Love Eternity

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Eliza Carson has her doubts being the youngest with four overprotective older brother's. With hard life expectations around her, She gets her free time with her best friend Kali Lynn Saunders along with her boyfriend Easton Anderson with being a pom squad captain and dancer.At Carreno High. Along the way, feelings get complicated when she has bad boy Dante Ramirez comes into her heart


Being a pom squad captain and the girlfriend of the Carreno High’s football star. Easton Anderson has it’s wildest doubts. Tonight it’s the last bonfire of the summer. I’m checking out my dark gray eyes, straight light brown hair,with minimal makeup on in my mirror. With my comfy jean shorts , T-shirt that showed my tan off and my converses that are all good for the bonfire. I’m in my own daze when I heard my mama calling from downstairs for me. I’m in my own daze when I heard my mama calling from downstairs for me.

“Eliza, Easton is here.” My mama yells up to me.

“Okay, Mama.” I yell back down.

I grab my wallet phone case and my sweatshirt just in case if gets a little cool. I hurried my 5′7 frame down the stairs from my room. And kissed my mama’s cheek on the way out of the front door. Running out to Easton’s 1971 dark gray Pontiac Firebird trans am that he loves so much. I opened the trans am heavy door and gotten in. He lean and his soft lips’ locked with mine before. I pulled away before my parents and older brothers see me kissing in the car.

He escalates the trans am onto the road, towards the bonfire that is at his best friend. Cayden’s house that has a wooded area close by. Cayden lives almost in the middle of nowhere being twenty minutes out from Carreno. We are driving on the highway with a bunch of trees in the sunset. I’m watching as we go by them, while Easton places his veiny hand on my thigh.

As he revved the engine a little more on the highway, he rolls down the window. With the wind coming in and blowing my hair into my eyes. We got onto a gravel road I’m assuming to get to Cayden’s house. Being I’ve never been there since I’ve been together with Easton. Getting close enough to the wooded area we parked and Easton turned off the trans am. And I saw a bunch of Juniors and Seniors walking in groups to the bonfire.

I opened the passenger door for trans am, struggling a little to get out of the low seat. I see the bonfire glowing an orange/yellow, hearing loud music going. Some seniors are carrying Kegs that is most likely filled with beer somehow. I rolled my eyes I don’t like the drinking of the alcohol at all. Anyways I started walking on dirt to get to the bonfire.

I got to the bonfire I hear a shriek from Kali Lynn my best friend, she’s with her longtime crush Luka Garcia. We talked about school starting and laughed about silly things. We sat on a blanket that someone placed on the ground, I got comfy by the warmth of the fire. While Luka is feeling out of place, Kali lynn drags him to sit his lightly tanned muscly body next to her I just laughed.

“Luka, It’s okay just talk to us.” I said to him.

“Okay, Thanks Eliza.“He replied.

I smiled at both of them, even though he’s not in the best of hobbies, but I’m supportive of Kali lynn. He treats her right as his princess. We are doing our own thing when Easton and Cayden come along trying to hardheaded like always. Easton becomes all clingy to me but he becomes smart a lack to Luka because he didn’t like him. He is staring straight at him.

“Luka, did you come here to do your drug dealing ?.” Easton asked.

Luka scoffed, glaring at Easton in a flaming way, Kali Lynn gets weary. Easton has a habit of not waiting on saying stuff that ruins the night also that doesn’t need to be in question. I glared at him.

“No, I get that I’m not in the best of stuff, but I’m not going to when I’m with Kali Lynn, Anderson.” Luka fumes back.

That resulted in Easton getting up and trying to punch Luka in the face. Cayden holds him back in time before he could. Luka shakes his head and leaves with Kali Lynn in tow. I turned back glaring in red at Easton.

“Really, Easton you just ruined Kali Lynn’s night.” I scoffed.

“What your defending them now, Kali Lynn is ruining her life because she doesn’t know how to choose a right guy.” Easton replied in a mean way.

“Wow, really.” I say Maddeningly after.

I scoffed maddeningly and leave to Luka’s car, and Easton tried to drag. Me back to him but I pull back and walk away from maddeningly situation. I get to Luka’s Ford Mustang. Kali Lynn gets out and lets me into the backseat. I huffed while Luka pulls out from a park, I finally calmed down when Kali Lynn mentioned food.

“Hey, girl you hungry for Burger King?” Kali Lynn asked pouting.

“Yes, Please.“I answered.

Luka just laughed, but we were still twenty minutes out from Carreno. We got to the city and to the closest Burger King that resulted in Luka in ordering. At the drive thru and he wouldn’t let Kali Lynn pay for her and I also him. She pouted and just allows him too.

Luka hands her the bags of food and drinks, she hands me mine while sneaking a hot French fry out of hers. We drove out while Luka is driving, Kali Lynn feeds him a french fry. They are too cute together, my smile gets interrupted by Easton calling my phone. I decline it, and he hated it when I decline his calls but he’s having fun drinking whatever they are drinking. From the red cups that they had on them that they sat down on the ground.

Also get a hundred of texts from Easton , and I’m completely fine with going home. My mood goes up when Kali Lynn turns on the same song of Def Leppard. She does these crazy groovy dance moves while she holds her fries in hand, I burst into laughter.

I face palmed how did I end up getting mad, leaving the bonfire and getting driven to Burger king. And then having my best friend busting my mood with crazy groovy dance moves. We drove around for a while to eat before Luka drove me home. I walked into the house at exactly 11:45 pm, my older Brothers were sitting on the couch watching this show. I’ve decided to sit on Gabriel’s lap while Kai, Micah and Shay were half asleep.

“Why are you home so early?“Gabriel asked.

“Because Easton was mean and than also tried to punch Luka. It made me mad because he said Kali Lynn didn’t know how to choose a right guy so I left with Kali Lynn and Luka.” I replied quickly in a sounded tongue twister.

Gabriel got the whole memo and just nodded told me to relax. He took off my shoes and grabbed a blanket. Which we laid down and cuddled on the sofa since we always did that when we were little. And still do, we watched whatever that was on TV playing, that’s how my night ended.

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