His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 14:

Allison POV

“Momma, hug hug.” I sat in the living room playing with Xan.

Today is my day off and I haven’t seen or heard from Xander for the pass two days. It’s got me rattled a bit.

After our outburst conversation in the hospital, Xander sat next to Xan holding a conversation of their own while I just watch on the side lines.

I could already tell Xan had taken a liking to his father.

But now we are at home.

“Girl, have you seen my yellow spandex?” Charlie yelled from the top of the stairs.

“It should be on the right side of the closet.”

Charlie was upstairs getting ready to go out. “Girl, I can’t find it.”

“Hang on I’m coming.”

I looked at Xan, “Xan honey, mommy is going to help daddy Charlie so I’ll be right back okay, you stay here and play with your robots.” He nodded his cute little head.

Heading up stairs, Charlie scurried the whole entire room looking for a perfect outfit. I swear he is worse than me when putting together one simple outfit. Hence I hate shopping with him. I remember when I was pregnant with Xan Charlie use to drag me around Babies R Us. My poor aching feet then. I hated shopping. Nowadays I just go online. It saves me gas, and time. He was hoping I had a baby girl so he could dress her up in cute little bonnets. He spent tons on dresses with frills and ribbons and bows. Poor Charlie, I on the other hand was happy with what ever I have but now I wouldn’t trade Xan for any other in the world.

Few minutes I help laid out his outfit on the bed. He came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. I must say he definitely has the body of a Greek God. I shook me head in despair, if only...

“Okay while you change I’m heading back down stairs. I left Xan there by himself.” Good thing our house is baby proof.

As I near the first floor I could hear voices. Xan was talking to a someone. It was hard to hear but I panic and grab the closest thing next to me an umbrella. I ran out swinging the umbrella around screaming, “Get the chocolate chopsticks away from my son.” I swung the umbrella only for it to be caught in mid air.

“Chocolate chopsticks?” I opened my eyes to see a familiar deep brown eyes staring back at me, “Xander? What are you doing here?”

He was not dress in one of his grey business suit but rather a casual attire which hugged his sculpted body. And jeans showing his tight ass. yummy. Did I just think that. I shook my head from all thoughts.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

I hadn’t notice the two full suit case behind him.

“You’re not staying here are you?”

“Well since you wont come to me, I guess I’ll come to you.”

“How long are you staying?”

Just then Charlie came down stairs still in his towel, “Girl...” He stop when he glanced at our unwanted guest.

“You live with him?” Xander pointed his finger towards Charlie.

“Correction, they live with me.” Charlie answered. “And might I say you look yummy in that tight jeans and t-shirt.” My thoughts exactly.

And there it goes Charlie’s personality, I mentally slap myself.

“Wait what?” Xander spoke, “Are you gay?”

“Oh, what gave that a way Sherlock.” Charlie rolled his eyes at him.

Before I knew what was happening I saw Charlie flew back, Xander had punch him square in the jaw, “Charlie.” Quickly I shield Xan before he saw that well lucky for him he was too busy turning on the tv to notice that his daddy Charlie was punched.

I crouch down to Charlie helping him up, “What the shoe tapping chicken Xander?” Okay I need to come up with new words.

“All this time, you made me think you both are an item. You really are making me look like a fool.” He pause looking like he was just reliving a scene, “That phone call, the time you said,” he stop when he had forgotten that Xan was in the room too.

“Hey don’t get made at Ally here, it was my idea, she was against it from the beginning isn’t that right darling besides it was fun seeing you doing a tap dance around Ally.” He laughed.

“You don’t get to call her Ally.”

“Look sweety, I admit I probably went a bit over board but I was a bit miffed on how you could leave behind a beautiful girl.”

“Daddy Charlie are you okay?” Xan ran up to Charlie hugging him finally noticing him.

I then just saw the hurt in Xander’s eyes.

Charlie hugged Xan, “I’m alright little man.” Turning his back he said, “Now if you two don’t mind I am late for my date as it is. Joseph will have my head.”

Moments later Charlie came down all dolled up, “Now I am going to stay with Joseph for a while, don’t know when I’ll be back but you kids don’t kill each other.” With that Charlie swung his hips all the way out the door.

Xander look back at me then looked around the apartment, “Kinda small for the three of you.” He crossed his arms leaning against the arm chair. “It’s what I can afford.”

“What do you mean, you’re a big time lawyer in New York.”

“So, I have bills to pay?”

“Bills, tell me I’ll get it taken care of.”

“I can handle them.”

“What sort of bills do you have to pay that require big amount of cash.”

“Student loans.”

“Why not use the account I opened up for you?”

I shook my head “It’s not my money.”

“That’s the thing Ally, we are married, what’s mine is yours and...” He looked me up and down, “What’s yours is mine?”

He picked up his bags along with Xan in his arms, “I’ll just put my things in your room.”

“Hold on a minute, you’re not sleeping in my room are you?”

“Of course where else am I going to sleep?” He continued to ascend the stairs, “How bout the couch.”

He laughed, “I’m a big man your couch is not enough for one of my legs alone.”

“Well Charlie never complained.” I mumbled to myself following him upstairs where I saw him just standing there in front of my bed.

“You shared a bed with Charlie?” I could once again hear the jealousy in his voice after finding one of Charlie’s boxer on the bed..

“Yeah, so he’s like a sister I never had.”

“He’s still a man with a carrot.”

“A carrot, really.”

“Hey I’m trying it out.”

“Well nice one.”

“Don’t change the subject.” Putting his bags and Xan down, he toss the bed sheets off, “Burn it...you know what burn the whole bed.”

“It’s still a good bed.”

“I’m not sleeping on a bed a man previously slept on.”

I can’t believe him. I watch him dial into his cell, “Yeah I need a new bed, queen size delivered. I’ll text you the address.” He hung up after.

“Who was that?”

“My PA.”

“Up.” Xan lifted his arms for him to be carried.

“Come on buddy, I bought you some stuff.”

He grabbed one of his bags emptying it out and toys splurge out of it, “I didn’t know what he liked so I bought what I liked hoping we could do something together.”

I smiled. He’s trying but no way in hell would I let him try anything on me.

I left the two boys to themselves. It’s going to be a long week, I thought to myself.

I stood before my new full size bed. I couldn’t believe how fast in was delivered. Xander wanted a king but there was no room in my bedroom so he settled for a full. It’s a bit small for just him alone.

Turning to my left Xander stood half naked, only in his boxers. As much as I wish not to oogle him, I couldn’t help it. Damn eyes. Xan was tucked in bed for the night after he request Xander to read him a story.

So now here we stood. “Well.” Xander brought me out of my thoughts.

“Well what?”

“Are you going to just stand there or are you going to get in?”

Finally deciding, I picked up my pillow and started for the door, “Where the hell are you going?”

“Where else, I’m going to sleep with Xan.”

Before I knew it he shut and locked the door, picking me bridal style while I thrashed around in his arms, “Stop moving or I might drop you.”

“No tip toeing way, put me down now.”

“Suit yourself.” With that he dropped me on the bed.

“Look Xander you may forced your way into our son’s life or my life but and we may still be married for a few more months but you do not get to dictate my life and throw it off course.”

I hadn’t realized I was inches away from his face, while his body was hoovering mine.

He smiled and came closer, in a kissing distance, “Oh Ally, how wrong you so are.”

I turned my face only to be pulled back by his fingers. I could smell his minty warm breath, “Go screw your self.”

“I’d be happy to only if you’d join me in the process.”

My lips tighten, my legs clench together, my hands gripping the bed sheets when he reach other turn off the lamp and rolled over to the other side of the bed.

Phew, I thought he was going to kiss me.

I moved inches away from me where as he was taken most of half the bed leaving me the edge.

“Come here.” He spoke with one of his raspy voice that most women would die to hear.

“No thank you,”

“Unless you want to fall out of bed I suggest you move over.”

Ignoring him, I laid my pillow down and attempted to sleep when I felt a warm embrace pull me and soon his legs where over mind, his arms wrapped around my waist and his head right next to mine.

I grew stiff.

Soon I heard soft snores. Was he asleep all ready. How can he sleep when I wont be able too. His heart beat vibrating off his chest, I felt his arm moved up to my breast where he rested it.

This is going to be a long night. And if this happens every night I would have a big, big problem.

This pass week I had given my self a mini vacation seeing last months I was up to neck in cases.

Xan and Xander got along well. It was actually kinda funny seeing a fully grown man his size playing tiny cars in the living room.

What’s more funny and scary at the same time is when we are at the park and Xander is going down the slide himself which made some of the kids cry. Poor Xander no ones ever called him a Sasquatch before.

Xander had also taken the week off leaving his PA to do his job. I never met his PA but he tells me she is great at doing her job.

I must admit, when I found out his PA was a woman I became a bit jealous but I would never tell that to him. He did however reassured me that she was a capable assistant for a 56 year old lady. She’s like a second Mom to him. Speaking of mom, I never met his mom, he rarely speaks of her. As for his dad, well he is a control freak.

My mind keeps going back to the dinner I was invited to by his dad. It kept on replaying as if there is a missing puzzle I needed to solve.

When I can’t figure it out, I let my mind wonder to other things until it wonders back to that conversation.

I should ask Xander but then that would make it seem like I care.

Dinner time rolled around, I was alone making lasagna for the boys. Xander took Xan out to who know’s where. Last time he took him out before dinner, Xan was hyped up on sugar. I stood there waving my finger at Xander yelling at him while he took all he could get and he did that with a smile too. Clucking duck.

Come 5:30 and there was a knock at the door. Curious I walked to answer it and was surprise to see Mike Reid smiling like a fool.

“Mr. Reid? What are you doing here?”

“Ah, Ms. Campbell I’m glad you remembered me. How are you.”

My eyes continued to blink as if trying to make him go away but nope he’s still here.

“Aren’t you going to invited me in.”

“Nope. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to finish fixing dinner.” Before I could even slam the door in his face his foot jammed to stop it and the door swung back open.

Mike came in like he was investigate my little apartment.

“Come in I insists.” There was evident of sarcasm in my tone of voice. I closed the door and let us to the living room where he sat down.

“I would offer you something to drink but I only offer to those that are welcomed.”

I could see the glint in his eyes like he came here on a mission, “How much?”

“And there it is. Wow you just get right down to the point, I knew there was some hidden agenda into why you would visit little old me.”

“How much money would it take for you to stay away from my son. Better yet to move away from him?”

Playing dumb I replied, “I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean.”

Mike rose to his feet taking a stand towering over me, “You heard me. You are no good for him, I want you to stay away from him and if I have to pay you than I will, besides you do know he is engage to someone better than you.”

I was crossed. How dare he come here and insult me. At time’s like this I wish I was drinking hot coffee so I can throw it at him. “I’m sorry but what.”

“Are you deaf or do you lack brains?”

“No, I heard you all right but what’s surprising is that you are practically bribing a lawyer. I could have you tried for solicitation under federal statute 18.U.S.C 201.” He click his tongue, “Let me dumb it down for you, bribery.”

“You’re making a big mistake.”

I chuckled, “Why don’t you tell your son to stay away from me if you are so that worried.”

“If my son listened to me in the first place and dump you way back when we would not be in this mess.”

Wait, What? “What the hell are you talking about?”

As if he realized his mistake he took some photos from his jacket and threw them on the table. Looking at it was pictures of me, Xander and Xan but mostly of me and Xan and Charlie.

“Now if you are looking for a rich father for your boy look somewhere else. Xander wont be a part of the son of a slut you gold digging whore. Now take the money and leave Xander alone. Otherwise I can’t be held responsible to what happens to this poor boy if he somehow ends up on a milk carton.

I think my head just exploded, “Did you just threaten him.” My anger level was rising. “Look here you bastard, I don’t fucking care who the hell you are, if you want Xander to stop hanging around us then take your fucked up ass and tell him. But you no way in hell you fucking retard ever and I mean ever fucking threaten my little boy otherwise next time I see you I will shove your head all the way up your tiny little ass hole with honey so the bees can bury a hive on your tiny fucked up dick!” I was not stopping now, “Now get the HELL out of my house or so help me, I will chopped off your balls right here, buy a snake just so I can watch him eat your one pea size ball then take a stick and play round up ball with your fucking snot nose panty wanker fucking brain because everyone knows you got a short mother fucking stick up your gigantic jack ass!” That felt good. My mouth just had a mind of his own.

Mike walked to the door and step outside but not before he turned around to get the last word, I however slammed the door in his face.

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