His Secret Wife

By Kahna Kahn All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


"Oh really you could've fooled me with all that breathing and moaning, I'm not stupid. So why don't you sign the damn papers so we both can move on with our lives." "No way in hell I'm moving on without you. And I will never let you move on. Divorce or not you are mine and no one else." "Ha!" She chuckled, "I'm no one's property." "On the contrary If I have to, I will tattoo my name on your fuckable ass." She stared at me cold hard. "Tsk tsk tsk Ally, you must know baby girl you...are....it....for...me..." I breathe hard in her ear causing her to shiver. "Sorry but I don't want to stay married to a cheater."

Chapter 1:

Allison POV

“I can’t believe he’s back.” I look in the mirror fixing my hair, leaving my house in casual attire before I go meet him at the airport, Alexander Reid, or my Xander. It has been months since I last seen him.

Every year he comes to see me for vacation. Granted he lives all the way in London and I am just a girl from a small town in Mississippi.

My name is Allison Campbell age 24 and current attending law school with the help of my very best friend Xander.

Me and Xander have been best friends since I was seven and well he was nine. Well I guess you could say being best friends is an understatement considering I don’t even know his life back in London, if he has a girlfriend back home, or siblings or what his parents does for a living.

You see when we first met we made a deal not to pry into each other’s life and so far it work for the both of us.

But every year when he comes down for a vacation we make it a point to see each other as often as we can, well he comes to see me and always with presents from London, be it chocolates or new fashion clothes, doesn’t matter really as long its from him. I never had much presents growing up well I never had much anything. But then again I never needed anything as long as I have him.

My childhood can’t say I miss it, the bullying the abuse those hurtful words but I say screw them, screw them all. I’ll show them one of these days that they fuck with the wrong person.

Okay so I may not have the best vocabulary....and you’re probable wondering law school really....well try dealing with the cops. Cops that don’t listen to kids and teens. Just because we lack probably those other things that adults have what ever it is, they think kids are stupid. You know what cops can kiss my ass.

That one time I got into a fist fight, so I threw the first punch but the boy was asking for it. He was such a wanker, who hits a girl in the first place just because I was able to break his nose doesn’t give the right to punch me. In statistic shows that the male population is stronger than the average female. Yeah right, statistic my ass. And the adults had to intervene, spent a couple months doing community services. It was either that or juvenile detention. And what did the boy get...a slap on the wrist. What the hell, people are biased. Just because his parents are in office and has the power and money they can step on people like me. That’s what this world is coming to nowadays. Greed....just you watch, one day I will be the one to scrape you all off my boots.

Thankful Xander paid me a surprise visit and was able to cut short my community service. I don’t know how he did it but he did. I was there, all he did was flash one of his sexy smile and charm his way through.

Although I have never see him so mad that his veins were starting to pop out. He wasn’t mad for punching a guy in fact he taught me a bit how to defend my self...he was mad that my face was easily bruise, that he had grounded my for a week making me his slave doing his everyday chores including giving him a piggy back ride. Try caring a 6 foot 2 person on your back, ain’t gonna lie shit’s heavy like hell.

So getting back on track here I am at the baggage claim waiting for his arrival...It’s been 15 minutes. Maybe his plane was delayed or maybe he’s not coming. ‘No’ I told myself....’He always comes weather rain or snow he comes. ‘He better be here in the next fucking....’

“Baby girl.” I turned my head to that sound of his sexy deep voice. And there he is in casual clothes wearing his usual brown leather jacket and denim jeans showing of his muscle and abs in all the right places. His hair all disarray with his blue eyes and that smile can make me drop my panties. ‘My god he’s handsome’ I thought. It should be illegal to look as good as he. Who ever the lucky girl will be a lucky girl, damn.

Ok so I had a crush on him every since I new all about boys. But do I tell him, fuck that. I would rather fucking die to let him know of my impure thoughts.

Xander came running to my with open arms and pulled me to him as he wrapped his whole arms around me burying my face in his chest. We stayed like that for a good solid 5 minutes.

He embraced me as if he was afraid to loose me.

Gentle pulling away I took a look at his face I longed to see but something was a miss. He was smiling but his eyes held a different emotion. Lonely perhaps, guilt, oh hell I don’t know...I am bad at reading expressions, might as well ask him.

“Xander, what’s wrong?”

“After a long time, that’s the first thing you ask?”

My lips went into a thin line.

“Oh I don’t know, after months of not seeing you, I thought you’d be more excited to see me Don’t tell me your gay lover killed your pet pussssy...cat?” I joked. Not a very good at that.

“Wha....No...” He paused. “One I am not gay and I can prove it to you and two no one is going to kill my pusssy....” Even though I had turn my head to blush I can sense him smirking....“besides, maybe I should...” He stopped with his head in the crook of my neck took a whiff.

“Did you just smell me?”

Placing his big strong hands around my waist he replied, “Just making sure my pussy...”

I quickly covered his mouth, “Don’t even finish that sentence, everyone is staring.”

Looking around then looking back down at me he smiled, grabbed my hand, picked up his luggage and went straight to my home well our home. The one he had bought for me. Where is he getting all this money from. Is he loaded. Hell if I know.

Arriving home after a long drive Xander pulled me straight to my bedroom with me falling on top of him while we both laugh.

“So how long you staying here for?”

“Just a month.”

My smile was gone before we even started, “Only a month.

“Yeah...so let’s make the most of it.” He stared at the ceiling as if he’s deep in thought never letting go of me.

Changing the subject I quickly ask, “Well?” Holding out my hand.

Instead he took hold and kissed it, “Well what?”

“Where’s my present?”

“Is that all you look forward to?”

I pouted.

“Relax babe...” Even though we aren’t a couple or romantically involve, I could never get enough of all his sweet names for me, “You’re present will arrive later.”

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