His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 13:

Alexander POV

I was fuming that actual steamed seemed to be leaking every where. Charlie was with her son, well our son to be exact while Allison and I went into the stairwell.

I paced back and forth wanting to strangle and hug her at the same time. I couldn’t figure out which one I wanted to do more.

Looking back at her, she looked calm better than she did a while ago as if she was expecting this.

“Did you think I would not find out? Why didn’t you tell me we had a son Ally? And all this time I thought you were not you but instead you made me look like a fool...” I was yelling and rambling at the same time.


“I what. You kept him from me. Were you not going to tell me about him?” Him, I growled once more, “I don’t even know my son’s name.”



“His name, Alexander but I call him Xan for short.”

“You named him after me.” A look of surprised must’ve appeared on my face. “Wait did you have Charlie that douche play daddy to him all this time?”

“Why are you upset?”

“Me, oh no baby girl I’m far from upset, I’m furious.” I back her into the wall.

“Do not yell at me. You did not wake up to an empty bed, I did. You left me remember or have you forgotten. I tried calling you, texting you, emailing you but the more I tried the more I gave up. It was you who left so you have no right to get angry. As a matter of fact you have no rights to him whatsoever, you gave that away the moment you walked out of my life.”

She was right, I had no one else to blame but myself and it was a lot easier to get angry at her than at my stupidity. If I had known she was with my child, I would have come back to her a lot sooner.

“Oh, what now Xander, you wanna play daddy.”

“So it’s Xander now, when all this time you have been calling me Mr. Reid.”

“Well can you blame me?” She stared cold hard at me.

“You should’ve tried harder.” I coaxed her.

“Ha! Tried you say, what do you think I went through to get in contact you. I research all about you finally. To say I was surprise to know the fact that you are the son of the multi billionaire Mr. Mike Reid, the owner of Reid enterprises. Good thing for the internet when I was able to get your office number. When I had dialed some woman answered it claiming to be your fiance. Now you tell me what the hell was I suppose to think especially when your face and some blond was plastered all over the news and tabloids.”

She actually read a tabloid something she’s never done.

“Oh and no, I did not actually read one, I was doing some grocery shopping when I glanced at one.” As if reading my mind she snarled. “What, did you think , that a poor orphan girl could bring you nothing; do nothing for you, is that it. You dropped me for some rich spoiled high maintenance bimbo” Her breathing hitch up.

“If you had the courtesy to tell me you were engage I would never have gotten married to you in the first place you donkey’s apple ....I fudging regret ever marrying you.”

Fudging? Donkey’s apple? Okay not my choice of words but...My eyes brows furrowed at her words, “What, you don’t mean that.”

“Oh hell yes I do.” She pounded my chest and sniffing at the same time causing me to stumble a bit. “So now where here....”

“If you think I will be away from my son’s life anymore....” I grabbed both her arms to stop her from thrashing around on me.

“No, I wont take your son away from you, you are after all his father.”

I smiled at the thought, “But I will be handing you divorce papers so you can marry your fiance.” And my smile disappeared.

“Hell no, no way in hell we are getting divorce, not now not ever.” She stepped back but I quickly wrapped my arms around her waist not wanting to be inches apart.

“If you only married me just for experience then divorce me well you succeeded.”

“Is that what you thought? I married you to bind you to me. It was never my intention to divorce you...you...are...it...for...me.”

“Well you have a funny way of showing it because by next month I will be divorcing you and you have no say....”

“If you do I will....”

“What will you do Xander, take my son away, if you do that you will be fighting one heck of a lawyer.” She threaten.

I took a deep breath staring into her eyes, “I will never take our son away from you.” I like the sound of that “our” son.

“You will be signing the divorce papers, if not I will file for adultery and take everything you own. Is that what you want?”

There’s my Ally, there’s the spirit I was looking for . The fire in her eyes tells me she will do what she says. I have to admit, I shouldn’t have had those whores in my bed but I had missed her so much, her touch, her warmth, her kisses, her scent. I know it’s no excuse for my actions but now that she is here, I have a family with the woman I love no way in hell am I letting her go.

Fuck Serena, Fuck my dad and Fuck her dad. If I had to choose between my inheritance and the woman I love, it be her. It will always be her.

Still holding her in my arms I ask, “What’s wrong with him?”


“I mean why is Xan here in the hospital.” Allison pulled away, all ready I missed her warmth.

“When Charlie called all he said that he was in the hospital. I freaked out that I didn’t let him finish. Apparently he fell of the bed but the doctor said he was fine. Tons of toddlers fall of the bed and its nothing to worry about.”

“Well I’m glad he’s fine. Can I see him?”

She paused, “Fine but under no circumstances are you to tell him who you are. I will do so on my terms and when he is ready. He only knows as Charlie as a father figure.”

I gritted my teeth almost forgetting about him, “Where does that leave us?” I questioned.

“There is no us. I will draw up the divorce papers so you can have your single life back what ever you do with it is totally up to you and you can see Xan when ever you feel like it.”

If she thinks we are still getting a divorce, she’s got another thing coming. I need to make it so I will be a part of her life 24/7. A child needs both parents under the same roof and I will make that happen. “Xan, I want him to come live with me.”

I saw her veins popped, “What!”

“You heard me.” I know using Xan to get her to come to live with me is poor parenting but there is no other way. “You had two years with him.”

“And whose fault was that...“I look at her letting her know of my seriousness “But I’m his mother he stays with me.”

“And I’m his father.”

“No, maybe by blood but you’re still a stranger to him.”

“That’s why it will be a great opportunity to get to know him.”

“And you just want me to leave him at your door step whom he is not familiar with?”

“Of course not that’s why you’ll be coming with me too.” I smirked.

She gasps, “Holy fudging hopscotch. You got to be joking.”

“First of all what and second I do not joke when it comes to you.”

“When you have a two year old around you replace your choice of words. So I expect you to do the same around him and second only when I see a pink flying unicorn hopping on two legs will I ever live with you.”

All I can do is glare and smirk at her, if she never really knew me before she will soon find out what I am capable of.

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