His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 12:

Alexander POV

We are eating our lunch when she told me she had a son. To say I was shock was an understatement. I felt betrayed. How could she have another child with somebody else other than me.

I should be the only one to father her children, no one else but me. By now we would should have at least two little ones running around. A girl to look like her beautiful mommy or a boy to get my charming good looks.

Though it hurt to hear her speak of her son, I needed to know more. If she does have a son I could be a father to him. I’d treat him like my own regardless. He’s still part of Allison, my Ally.

I want to bring up the fact why all the pretenses. Why must she pretend we have no history. Every time I do it only ends up in a yelling contest.

After our somewhat enjoyable lunch aside from the biggest news she told me, the waitress came back with our receipt. On it was her phone number, “Call me.”

My jaw ticked, “Excuse me,” I ignored the waitress, “I’m just going to use the restroom.”

Allison only nodded.

I walked to the men’s room when I failed to realized the waitress followed me into the stall, “What the hell are you doing?”

“We both know this was your signal to get me alone.”

Did I give that sign to tell her that I even wanted her because I clearly remembered making it clear that I wanted her gone.

“If you want to keep this job I suggest you go back and do your work properly.”

I saw the glint in her eyes, she pulled my tie attempted to kiss me but I turned my face, she missed and end up kissing the side of my face.

“Do you know who I am?”

“A handsome man looking for some quickie.”

“Your boss, your fired pack your things and leave.”

Her smile turned into a frown, “What? My boss? Are you saying your Mr. Alexander Reid.”

I only smirked, “Mr. Reid I am truly sorry please don’t fire me, I need this job.”

“You should’ve thought about that before throwing yourself at a customer.”

“Please I have a daughter....”

“I don’t care, get the fuck out of my hotel.”

Quickly she made haste with tears in her eyes.

Heading back to my table I caught Allison stare at me, she lifted up her fingers and wiped my cheeks, “Burgundy red, nice shade of lip stick from the gorgeous blond?”

Fuck. “This is not what it seems.” I attempted to prove my innocent.

“No, you don’t have to explain, what you do behind closed doors is totally none of my busi....”

“Shut up!” I snapped at her. I didn’t mean too but she wouldn’t let me explain. “Sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you but you wouldn’t let me explain.”

“Why is there a need for explanation? I’m only...”

I grabbed her hand, “No Allison you are so much more....and this right here,” I pointed to my cheeks, “She tried to kiss me on my lips but I turned my head and instead got my cheeks.”

“Again you do not need to tell me.”

“No but I do.”



“Because what?”

“Because I didn’t what you to think I betrayed you.”

She grew silent probably having an internal battle with her self, “Betray me. In order to betray me we must be something more to each other.”


“What cat got your tongue.”

“I just care a great deal about you and what you think of me that’s all.”

“If that’s the case then why did you have the need to tell me you fucked Julie your secretary?”

She was right. I tried to get a reaction from her, jealousy probably but I got nothing.

Another few days has pass since our lunch date, I haven’t had time to get some alone time with Allison. I still have yet to see the two fathers and Serena. I don’t know if I should be grateful or fearful of an incoming storm that’s sure bound to happened.

“What!” Allison jumped from her seat frantically. She looked terrified. “I’ll be there right away.”

“Allison, what happened?”

She turned towards me with watery eyes before running out.

“Allison!” I called for her but she didn’t stopped so I chased her unfortunately I miss the elevator she got on and took the stairs instead two at a time.

I hope she’s okay. My mind wonder to her scared expression. I never seen that expression before. Something inside me tells me to follow her and I followed my instinct.

I watch her climbed into her car as I did mine, watching her speed down the road trying to keep up hoping she doesn’t get into an accident with the way she’s driving.

After a long drive she pulls into a hospital.

Parking my car I lost sight of her.

I walked to the receptionist asking her if a Ms. Allison Campbell checked in.

She nodded and spoke sweetly, “Children’s ward.”

Children’s ward, must be her son. “Thank you.”

Taking the stairs to the 5 floor I came across another desk asking for what room.

“Are you a relative?”

How should I answer, “I’m the father.” I know a complete lie but I will be soon.

I go to room 504 where I heard voices. One of Allison, the second voice was Charlie. Hearing him made my blood boil and last was the sound of a cute little boy talking to his mother.

An idea popped into my head. I walked down to the gift shop buying a big teddy bear with a balloon saying get well and finally had the courage to step into the room.

“Allison.” I spoke softly.

Allison turned towards me with wide eye, Charlie screeched, “Oh my god Mr. Reid you scared me.” Okay he sounds different but I didn’t think much of it.

I couldn’t see her son for she was shielding me from him.

“What are you doing here and how...”

“I followed you.” What is it with cutting her off in the middle of her sentence. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.” I pointed to the bed, “Your son?” She nodded. “I uh...” I held out the bear and slowly made my way to see her son. She didn’t stop or protest but when I glanced at her son, the bear slipped from my grip, he looks oddly familiar.

Same eyes, same hair, same smile, turning back to Alllison, “Whose his father?” I yelled.

“I’ll just step outside.” Charlie excuse himself.

“Allison, I am going to ask again whose his father.”

This boy in the bed look frighted at the man shouting at his mother. Allison had flinched seeming to protect him from me so I lowered my voice a bit.

“Allison, is he my son?”

A single word spoken, “Yes.”

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