His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 10:

Alexander POV

She hung up on me. She didn’t even answer my question. Were they really having sex. Was he touching my woman. What they hell were those two doing? I need to think of something fast before I loose her for good. All I need to know if she is angry with me for leaving the way I did. If she is it means she still cares.

I sat at my desk unable to concentrate. What would I do to make her come to me? Frustration took over. Fuck I need a drink.

Going to my liquor cabinet I pour myself a whisky and down the whole thing. I like the feeling when it slides down my throat the sensation. I know its only nine in the morning but when you need a drink you need a drink.

My secretary Julie pops in my office wearing a tight black pencil skirt, “Mr. Reid here are the files you asked me.” She placed the files on my desk.

She then notices the drink in my hand. “Mr. Reid drinking is not good for you especially drinking alone.” She purred. Grabbing her self a glass, soon we were both a bit drunk. I know it is bad especially during office hours but I needed it and couldn’t keep me eyes off on her exposed skin.

Soon we had found our self naked. I pulled on a condom and rammed into her hard. It was one of those quickies during office hours. As I was about to exploded I moaned out her name, “Ally.”

Julie’s eyes widen as she got off me, “Ally! You were thinking of someone else. I finally got you and you were thinking of another girl.”

Pulling up my pants and putting on my suit, “So.”

“So? Alexander!” She grabbed my collar, “I Love you, ever since I started working for you I love you. I waited for the day to make you see me and when I got you...” Her eyes began to water.

“Julie,” I took a deep breath, “Your fired.” I snarled at her. I knew of her advances towards me but I ignored them because she was good at her job.

Julie looked shocked picked up her shoe and threw it at me to which I easily dodge, “I hate you!” I watched her stormed out of my office with her one shoe in her hand and wrinkled clothes.

I ran my fingers through my hair, “Fuck.” I called my PA and on the second ring she picked up, “I need another secretary.”

“What the hell happened? I thought since she stayed here longer she’d be permanent. Don’t tell me you fucked her.”

I replied with a silence.

“Alexander,” She called, “Stop fucking around and do you job! If your father finds out you screwed another employee you know he’ll have your head.”

“Fuck don’t I know that already, it’s just....”

“It’s just what, tell me....”

“I need her.”

“Who, who do you need and I’ll get them for you.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Well simplify it.”

“I need my wife.”

“Your wife, you mean Allison.”


“Isn’t she the lawyer.”


“So what’s the problem. Go get her put on your charm.”

“Again if only if it was that simple.”


“She acts like she doesn’t know me. And when she’s near me I see the disgust in her eyes.”

“Well put on your charm and charm your way. If it is her, she’ll never forget you so do not I repeat do not treat her like one of your many woman and if it isn’t her good luck on finding her.” With that my PA hung up the phone.

She was right, I have been going all this the wrong way. She wasn’t any other woman she was my woman. Lately I have been treating her as if she was a thing. I should talk to her and hold a conversation properly without having to throw myself at her.

Today I know she has a court hearing and wont be working here till next week.

It will be the beginning of the week, the start of something new.

Monday rolled around the corner. I have been trying to call her all weekend but she’s either too busy or she’s screening my call.

From my office I heard the elevator ding and out she walks in. I walk to greet her but was met with a scowl on her face. Something tells me she is not in the mood to play. Well there goes my day of trying to at least woo her into my arms.

My PA has yet to find me a capable secretary so I had to do everything myself.

“Where’s Julie?” She turned to me and finally spoke.

Her voice was like sweet music to my ears.

“I fired her.”

“Hmmm....isn’t it a little hard having to do things by yourself? You are already swamp with meetings and paper work.”

“I see you notice me when I’m not looking.” I smiled.

“Correction, I’m just very observant.”

“I see.”

“Will you be hiring another secretary?”

“My PA is looking for one.”

She seem to be deep in thought, “May I ask the reason why you fired Julie, I mean she seem like she did a good job. I see no reason you had to fire her unless....”

“No you’re right, she was great at her job...”


I’m just going to be truthful to her and see what will be her reaction, “I fucked her...” Her eyes became wide, “there in my office against my wall...”

Allison turned her head and raised her hand, “Enough said. No need to paint a picture.”

“Well you ask and I answered.”

“You could’ve told me to mind my own business.”

“Why, I was just being truthful.”

“Next time I’ll just keep these questions to myself.”

Changing the subject I spoke, “Shall we get to work then.”

“Have you forgotten you have a meeting with a Mr. Rick in about,” she glanced at her watch, “30 minutes.”

“How do you know.”

“You could say I glanced at your schedule last week Mr. Reid. Now seeing I don’t have much to do I could play secretary for you....”

My mind was blown away, I always dreamed of Allison working for me. This could work, this could be my new beginning with her.

“Just for today or at least your PA finds a replacement.” She finishes.

“So you’ll be here 8 in the morning...”


“And you’ll answer my calls,”


“And you’ll answer to me....”

“I’ll even serve you coffee....”

I would most definitely like this, “But what about your work?”

She chuckled, “As long as I have my lap top I bring with me I can pretty much work any where, now if you’ll excuse me I’ll just check to see what other meetings you have for today.”

She sat down on Julie’s desk and began firing up the computer.

Just watching her is making me want to jump her on the desk, throwing everything off and having my way with her. But for now I’ll go sit down in my office just watching her work.

The way she types on the computer and answer phones is not helping me put my mind at ease. I want her now. I want to own her, claim her, mark her as mine. Her plump lips, how they are calling to me and those perky tits waiting to be set free, her long silky skin, and her legs that will fit around my hips with I jammed my cock deep in her.

I was definitely getting hard with the very thought of her swallowing my cum. I looked at the picture of her on my desk. It was of me and her when she was just in her teens. I always had a picture of her on my office desk, in my bed room and bathroom. Truth be told every time I had fucked some one else, it’s her face I picture. Julie was just the first one to which I called out Allison’s name.

I need a cold bath.

Today seemed to go by fast, I had meetings after meetings. Allison did the work effortlessly. I think she even handled the clients better than Julie. Just moments ago I had called my PA to cancel the search of my secretary.

When she had asked why I told her my reason.

Course she called me a craze stalker. Do I care no. As long as Allison continues to work for me, I can see her for practically a whole day now. Sort of, she still leaves the same time saying she has to be somewhere.

I was tempted to follow her where she goes but I didn’t want to seem more of a stalker than I already am.

She is already driving me insane.

It was lunch time, I walked out of my office to see Allison typing away.

Stopping in front of her desk she looked up at me, “Yes Mr. Reid may I help you.”

“I told you before its Xander to you.”

“I like Mr. Reid better. So what can I do for you.”

“Let’s get lunch down stairs.”

“I have to do this report for a case first...”

“I wasn’t asking.”


I pulled her up gently by her arm, “We’re going to lunch.”

She didn’t argue with me, “Let me just get my bag...”

“No need for that.”

Holding her hand I walked to the elevator when Serena stepped out and threw her arms around me, “Baby boo, did you miss me?”

Shit, I forgot about her, “Hadn’t notice you left.”

Serena playfully slapped me ignoring the fact I was still holding hands with Allison. She tried to pull her hand back but it only made me grip her tighter.

“It’s lunch time let’s play.” Serena whispered in my ears.

Allison cleared her throat, “If you want to have lunch with her, I don’t....”

“No!” I cut her off. “Serena I already have plans with Allison.”

Serena glared at her before staring at our entwine hands. “Are you together. What I have been gone for a couple days and this is what I see going on.”

“Serena...Allison and I are just going to lunch...”

“If so why are you two holding hands?”

“Is that a problem, I like her hands, it fits perfectly into mine.” I was just being honest after all.

Allison blushed and when the elevator arrived we stepped in leaving Serena screaming at me.

Her father and my father will be knocking down my door probably to bring up my grandfather’s will again and more threats will come. I’ll just have to deal with it later. Right now even though Allison doesn’t know it, this will be our very first date in two years.

The very thought had me doing a happy dance in my mind.

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