His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 11:

Allison POV

Here I sat at vip section with Alexander waiting for the waitress to take our order. She ignored me throwing seductive looks at Alexander while I just rolled my eyes.

However he payed no attention to her when he held my hands across the table never letting go.

Every time I pulled my hands back his grip only tightens.

Before I could give my order Alexander all ready ordered for us.

“Is there anything else sir?” The waitress lightly placed her hand on his shoulder earning a frown from him, “You are not paid to fraternized with the customers,”

“But sir I only wish to get to know you for you are quite handsome in deed.”

This girl sure is blunt, “As you can see I have a date with me,”

“No this is not a date....”

Alexander stared hard at me, “We are eating out just you and me if this is not a date I don’t know what is.”

“I say this is more like a business lunch.”

“And what business will we be talking about?” He smirked.

I was speechless. His tone and manner of speaking was getting on my nerves. Who does he think he is. First of all I am doing him a favor for filling in as his secretary and now he drags me to lunch without so much of blinking and second this waitress is still waiting for her share.

“You’re still here?” Alexander coldly ask the waitress.

“Um...I’ll be back with your food.”

It was quite. I like the quite, it means I don’t have to answer any of his confusing questions.


And here it starts.

“What do you do after work hours?”

How do I answer without giving to much away, “I pick up my son from dare care.”

He looked taken back and more shock than ever, “You have a son? Since when and with who? Why didn’t you tell me you had a son?” People were staring at our table by his suddenly raised voice.

“What business of it is yours?”

“Its damn well my business because your my...”

He stopped mid sentence, “Is Charlie the father?”

I met his question with silence, “Is Charlie the father?” His voice grew louder.

I only sipped on my water nervously. I have to admit I was scared of his outburst.

“Answer me damn it.”

I quickly stood up, “I don’t have to answer anything.”

He stood up as well and grabbed my hand to keep me from walking away.

Soon our food came and we were already the center of attention, “I’m sorry and you’re right. Let’s just eat and enjoy our lunch.”

Sitting down there was an uncomfortable tension lingering in the air. Neither one of us wanted to be the first to break this awkward silence.

“Well,” I started,

“Tell me about him.”


“Your son?” Alexander asked curiously. He seemed interested about him.

I smiled, “He’s very energetic and charming. He get’s that from his father.” Alexander’s expression grew sad but he waited for me to continue, “very mischievous and playful.”

“You’re eye’s light up when you speak about him.” His voice laced with loneliness.

“He is after all my greatest accomplishment. He is my world my everything.”

“Maybe one day I will meet him?”

I hesitated before answering, “Sure maybe one day.” I broke eye contact.

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