His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 15:

Alexander POV

“Honey, I’m home.” I walked in with Xan in my arms. I never get tired of calling her love endearing names. “Honey?”

I was met with silence until I walked into the Kitchen, there she was finishing the, dishes, tables all set and the smell of lasagna, hit my nose.

“Honey, I called again.” What ever she was focusing on she must not heard me so I did what I always wanted to do when a husband sees his wife in an apron doing things in the kitchen, I kiss her cheek only to get a sharp glare and her hand raise ready to slap me but notice Xan in my arms so she pulled back.

“Eww, daddy kissing mommy.” Xan covered his eyes.

I gasped and the expression on Ally’s face was caught of guard.

Xan my son had called me daddy for the first time. I was complete caught off guard and I could feel my heart doing back flips. It’s true what they say, when your child calls you for the first time its the best feeling in the world knowing he loves you unconditionally.

“Hi sweety.” She grabs Xan from me as if it hadn’t phased her.

“HI darling.”

“I was talking to Xan.”

That’s odd, usually when I call her other names, she’d have a come back for me as if honey’s are for bees. But today she just seem quieter than usual.

After washing up we sat at the dinner table. It’s been like this for the pass week, no work, no fathers, no clingy girlfriend, no interruptions. It’s like we are a complete family. I could get used to this.

“So how was your day sweety.” Ally began.

“Mommy, daddy took me to see the dogs.”


“At the dog park, mommy I want a doggie please. Daddy said I could have a doggie if I ask you first.”

“He did, did he.”

“Well I uh....”

“Honey, a doggie needs a bigger place to live in so he could run around.”

“You could move in with me?” I winked at her.

“Oh, sure we could, you, me, Xan and Serena. One big happy dysfunctional family.”

Ouch, “Mommy whose Se...Se...” I watched Xan trying to pronounce Serena’s name.

“That’s Daddy’s or will be daddy’s new wife.”

“You mean I’ll have another mommy.” For a two year old he was pretty smart.

“No bud, you’ll just have one mommy.”

“So mommy wont be my mommy anymore.” Xan sniffed.

“She’ll still be your mom...”

“I see....” He raised his chin as if he was contemplating what to ask next, “Then whose Se Se.”

“He is daddy’s...”

Before Ally could finished, I answered, “She’s no one. It’ll just be you me and mommy.”

Ally kicked my leg under the table.

“Yay!” I love seeing Xan smile as much as Ally smile but lately she hardly smile at me.

It was midnight. Xan was in his room sleeping and Ally was in my arms sleeping when I got a phone call.

“Who the fuck is calling me at this time?” I mumbled before answering it, “Yeah.”

“Son, thought you forgot about me.”

“Fuck, do you know what time it is....”

“Yes I do and I called so you can stop pretending to be a family and start your own family with Serena.”

How’d he know about Ally and our son, “What the fuck dad. Are you spying on me?”

“I have eyes in many places. Now let’s meet at our usually place now?”


“Either you come here or I come to you, your choice.” He hung up the phone.

Running my hands through my hair I quietly got changed and left as quiet as I could not wanting to wake my wife and son.

At our usual table, I sat with my dad, Serena and her dad.

“You two are getting married next month.” Mr. Burt spoke.

“What!” I pounded my fist on the table. “What the hell, I said I needed time.”

“Two years is a long time, now we set a date and everything’s set son.”

At that moment Ally’s face flashed in my mind and our son. No way in hell am I marrying her now, now that I got Ally back. Once she finds out about this I will loose her for good.

Serena wrapped her arms around me, I shook her off, “Let go.”

“Son, this is for your own good now, Frank and I are heading out while you and Serena plan things.”

I gawked at the two old men, they had a creepy smile on their face.

Once both where gone Serena pushed forth the wine glass that was filled with wine, god I need a drink. Without thinking, I gulped the whole thing.

I listened to Serena talking but everything seemed disoriented. I couldn’t focus. Was I drunk already? But I only had a small glass. Soon I was struggling to stand on my own two feet.

“Oh baby boo, let me help you.” Serena giggled before helping me stand. We climbed in a cab where I was trying to focus, yeah it wasn’t working.

We came to our destination, and I don’t even know where we are.

Soon I found myself on a comfy bed.

“Let me help you.” Serena took over as I struggled to undo my shirt for it was hot very hot in here.

I heard mumbles in the back but couldn’t make out what or who else was here.

Serena slowly walked towards me again me trying to focus when I heard my belt buckle and my pants along with my underwear sliding off.

“Oh, mommy miss you.” Serena kissed the tip of my cock earning a twitch from it.

Her nails scratching along my chest whispering in my ears, “Let’s make a baby baby boo.”

No way in hell, I grabbed her waist attempted to push her off but my strength was failing me.

I felt her lips crashed into mine trying to get me to open my mouth so she could slip her tongue into mine. Ally, I thought. If I do this, she’d be gone from me forever.

While Serena continue to kiss me, her hand rubbing my cock trying to get it hard. I was not having that unfortunately thinking of Ally was not helping.

In fact it was quite the opposite.

“I knew I could get you off but...” She stopped mid sentence when I felt her nail pinch me causing me to open my mouth allowing her to slip her tongue into mine.

Soon she was kissing me and I was kissing her back.

Ally, I kept thinking of her. “Fuck Ally.” I called her name.

Serena looked at me, “Call me what ever you want baby boo as long as I get to have a baby with you then you’ll be all mine.” She smirked.

Her hands was rubbing everywhere, her lips kissing my neck giving bite marks on me while I laid there trying to get a grip on the situation.

Just then I heard my cell phone ring.

“Ooh I wonder who that is.” Serena stood up getting my cell phone and with an evil glint in her eye answered it and gave it to me.

“Xander?” Fuck Ally. “Xander are you there I could hear you breathing.”

I wanted to answer her but Serena was already sucking on my cock. My breathing grew harder.

“Xander are you there?”

“Um...ye...ahh...Allyyy...I’m he...re...” I could barely control my words. As much as I hated the situation I’m in, it did feel really good.

“Where are you? I woke up and you were gone.”

Serena sucked me harder, I could feel my legs tightened about to explode in her mouth.

“Ally...it’s ah...”

Serena stopped when she felt I was about to cum while my hand unconsciously grip her head bobbing it up and down.

“Xander what’s going on, what are you doing, you sound like” I could almost see the tears in Ally’s eyes

“Fuckkkk....Ally....” I cummed in Serena’s mouth calling Ally’s name while she was on the phone.

I’m in deep fucking shit.

“I know that sound all too well Xander,” Click, the phone line went dead.

“Well that went well.” Serena chuckled.

“Get up and get out.”

“But we’re not done yet.” Though my strength still hasn’t fully returned I was not going to give her a baby. I don’t care what I have to do, I need my Ally. I need my family. Standing up, Serena jumped on me and roughly inserted my cock into herself and I found my self being drugged, and raped. I am never going out with another girl unless its with my wife.

Serena though she was rough housing it I could feel myself about to cum inside her without a condom.

“Yes baby just like that.”

With what little strength I have before I came I quickly push her off of me causing her to fall on the floor and I exploded on the bed and without her.

After that tiring sexual display I found myself invaded by darkness.

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