Ally or Xan.

“I’m Big Al, and it’s suppose to be the other way around. Don’t underestimate me.” I don’t know whether to be scared for my Ally or relieved that she can handle any situations that comes her way.

“One more thing, this was too easy. The Ally I know would never let me...”

“Fuck me...” She answered for me. “Charlie spoke to me after your encounter with him and your PA told me everything a couple days ago.”

My PA did? “If she didn’t then I wouldn’t even let you touch me.”

“If she did, why the divorce papers?”

“Call it punishment.”

Ah, now there’s my Ally, well lesson learned, hang on a minute my PA told her everything, “How much did my PA tell you?”

She smiled, “Just enough.”

She was vague in her answer. Doesn’t matter as long as I have her back in my arms. Note to self give my PA a raised.

“Don’t we have to pick up Xan?”

“Nope, he’s with Charlie and he said I quote, I’ll give you and sweet cheeks some time alone and might I add he said that with a wink.”

My whole body all of a sudden seemed to be un-edge. I have a very bad feeling. Mother always told me when I was younger to always follow your instinct. Note to self mother is always right.

“What’s wrong?” Her fingers slightly caressing my abs when I suddenly grew quite.

“I just can’t help that something big is about to happen.”

“You worry too much.”

Soon we both found ourselves asleep holding each other. Little did I know that, that something will jeopardize my wife, family and turn my world upside down.

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