To Find Love Again

By Presley's Angel All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


Josiah Anderson was called to Brackettsville by a lawyer. He has no clue why, but he goes anyway. Once there, he finds out his deceased wife's parents are now both dead and have left two of their businesses to him. Then he meets the lovely Brooke, and the man in him stands up, taking notice. This is a shock to Josiah, who has had no interest in women since his wife died. The question is, is it to soon for him to find love again, or is the timing perfect?

Chapter 1

Josiah Anderson pulled up outside the lawyer’s office, Lawson and Son, on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and gave a rough sigh. He had ridden hard to get to Brackettville from his home town in one day.

He’d then only taken time to rent a room and take a quick shower before heading for the lawyer’s office. He was tired and could feel a headache coming on.

Why was he even here? When the lawyer had called him, all he said was that Josiah’s in-laws, the Tuckers, had passed.

What did that have to do with him? Yes, he was sad that they were gone because he had a lot of respect for them and had talked to them often, but Misty had been deceased for more than a year now. Josiah and Misty had no children together for the Tuckers to leave something too.

Her brother was still alive and kicking though.

He tensed up, even more then he already was at the thought of Misty’s brother Andrew.

Andrew hated him, and the feeling was mutual. Andrew didn’t like the fact that Josiah was part of a motorcycle club, and when his Pops had died leaving Josiah in charge? Well, Andrew had hit the roof.


“You fool, do you have any idea how much danger you put my sister in? She should never have married you! I really don’t even know what she sees in you anyway with those hideous tattoos and long hair!” Andrew had yelled.

“Andy, please don’t do this.” Misty had pleaded. “I love him, you know that, and he loves me. Mom and Dad accepted him, why can’t you?”

“Because the life he leads is dangerous and will be the death of you!” Andrew had growled as he slammed out the door leaving his sister in tears.

“It’s going to be okay sweetheart, he’ll come around because he loves you,” Josiah had whispered as he held her tight.

**End Flashback**

But it wasn’t alright, because six months later she was dead.

Killed by a bullet meant for him.

Brooke Mitchell was bored. She was filling in at Lawson and Son Law Firm, for the third day in a row. Not that she didn’t enjoy the money it gave her, because she did, it was just slow, and slow meant boring!

No one had been in so far, and there was only so much paperwork to be filed. She had even finished her homework from her on-line college courses. Now she was staring out the window as she twirled her pen.

Suddenly she straightened. A motorcycle had just pulled up outside. As far as she knew nobody in town owned one of those! It was big, black and had chrome so shiny on the front of it you could probably use it as a mirror!

It was the man on the bike that had her captivated and almost drooling though. He wasn’t wearing helmet, just aviator style, mirrored shades. His dark hair looked as if it was pulled back into a pony tail. His skin was tan, and his jaw taunt as if he was angry. He reached up then and ran his thumb and forefinger along his nose before stepping from the motorcycle.

He was tall, well over six foot and built like one of those wrestlers her friend’s little brother liked to watch. His black dress pants were snug, and he pulled at them as if they annoyed him. She noted his white dress shirt and black tie which he tightened around his neck before heading for the sidewalk.

He seemed to be heading for the law office door. Wait! He was coming in here?

“Oh, Brooke, dreams do come true!” She whispered to herself as the door opened.

Josiah walked into the law office, scanning for danger just out of habit. It was a small office with one desk, a couple of chairs, a couch and three filing cabinets. To the left of the desk was two doors, to the right one, all of them closed.

Sitting behind the desk though was a beautiful girl. She had blonde hair that was braided and lay over her shoulder, hanging down between her breasts. Oh, what lovely breasts they were too! Her emerald green blouse clung to them, lovingly showing them to be at least a D cup.

Misty had been a D cup, and hers had filled his hands to perfection. He had a feeling this woman's would too.

At six foot eight, I have large hands to fill, he thought with an inner chuckle.

His gaze moved back up to take in her peaches and cream complexion and full lips before looking into her green eyes. He could see by the pink on her cheeks that she had been checking him out also. He would have smirked at her if he wasn’t so annoyed about having to be here.

“May I help you sir?” She asked in a sweet, calm voice.

“I’m here to talk to Mr. Lawson, he called me a couple of days ago.”

“Oh, well he should be back from lunch in just few minutes Mr...?”

“Anderson, Josiah Anderson,” he told her as he took a seat. “Do you have any idea why I was called here?”

“No sir I don’t. I’m just filling in for my mother who is his assistant.” She replied.

Just then the door opened, and a very irritated looking little man came in.

Josiah only thought of him as a little man because he looked as if a stiff breeze would blow him away he was so thin. Plus, he looked to be only about five feet.

Now compare that to a man standing six feet, eight inches, and what do you get? A little man!

“Brooke, has my son made it to work yet?” The little man asked coldly.

“No sir he hasn’t,” Brooke answered softly.

“Blast that boy! Well, call him and tell him he better be here in ten minutes or I’m taking his name off my door! If he can’t be bothered to work, then I can’t be bothered to pay him!” The little man bellowed as he headed for the far door on the left.

“Mr. Lawson sir, Mr. Anderson is here to see you,” Brooke called out.

The little man…Mr. Lawson, turned to look, and Josiah stood. As he stood up he saw Mr. Lawson’s eyes widen.

Clearing his throat, Mr. Lawson said, “Find the Anderson/Tucker file for me Brooke. Mr. Anderson, follow me please.”

Then he entered his office, and following, Josiah entered right behind him.

“Have a seat please,” Mr. Lawson said. He then walked around his desk and sat with a tired sounding sigh. Putting his elbows on his desk he rubbed his bald head with both hands.

Brooke came in, and after placing a folder in front of the lawyer she left quietly closing the door.

“I apologize for my outburst, this has been a long two weeks,” Mr. Lawson said as he leaned back in his chair, studying Josiah. “Your father-in-law was a good friend of mine Mr. Anderson. We went to school together and played college sports together back in the day. When he passed it left a big hole in my heart and life.”

“I’m sorry to hear that sir, I had a lot of respect for both him and her myself. What happened?”

“Cancer. He battled with it, but he was old and his heart weak. When he finally gave up his wife was broken-hearted. She had a stroke, then a massive heart attack three days after he was buried. She passed before the ambulance could even make it to the retirement home they lived in.”

Josiah didn’t know what to say. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker had been good people who had continued to stay in touch with him even after Misty died.

“Anyway, let’s get to the reason I called you. After Misty died Leon changed his will slightly. Originally everything was divided between Misty and Andrew. When Misty passed her inheritance went to you.”

“Me? But Why? We didn’t even have kids together.”

“He liked you son, and Andrew...? Well, Andrew has always been the problem child and over the years it’s only gotten worse,” Mr. Lawson stated.

Josiah smirked a bit, then said, “According to him, I was the one with problems; since I have tattoos, piercings, and drive a Harley.”

Mr. Lawson shook his head and sighed. “Andrew tried to act like an angel when he was around family, but he was, and is, a far cry from that. When he turned sixteen he started hanging with a group of boys that were trouble with a capital T. He started sneaking out at night and partying. He thought he was hiding it from his parents, like they were too stupid to recognize a hangover. Thankfully I don’t think he went as far as drugs, but the booze and the women were bad enough.”

“Wow, I didn’t know,” Josiah said, slightly shocked. “Mr. Tucker never said a word about any of that. Of course, Misty and I only came for visits and he had already left home by then.”

Mr. Lawson nodded with a sad look.

“Now, his father believed he picked up a new vice in the last couple of years, gambling. This brings me to you. Leon always felt you had a good head on your shoulders,” Mr. Lawson said, then he opened the folder in front of him.

“So, what exactly did he leave me?” Josiah asked quietly.

“As I said, he believed you have a good head on your shoulders, so he left you two of his businesses. He left you Rose’s Café, and Tucker’s Motorcycle Shop. Both are doing very well, although, since Rose passed I’m not sure the manager of Rose’s is doing everything as she should.”

“What do you mean?”

“Go eat there, you’ll see. She’s hired some young girls, friends of her daughter, I think. One is borderline rude, and the other one likes flirting better then serving. Shame because the food is good, and it’s the only place to eat home cooked food in town.”

“What about the Motorcycle shop?”

Mr. Lawson sat back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. “I don’t rightly know since I don’t own a motorcycle and have no need to go there. You on the other hand...?” he left the sentence hanging.

Josiah nodded. I’ll go check it out soon, maybe after lunch. If I don’t like what’s going on, I’ll go from there about what to do. “Was there anything else?”

Mr. Lawson nodded, pulling back to his desk. “He also left you their house. He had one in Florida, Andrew has lived there for a couple of years now. They left it to him along with the business there he runs, or pretends to run, and their money. Oh, and I know Leon would want you to make a go of the shop, it was near and dear to him.”

“Why not leave it to his son then?” Josiah asked frowning.

Mr. Lawson snorted. “Because he knew Andrew would sell it just out of spite. He hated the fact that his father loved motorcycles of all kinds.”

“How did I not know this?”

“Not many people did” Mr. Lawson answered. “When the shop came up for sale a few years ago he snapped it up, said it was a good investment, and it was. That shop made him some good money.”

“Mm...” Josiah nodded. “Well, I will try and do him proud then because I have always had lot of respect for them both. Was there anything else?”

“No, that’s it. Take this folder, it has the deed to the house and all the paperwork for the two businesses,” Mr. Lawson then opened a drawer and pulled out a key ring full of keys. “Here are the keys to everything all labeled and...”

“DAD!” The office door almost slammed open. “What do you mean telling that girl to call and threaten me?”

A very angry young man with dark hair and a red face stepped in. Josiah could tell just by looking at him he was drunk, or well on his way to being drunk.

His father looked at him calmly. “Lucas, this is the third time this week you haven’t been in.”

“So, isn’t like we’re slammed with work now is it?” Lucas almost slurred.

His father nodded. “That may be true but there is always piles of legal paperwork that has to be done, especially before a court case, which we have on Monday.”

Lucas snorted. “Like you don’t have all of that completed already. You don’t need me, or my help.”

“You’re right, I don’t, but I thought a lawyer was what you wanted to be,” his father stated. “So, I was trying to help you get started.”

Josiah looked at the two and saw how this argument had aged Mr. Lawson ten years. He could tell the man only wanted the best for his son but was at his wits end with him.

So, Josiah decided to speak up, even though it really wasn’t his place to do so. “You know, if I had dared to speak to my Pops the way you’ve spoken to yours he would have backhanded me and told me to grow a pair. You aren’t a child and it seems to me if he wasn’t your father you would have been out of a job a long time ago.”

Lucas turned his glare on Josiah, then he smirked. “Ah, you must be the owner of that eyes sore out front. And it seems to me if your ‘Pops’ could backhand you then you aren’t much of a man to begin with.”

Josiah raised an eyebrow at that as he asked, “Eye sore? No, the only eye sore around here is you in your drunken state. Did you even bother to look in the mirror before you came here? Oh, and trust me, if you had met my Pops you would know why it was always better to show respect then be backhanded.”

“And why’s that?”

Josiah stood up then; and watched as Lucas’s eyes widened.

Josiah towered over him a good foot and a half.

“Because he was bigger than me, and his backhand could lay me out on the floor.” Josiah told him. He saw Lucas swallow hard as he backed up. “Now, I think you need to clean yourself up, drink some strong coffee, then do as your father says. Take it from someone who knows, learn all you can from him, any advice given by him now will help you in the years when he isn’t here to give you any.”

Lucas nodded slightly but said nothing.

Josiah turned to Mr. Lawson and held out his hand. “Thank you, sir, and I believe I’ll go check out Rose’s now, since I’m starved.”

Mr. Lawson handed over the paperwork and keys after shaking Josiah’s hand. “If you need anything I’m here.”

Josiah nodded before turning, then he paused. “You know, I think your son could do with a regular client to help keep him busy. I have a feeling when Andrew finds out about my inheritance I might need a good lawyer,” he said, then he stuck out his hand to the stunned young man. “I’m Josiah Anderson.”

“I-I’m Lucas Lawson.”

“I’ll be seeing you Lucas, probably sooner rather than later. So sober up, because if we want to be on top of things when Andrew arrives, you better get busy knowing who I am,” Josiah stated. “Whatever you can’t learn from your dad, I’ll tell you.”

Then with a quiet good-bye, he left the lawyer’s office and headed across the street to Rose’s Café.

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