His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 16:

Alexander POV

The ringing in my head wouldn’t stop. Opening my eyes the sun shone brightly through the colored creamed curtains.

There it was again that buzzing nose, “Honey could you turn off the Alarm?”

When I didn’t hear her response, I slammed the snooze button down looking at the clock which read 1:00 pm. Holy shit, I slept for that long?

Doesn’t matter, Ally slept under the covers with her arms wrapped around me.

Slowly lifting the covers I was met with blond hair. Since when did Ally have blond hair?

Trying to recall the events from yesterday is when I notice I was completely naked.

Crap, I pulled the blanket down, double crap. What the mother fucking hell was she doing in my bed?

Taking a look around, I realize this wasn’t Ally’s room. Where the hell am I?

My clothes were scattered as I picked them up one by one dressing myself in a hurry. Shit where the hell is the condom?

“Mmmm....” Serena moaned in bed, “Come back to bed baby boo.”

My anger level was rising. Pulling the blanket from under her hard, I watch Serena fly across the bed and slamming into the wall. “Mother fucking hell Alexander!”

She was gripping her head, do I care nope. “What the hell Serena, what are you doing here?”

“Don’t you remember baby boo,” She cooed. “The fun we had last night when you agreed to make a baby with me?”

“Like hell I would...”

Serena stood up, “but we did, and we had so much fun.”

I wanted to puke all over the floor. I rushed towards the bathroom locking it in the process to splash some water on my face.

When I took a look on the mirror I was horrified at what I saw. Scratch marks on my chest, and love bits all over. I would never, I could never do that to Ally.

My fist curled in a ball, I’m not one for hitting woman but seriously this woman needs some serious beating.

“Baby boo...” I heard her whiny voice through the door.

Fuck I needed this off, this filth I was feeling. Turning on the shower I quickly washed my self, every inch removing whatever scent she left on me.

After feeling a bit refreshed aside from the marks she gave, I opened the door glaring at her while I quickly wrapped my hands around her throat. I could hear her gag for air. It would be so easy to end her life.

While she was gasping for air and struggling to get free, I thought of Ally, how she must not know about this. I can’t loose her again.

I felt Serena struggle in my hands before I dropped her.

Kneeling in front of her I growled, “If you ever come near me or Ally, I will kill you.”

Instead of fear she smiled, “You will be mine again! You will see we are meant to be together!”

“I was never yours to begin with.” Buttoning up my shirt I left in a quick haste after grabbing my wallet, keys and cell phone.

I walked aimlessly down the road contemplating on what to say to Ally when I go to her house.

Looking around, I couldn’t help notice the stares people were giving me. The whispers. What is this world coming to nowadays?

I stopped in a small market about to buy water to clench my thirst when a tabloid caught my attention.

The headline on the front covered plastered in all magazines with the same content, “Billionaire Playboy Alexander Reid finally tying the knot with heiress Serena Burt.... and one which read Finally after 2 years a date’s been chosen.” There was a picture of me and Serena naked in bed. If this was porn I’m sure nothing would be covered.

Staring at this piece of crap article, I bought the whole stand and ordered the sales boy to discard it.

Was this today’s news? People continued to stare, some holding those magazine, “Don’t you people have lives to attend to?” I yelled causing them to look away.

Ally, what is she going to think? I have to talk to her before she get’s word of this false rumor.

“Today’s news, Mr. Alexander Reid, do I hear wedding bells?”

I turn around to a voice and it was coming from a plasma television at a local store. Can’t these people mind their own fucking business and how did this even leak out? Fuck I can’t recall what happened?

Taking out my cell phone I dialed my PA, “Well Alexander how does it feel to be a porn star?”

“I don’t need a sarcastic remark from you, what I want right now is damage control. You need to fix this mess. Find out what happen to me and how this news became the most important thing in the world. Get hold of my PR to control the situation immediately!”

“And pray tell, how would I do that?”

“Isn’t that what I hired you for, to clean up my mess?”

“Alexander Reid! I had warn you about the Burt family in the first place. But you had to choose between your wife and your inheritance. Now I hate to be the one to say I told you so but...”

“I know already and I made a huge mistake. Now do it before Ally finds out.”

“Alexander I am sure she has already known it by now considering you are the talk of the town...”

“What the hell do I do?” For the first time I’m at a total lost. Usually I know how to handle situations, whatever comes my way I had dealt with it. But when it comes to Ally that’s a whole different story.

“You’re a big boy Alexander. You figure it out.” When I didn’t answer she continued, “You can handle meetings, clients with big asses...”

“You got to rephrase that.”

“I meant clients with a big stick up their ass, crazy ass daughters, and you can topple the world I’m sure you can handle your wife. Talk to her, listen to her first then get her to listen to you is all I can give you at the moment.”

I listened to my PA and she’s right. After all there is no way in hell I would’ve have sex with Serena. This is probably one of her ploy.

“Thank you.”

“After all you pay me the big bucks. Now what I can do is how they were able to get photos of you two unless you weren’t alone.”

She got me thinking, trying as hard to remember, everything seemed so fuzzy. I remember having dinner with both dads and her, the cab right after, and voices.


“What! Remembered something?”

“Serena she was talking to someone in the room.”


“How the hell should I know! Wait it was a man’s voice.”

“Okay, I could work with that. I’ll check out the place you were staying it which was?”

“A Raven motel down 5th avenue.”

“I’ll see if they have cameras and question the people there. I’ll also find out who leaked the stories here. In the mean time you take care of your family.”

“Thank you.” Ending our call I was grateful to having her handle these things for me.

Now I thought, time to talk with Ally. I just hope she wont run.

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