His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 17:

Alexander POV

Just knock on the door, I ordered myself, unfortunately my body refuses to listen to me.

‘Click’ the door from the inside could be heard and that’s when Charlie stepped out, “Well look what the cat drag in?”


“I’m surprise you still have the guts to show your face?” The anger laced in his voice was not lost.

“Where is she?” I tried to push him aside to enter but the big baboon blocked my path.

“Hold it sweet cheeks. You are not allowed to come in.”

“Ally!” I yelled hoping she was here. “Ally!”

“She’s not here.”

“Please I need to see her, Ally!”

“Calm your jets, I told you she’s not here.”

I can’t believe this, “Move.” I ordered.

“Now that’s not a nice way to order me around.”

“Damn it Charlie, where is she, where the hell is my wife, my son my family?” Stepping up to him even though he was 6 feet tall I still out number him in heights, “If you do not move this instance I will have this building condemn.”

“Excuse me sir, but this is my home and you are trespassing.”

Is this guy serious. Is he keeping me away from my family. He has no right, they’re mine and no one, not the media, not my dad and not the Burt’s will keep me from my family.

Just then Charlie pulled out a magazine with me on the front page, “Look, I should warn you but given the circumstances and your future wife I would suggest you leave Ally and Xan alone.”

“She’s my wife and he’s my son, no one especially you will keep me away from them now will you tell me where the fucking hell she is or will I have to make you talk.” I snapped.

“Well you should’ve thought of that before your face was plastered all over the news. Really, pictures are worth a thousand words and before you can say it’s not what it seems, pah...lease, that line is over use. Now answer me, is that you on the front page? Did you or did you not sleep with her while your WIFE was worried sick about you last night.”

I was speechless, she was worried. “I don’t know, I mean I don’t think, I would never do that to her.”

“You don’t think. Oh come one Mr. Big Shot, just tell the truth you slept with that slut?”

He was getting on my nerves, “Apparently you do not know who I am. I love my wife and son very much, I wouldn’t cheat.”

“You did and I assume more than once after you got married. Well let me remind you, you left her and probably slept with half the girls in the city, surprisingly you didn’t contract any diseases.”

“Can we take this inside, the neighbors are staring?” It’s true, I hate noisy neighbors.

With a sigh he led me into the living room.

Looking around I can tell she’s not here not even Xan.

“Charlie I don’t know how this happened. I know what I did before and that was a mistake. I’m not making any kind of excuses but now that I have her I would never risk loosing her.”

“That’s rich coming from a guy who answer his phone, had sex while talking to said wife and blowing into another whore.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Last night, Allison called you because she woke up to find you gone. When she called, you answered breathless I might add and the next thing she heard was you moaning in the back round.”

I did what! “That story is far fetch don’t you think? Why would I even do that?”

“Check your phone on your caller ID.”

Checking my phone I had a call from Ally at 3 in the morning and the call lasted for almost ten minutes. What the fuck?

My brain was now working on over drive, the more I was thinking the more these blurred vision was clearing up but all in bits in pieces. I remember voices and Serena, the sucking, the ringing, oh fucking stupid bitch answered my damn phone.

“Fucking bitch.” I cursed Serena’s name.

“Remember now hot shot?” He looked at me, “Took you long enough”

“Charlie where is she?”

“Again with that question.”

“Let me explain.”

“Explain what. You are a despicable human being. Who answer’s his wife’s call while have sex with a plastic bitch at least have the courtesy to finish first then talk to her geeze louise .”

“I was drugged and she she...” I couldn’t say it, it sounds ridiculous just hearing it.

“Raped you.” Charlie laughed at that. “You, who they call Mr. Big tycoon, who eat’s corporation for breakfast and doesn’t take nothing standing down. I can read the head lines now, Mr. Billionaire play boy drugged and raped by a dwarf.” He was laughing so hard I swear I could see his eyes rolling back and forth.

“Are you done?”

“Nope just a few more laughs...okay okay...” He began wiping his tears away. “So what do you intend to do. Even if your story is true, it wont erased the fact Allison heard you on the phone.”

“It is true...”

“Allison wont think it is.”

“Then I will get her to believe me.”

“And how will you do that. Force her like you forcing yourself to live with her. Sorry hot shot but it doesn’t work that way.”

“Then I will make it work.”

“Right now just leave her be.”

“I will not. She is my wife.”

“She needs time alone.”

“No, what she needs is me.” Charlie shook his head.

“I don’t think she wants to see you.”

“And you know this because.”

“Put yourself in her position.”

“Well if she was raped I’d have the man castrated and feed him to the sharks.”

“Yeah well if I was her I wouldn’t be able to look at you knowing you had sex while on the phone with you moaning. Think about it that way.”

His words rang in my head. Is there no way to get her back? I’d cross the burning lava just to get to her. No, I don’t care what Charlie says. She will have to listen to me. I will explain to her. I will tell her I Love her. God I love her. I just hope I’m not too late.

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